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Smartsheet Vs Google Sheets: The Ultimate Comparison

SmartSheet and Google Docs are good collaborative tools, but Smartsheet has better features than Google Sheets. Read this article to find the main difference between Smartsheet vs Google Sheets and why Smartsheet is better.

Team collaboration tools are of core importance as they help hybrid teams and users remain connected and streamline their creative process using high cloud storage. With a pool of collaborative repertoire out there, finding the one that fulfills your needs is quite tricky.

Two team collaboration tools, Google Sheets and Smartsheet offer some top-notch features that make them a popular choice among users. However, choosing one out of the two is not an easy task.

So, here is a head-on-head comparison of Smartsheet vs Google Sheets to help you figure out your first choice!

smartsheet vs google sheets

Google Sheets Vs Smartsheet: Differences in Purposes

The purpose of both Google Sheets and Smartsheet is to provide users with an efficient collaborative workspace where they can share and organize data. But the main difference between Google Sheets and Smartsheets is that Google Sheets is just a spreadsheet software used for collaboration, while Smartsheet is one of the most used project management tools.

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet tool that was ground up as a collaborative tool only that lets you create spreadsheets and analyze data. It is used by companies of all sizes, having up to 10,000 employees and even more. Big names like Fifth Wall, Airways, HelloFresh, and Sondor use Google Sheets to organize and flowline their work.

smartsheet vs google sheets: Google Sheets

On the other hand, Smartsheet is a collaborative and management tool that allows users to manage workflow in a spreadsheet-style and collaboration environments, along with tracking and task management. It is mostly used by companies with more than 50 employees and up to 200. Some of the prominent names that use Smartsheet are NetSuite Inc, Acrelec SAS, and Search Engine Optimization Incorporation.

google sheets vs smartsheet: Smartsheet

Smartsheet Vs. Google Sheets: Differences in Features

Google sheets and Smartsheet are both well-known collaboration tools that allow real-time co-editing and interaction. However, they offer pretty different features.

So, dwell on the next section to check out the best features and major differences between the two tools.

1. Interface

A user-friendly and clean interface is probably the first thing that catches users’ attention.

Google Sheets has a relatively simple and straightforward interface, similar to that of excel, with a top bar containing multiple tabs, and different tools and features are distributed under the tabs.

When eyeing the Smartsheet interface, it is very user-friendly, allowing anyone to walk through it easily. There is obviously no comparison between Smartsheet and Google Sheets interface because the former offers a plethora of features that Google Sheets lacks.

Here are the two ways in which Smartsheet’s visual interface beats Google Sheets:

  • It has a hierarchy of indented rows and collapsible sections to organize and streamline the work.
  • There are a number of column types that contain all information from text and numbers to auto-numbering sequences and checkboxes.

2. Collaboration

 Both the tools have various collaborative functions and features. However, again Smartsheet gets an edge due to slightly advanced features.

Google Sheets allows sharing files with users and teams, co-editing, and commenting.

Smartsheet provides a better package. It offers 360-degree collaboration with the users, allowing you to share a specific single row, item, or the whole workspace with the collaborators. Moreover, there is a conversation section that provides access to various communication factors like @ comments, attachments, etc.

And that doesn’t end the deal! You can also control the users’ access level, thus limiting their functions.

3. Data Visualization

Google Sheets allow users to give various forms to the data, like charts, diagrams, graphs, flowcharts, or anything else. Moreover, the text, numbers, and all the typed data are enlisted in a grid view or spreadsheet style.

With Smartsheet, you aren’t limited to the basic views. Instead, it provides the following four ways to visualize data:

  • Grid view if you want to create projects or assign tasks
  • Gantt view if you want to create timelines and track the progress with respect to time
  • Calendar view to visualize the project, tasks, and their deadlines
  • Kanban Card view, which tracks the project’s stages and the milestone progress.

4. Integrations and Add-Ons

One of the features that users look for while selecting any tool is that it integrates with lots of software and tools.

