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Smartsheet Vs Trello: Which One is Better for Managing Projects?

Smartsheet and Trello are great project management, but when comparing Smartsheet vs Trello, who is the right one for you? You can get the answer from this complete comparison guide.

Hey, did you just step into the world of project management and now scratching your head while managing so much information? That is probably the only reason why project management software exists.

Trello and Smartsheet have earned a good reputation in the market for Project Management software. Where Trello has established strong roots for years, Smartsheet has emerged and gained the limelight quite well by the knack of its features. But ever wondered which one of the two is better? 

If yes, then gear up as this article covers everything that falls under the umbrella of Smartsheet vs. Trello.  

smartsheet vs trello

Smartsheet Vs Trello: Main Similarities in Features

In the long run, both Smartsheet and Trello are project management software, offering more or less the same service. Both intend to develop ways to help organize and streamline the projects and tasks of businesses. 

However, it is the working or the set of features that differ and make one candidate better than the other.

A few similarities between Smartsheet and Trello are:

  • Allow the companies to organize e-meetings, thus breaking all the geographical barriers.
  • Automate the work and provide real-time updates 
  • Lead to real-time collaboration, sharing features, and integrated setup, including spreadsheet, kanban PM style, etc., for improving workflow.

Smartsheet Vs Trello: Main Differences In Features

Choosing between Coffee and Espresso is never an easy choice. So is choosing between Smartsheet and Trello. Where Trello has been the first choice among businesses for years, Smartsheet has also managed to get attention. 

Let’s closely look through the features of the two and find what makes the two project management software differ.

Management and Tracking

Trello has a well-organized tracking system based on board, card, and list, with a smooth workflow method. One board is assigned for a single project, and within each project, cards represent different tasks. You can edit the task using the simple drag and drop feature and remain updated on other people’s tasks too. 

In short, it follows the exact division of Kanban boards to help reduce the clutter.

While in SmartSheet, you have an array of styles to choose from, including spreadsheet, card view, calendar view, or a Gantt chart. It has a secure platform allowing only a limited number of people to enter once the external domains enable them to. Smartsheet works for businesses that operate on excel or spreadsheets since it allows them to build custom reports and share data.

Collaboration Tools

Cross-team collaboration is the prime factor that helps Trello stand out in the row. Its project card allows you to add all the members in one meeting, share details, assign tasks with deadlines, attach files, view checklists, and even leave feedback.

But in Smartsheet, there is only a secured commenting column for collaboration where only the internal team members can communicate about the project and share any details. However, a custom dashboard can be created.

Time Frame and Power Ups

Since meeting the deadline is of utmost importance, each PM software comes with a timeframe feature.

In Trello, a power-up calendar prioritizes the task with shorter deadlines, ensuring that the user doesn’t miss it. The power-up feature can be activated by turning on the iCal part of your calendar app.

However, Smartsheet wins the crown in this feature. It has a well-organized, color-coded calendar on which all the important data and upcoming tasks are mentioned. Moreover, an automatic reminder is set when a deadline is about to reach.


Trello allows users to integrate with over 200 work tools, while Smartsheet overs can connect with 75 integrations.

The famous Trello integrations are:

  • Google Drive
  • Adobe creative cloud
  • MS Teams
  • Slack
  • Evernote

Famous workplaces that Smartsheet integrates with are:

  • Harvest
  • Google Drive
  • Git hook
  • Google Calendar 
  • Klipfolio

Data Storage and Security

Trello has an elegant database to store all your information with a backup feature to help you against any bug or breach. Moreover, all the sensitive business details remain safe and secure by the bank-level encryption of Trello.

On the other hand, Smartsheet provides you with a secure workspace for team collaboration. It has a single signing capability with scalable controls. The admin can enter people, restrict sharing and integration rights, and remove members. To secure your data, it has AES encryption. 

Trello Vs Smartsheet: Which One is Easier to Use?

Whether Trello or Smartsheet is easier to use ultimately depends on the user’s skill set. Overall, Trello is easy to use and develop deep-hands due to its simpler interface and intuitive designs. You can organize data in multiple boards and charts to make the data digestibility easier. Moreover, it also comes with a comprehensive educational library. So, if you are looking for PM software to help you ramp up quickly, Trello got your back.

But if spreadsheets and excel are your jam, Smartsheet is the best choice. It has an interface quite similar to that of a classic google spreadsheet. However, various template options are there to choose between.

Trello Vs Smartsheet: Which One is Cheaper?

Although features make the most, the cost makes a huge difference in deciding which software to opt for.

Trello Pricing Plan:

It comes with four pricing plans:

  • Free with one integration per project, ten boards per team, and unlimited users.
  • Standard class with unlimited integrations, unlimited members, and boards for only $5 per user monthly.
  • Premium class with better workspace, more templates, and priority support for $10 per user monthly. 
  • Enterprise with unlimited integrations, unlimited members, more automation, and power-ups for only $17.5 per user monthly.
smartsheet vs trello: trello price plan

Smartsheet Pricing Plan

It has a 3-tier pricing plan:

  • Pro with 10 users, ten sheets for each user, and unlimited integrations for only $7 per user
  • Business plan with ten users, 100 sheets per user, and some additional features for $25
  • The enterprise plan has the same features as the business plan with access to Bridge.
smartsheet vs trello: Smartsheet price plan

Trello Vs. Smartsheet: Which One Offers Better Service?

In customer support service, Smartsheet gets the edge by providing better contact service, which includes 

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Live Support 
  • Training

While Trello provides with

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Training 
  • Tickets

Trello Vs Smartsheet: Which One is Liked By More People

A side-by-side comparison of the features and ratings shows that people prefer Trello due to its easy-to-use interface and Kanban aficionado.

12,768 users reviewed Trello as 4.4 on a 5-star rating, while 8,333 gave 4.4 to Smartsheet. 

Here is a detailed comparison:


FEATURES 8.8/108.6/10
EASE OF ADMIN8.9/108.7/10
EASY TO SET UP9.1/108.4/10

Trello Vs Smartsheet: Final Thoughts

Both Trello and Smartsheet offer unique PM services. But in the nip and tuck competition between “Smartsheet vs Trello- the better one”, Trello manages to shine better due to its remarkable features and easy-to-use interface for most of the years.

In the end, the choice is yours. If you aim for a streamlined workspace, go for Trello. And if your team has a grip on excel, Smartsheet is the right choice to make!

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