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Taskade Vs Notion: Ultimate Showdown

Taskade vs Notion: Which one is better for you? You can make the correct choice after reading this detailed comparison guide.
taskade vs notion

Taskade and Notion are two productivity apps that tout their all-in-one business management capabilities as the main selling point. Both consolidate aspects of many different apps into one, though they take different approaches to accomplishing this. This begs the question, between these two, which is the better choice? Well, we’re here to compare Taskade Vs Notion, breaking down their unique intricacies to give you the best idea of which one will suit your needs best.

What is Taskade?

Taskade calls itself “the ultimate to-do list app,” and we’re inclined to agree with that. Between its insane set of features, it is essentially a hybrid productivity app, designed to do many things at once. It can manage tasks, save notes, make collaborations more convenient and keep deadlines, among other things. Taskade also helps keep productivity up, and despite being designed for collaboration, it works quite well as a tool for solo workers.

taskade vs notion: What is Taskade?

What is Notion?

Notion is a hybrid productivity application, combining many different businesses and work management tools into one. The notion is actually one of the pioneers of this style of application, acting as a key player in its rise to popularity. Its flexible and customizable nature allows it to truly embody a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality, and with over 30 million users, there’s no doubt they’re doing a lot of things right.

taskade vs notion: What is Notion?

Taskade Vs Notion: Features

When it comes to features, both Notion and Taskade appear to share many similarities. Despite this, they’re only surface level, with both apps having unique approaches to different business management tools. We’ll be taking a closer look at features for both of these applications so that you can get a better idea of what they both offer, as well as what differentiates them.

Taskade Key Features:

1. Real-Time Collaboration with unlimited collaborators, team chat, and video conferencing.

2. Agile Project Management Boards to plan sprints and keep your team productive.

3. Visual Task Management with task lists, due dates, and mind maps.

4. Over 300 Customizable Templates to cater to different user workflows.

5. Remote Project Management with Pomodoro Kanban Boards and Teamwork Checklists.

6. Online Project Scrum Boards to organize project goals, teams, and tasks in one place.

Notion Key Features:

1. Web Clipper makes it easy to take information from different sources and incorporate it into work.

2. Blocks are multi-capable tools that can accomplish many different things.

3. Team Calendar helps team members to easily keep track of ongoing deadlines and projects.

4. Roadmap Builder allows team leaders to build a personalized team workflow.

5. Thousands of Templates, including editor picks as Notion Picks.

6. Notion Design System makes it possible to theme projects according to a client’s requests.

Taskade Vs Notion: Platforms Supported

Taskade has fairly impressive platform support, with versions for the most popular platforms. There’s support for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. On top of that, there’s also a web version, and there are extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Notion on the other hand has support for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. There’s no support for Linux, though there’s still a cloud-based web version, so it’s good there’s still an option available.

Taskade Vs Notion: Free Version

When it comes to free version differences, Taskade easily takes the lead. It offers unlimited tasks and projects, unlimited members and guests, unlimited folders and teams, templates, a calendar, repeat tasks, and even real-time collaboration options. There’s a 1000MB storage limit per workspace, but it’s still a lot to give to free users, and already fully functional for most.

Notion also has a free version, but it’s not as impressive as Taskade’s offering. Notion does offer unlimited pages and blocks, but otherwise, it falters. You can only share pages and blocks with a maximum of 5 guests, as well as basic functions like syncing across devices and API. It pales in comparison to its competitor, which is a shame.

Taskade Vs Notion: Paid Version

Notion has three different paid package options, and the first one is the Personal Pro package. It’s $4 a month and offers unlimited file uploads and guests, as well as the ability to look 30 days back on any project changes. Then there’s the Team package at $8 a month for each user, adding admin tools to the mix. Then there’s the Enterprise pack, which has custom pricing, advanced security, and finance options.

taskade vs notion: Notion price

Taskade on the other hand has two paid packages. There’s the Unlimited package, which costs $5 per seat each month and comes with everything in the free package, as well as larger file uploads, advanced permissions, and 2-way calendar integration. Then there’s the $20/seat Organization package, with flexible payments, and extra security options.

taskade vs notion: Taskade price

Taskade Vs Notion: Customer Rating

Taskade4.6 Stars(18 Reviews)4.7 Stars(19 Reviews)4.37 Stars(272 Reviews)4.5 Stars(14 Reviews)4.5 Stars(4 Reviews)
Notion4.8 Stars(761 Reviews)4.6 Stars(759 Reviews)4.58 Stars(1923 Reviews)4.1 Stars(66 Reviews)5 Stars(10  Reviews)

Taskade Vs Notion: Advantages

The general outlook on Taskade Vs Notion is that both have their strengths and weaknesses. After all, they both have their own unique approaches to many tools, and as a result, they have different upsides. We’ve broken some of the advantages of both programs down below.

Taskade Advantages:

1. Free version is excellent compared to most other competitor offerings.

2. Easier to use than Notion when it comes to business management.

3. Fuller platform support, including native Linux support.

4. Dark theme option available.

Notion Advantages:

1. Options are more flexible and customizable than Taskade.

2. The Web Clipper tool is incredibly useful for information gathering.

3. Blocks are powerful and have endless possibilities.

4. Paid options are more affordable than Taskade’s paid packages.

Final Words

With that, we’ve gotten to the end of our comparison of Taskade Vs Notion. Both have their advantages, but we generally prefer Taskade over Notion. While it’s true Notion is slightly more flexible and powerful, Taskade is still really close, and it’s also generally easier to use. On top of that, Taskade’s free version offers a lot more compared to Notion’s offering. We’d recommend giving both programs a try to make a final decision for yourself, seeing how both programs are excellent in their own ways.

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