Google Sheet has integration with

  • Google Drive
  • G Suite
  • Rehash
  • Data Studio
  • Asana
  • CSV
  • Harvest
  • JSON

Smartsheet also has integration with lots of 3rd party apps, the important ones are:

  • DocuSign
  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Google Docs
  • Data Mesh
  • Outlook
  • Dynamic View
  • Calendar App

5. Project Management

When considering project management and tracking features, smartsheet is a clear-cut winner as it was built as a PM tool that allows you to analyze data, organize and streamline work, and generate reports. Moreover, it has a bug and time tracking feature too. Furthermore, it has a lot of integrated apps for projects and task management. So, in short, it is one of the best PM tools.

On the other hand, Google sheets is not suitable for project management. It is a database that allows you to enlist solid abstract data and carry out effective co-editing. However, it lacks all the tools and features required for handling projects and managing tasks.

Google Sheets Vs Smartsheet: Differences in Platforms Supported

A general rule is that the more platforms a tool or software supports, the more audience and users it has.

And that is why despite having better features than Google Sheets, Smartsheet has comparatively fewer users.

Google supports all the known platforms like

  • Web
  • Chromes Os for Windows and Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

On the other hand, Smartsheet supports

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

Smartsheet Vs. Google Sheets: Differences in Price

One of the most important factors that users consider before opting for any software is its pricing plan. Both smartsheet and Google Sheets have affordable pricing plans. However, Smartsheet adds a greater value but has comparatively pricey plans.

Google Sheet Pricing:

It offers the following plans:

  • A free plan for individuals includes 15 GB per user and 100 participants meeting. However, you can’t share the drive with users.
  • A business starter plan costs $6 per user per month and includes 30 GB of cloud storage and standard support.
  • The business standards plan costs $12 per user per month and includes 2 TB of cloud storage and standard support. However, you can upgrade to enhanced support by paying extra.
  • Business Plus plan costs $18 per user per month and includes 5 TB storage, enhanced security, vault management, and eDiscovery.
  • An Enterprise plan that can be customized.

Smartsheet Pricing Plan:

The three-tier pricing plans of Smartsheet are:

  • A pro plan offering $9 per user per month with 20 GB attachment storage.
  • A business plan offering $32 per user per month with 1 TB attachment storage.
  • An Enterprise plan that can be fully customized.
Smartsheet price

Smartsheet Vs. Google Sheets: Differences in Customer Review

Now that we are well up with the features and pricing plans of the two platforms, let’s look at their customer rating. It will help us understand which one of the two is more famous and has more users, along with the features that users admire the most.

GOOGLE SHEET4.7 out of 5(12.1K reviews)4.7 out of 5(12162 reviews)  4.4 out of 5(279 reviews)4.6 out of 5(1301 reviews)
SMART SHEET 4.5 out of 5(2.4K reviews)  4.5 out of 5(2403 reviews)4.15 out of 5(645 reviews) 4.1 out of 5(6701 reviews)

What Customers Like About Smartsheet:

  1. It has too many templates to choose from.
  2. Users find its integration with MS teams very useful.
  3. It allows a lot of customization.  
  4. It offers to create a robust communication plan.

What Customers Do Not Like About Smartsheet:

  1. Losses formatting whenever data from other sheets is uploaded, even from excel.
  2. No information on troubleshooting formula errors.

What Customers Like About Google Sheets:

  1. It has an excellent free version, having almost all the features, allowing it to be the heart’s favorite choice of all users.
  2. Users claim it to be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use.
  3. It is a cloud-based platform with high speed.

What Customers Do Not Like About Google Sheets:

  1. Pivot tables are a bit difficult to understand.
  2. Color coding is not proper and needs improvement.

Google Sheets Vs Smartsheet: Differences in Customer Support

Another thing that matters a lot is customer support and service.

So, you can contact the Google Sheets team by

  • Calling them directly
  • Email them at support.google.com
  • It has a community forum where you describe your issue

In contrast to it, Smartsheet offers:

  • Online Live chat on the website
  • Email and help desk support
  • Phone support
  • Community forum
  • Webinars
  • “How to” blogs and videos

Smartsheet Vs. Google Sheets: Which One is Better?

Smartsheet and Google Sheets are unique tools in their own ways, so choosing one side between “Smartsheet vs. Google Sheets” is quite a tricky task. Where Google Sheet offers the best no-code database and collaboration, Smartsheet offers management and monitoring services in addition to a well-built collaboration setup.

But since Smartsheet acts as a collaboration as well as a management tool, it gets an edge over Google Sheets.

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