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Todoist Vs Google Tasks: Which One is Worth Your Time?

Confused about which task management software is the best for you? Read this article to get a detailed comparison of Todoist vs Google Tasks features, price, interface, user rating, and much more. Make the right choice to achieve your goals.

Are you feeling overburdened and struggling to manage your tasks due to a busy routine? Don’t worry, Task management tools like Todoist and Google Tasks can help you address this problem and become more productive. But we cannot keep both at work, so we bring you a detailed Todoist vs Google Tasks comparison of features, pricing, and customer feedback to help you choose the best one.

Let’s start!

Todoist Vs Google Tasks: Interface

TodoistGoogle Tasks
Todoist has a detailed and user-friendly interface that shows all options in a simple format. Users can easily navigate through their dashboard and explore their desired options. The most important tasks and updates are displayed on the top to keep users organized and informed. Besides, you can use your favorite templates, review your weekly tasks, write down your meeting agenda, and track your projects online.Google Tasks also has a simple interface. However, it has limited options and does not give instant alerts like Todoist. However, if you are a Gmail user, you will find it easy to manage Google Tasks.

Winner: Todoist

Google Tasks Vs Todoist: Features

Google Tasks Features:

  1. Add, remove or edit tasks according to their importance.
  2. Manage to-do lists for weeks or months.
  3. Add details and relevant information to tasks.
  4. Create subtasks for better results.
  5. Manage multiple to-do lists for more than one account.
  6. Set a deadline for each task.
  7. Synchronize with Google Calendar or Gmail.
  8. Receive regular task notifications and add emails to the task list

Todoist Features:

  1. Add different websites, emails, and articles to the to-do list
  2. Create reusable project checklists through different templates
  3. Copy and paste content from the internet to create new tasks
  4. Place the “+” button in the middle of a list to easily manage the to-do list
  5. Add bold, hyperlink, italic, or emoji to tasks
  6. Customize swipe gestures and set recurring due dates based on past history
  7. Manage task lists with voice commands and enable dark mode
  8. Track delegated tasks by using “Assigned to” and “Assigned by” filters
  9. Speed up task management with keyboard shortcuts
  10. Create task automation with Zapier or IFTTT

Winner: Todoist

Google Tasks Vs Todoist: Platforms Supported

Google TasksTodoist
1. Android2. Windows3. iPhone & iPad4. Chrome5. Firefox6. Safari1. Android2. iPhone & iPad3. macOS4. Windows5. Linux Snap Store6. Linux Applmage7. Chrome8. Firefox9. Safari10. Microsoft Edge

Winner: Todoist

Todoist Vs Google Tasks: Pricing


Free$0Pro$4 per monthBusiness$6 per month
1. 5 active projects.
2. 5 collaborators per project.
3. 1-week history
4. 5 MB file uploads.
5. 3 filters
1. 300 active projects.
2. 25 collaborators per project.
3. Unlimited history.
4. 100 MB file uploads.
5. 150 filters
6. Reminders
7. Themes & auto backups
1. All pro features.
2. 500 active projects.
3. 25 people per project.
4. Team billing.
5. Inbox.
6. Admin & member roles

Google Tasks

Monthly Billable Operations (chunked at 32KB)Price per Million
First One MillionFree
Up to Five Billion$0.4
Over Five BillionCustom Quote

Winner: Google Tasks

Todoist Vs Google Tasks: Customer Reviews

Given below are Google Tasks vs Todoist reviews from five major rating platforms.

 TodoistGoogle Tasks
Play Store4.5/54.5/5

Winner: Todoist

What Customers Like Most About Todoist:

  1. The free plan gives access to 4 different color themes and 2 viewing options.
  2. A user-friendly task management platform for users who like gadgets and want to access their to-do lists on multiple devices.
  3. Helps users stay organized and become more productive in their routines.
  4. Intuitive, easy to use, and powerful software with good integrations.
  5. Combines all functionalities of Google Tasks and Google Calendar in one app.
  6. Allows users to stay informed of the most important and easily forgettable tasks.

What Customers Do Not Like Most About Todoist:

  1. Does not offer any improvement or enhanced performance on different platforms like iOS.
  2. Less robust as compared to other project management tools.
  3. Accessing files and notes is somewhat difficult due to the lack of integrations.
  4. Lack of clarity in explaining advanced features to new users.
  5. The desktop app often fails to gracefully handle unexplained crashes or freezes.
  6. The free version has very limited features making it unaffordable for students or small business owners.
  7. The procedure of creating subtasks needs improvement.

What Customers Like Most About Google Tasks:

  1. Users can use their Gmail account to get into Google tasks for task management or project planning.
  2. A free tool with no ads, paywall, or hidden charges. Ideal for users with limited income.
  3. Can be integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail to send tasks as email or add them to the calendar
  4. A clean and organized interface with fast loading and smooth performance.
  5. Supports multiple platforms and synchronizes with different devices including smartphones and desktop
  6. The app is universally accessible and works fine with Gmail account

What Customers Do Not Like Most About Google Tasks:

  1. Takes some time to organize a task management workflow that covers users’ needs
  2. Lacks a full tab view that displays different lists of pending, urgent, and completed tasks.
  3. Customer support is very poor, users have to wait for hours to resolve their problems.
  4. No dedicated forum or online group where users can help each other
  5. The app neither works offline nor allows users to share their workload or tag others
  6. There is no separate web app like other to-do tools like Todoist and Any.do

Todoist Vs Google Tasks: Conclusion

From the above comparison, it is evident that Todoist beats Google Tasks in terms of interface, features, platforms supported, and customer ratings. Users prefer Todoist to Google Tasks due to better performance, impeccable customer service, and a range of options.

However, Google Tasks is more economical than Todoist. Hence, users who can’t afford the expensive Todoist can use Google Tasks to manage their to-do lists with limited functionality.

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