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Todoist Vs Things 3: Head-to-Head Comparison

Todoist vs Things 3- which is the better software to buy? Stop searching, and click here to find if Todoist or Things 3 is the better one.

In the present era, where the daily grind of the hectic routine is increasing, task and management Apps are becoming more and more important. 

Todoist and Things 3 are among the top management apps to opt for, each having its own ins and outs. But when comparing Todoist vs Things 3 head-on-head, you can’t simply crown one better than the other.

So, quickly grab a cup of coffee and find out Things 3 vs Todoist- which one is the better software after reading this article!

What is Todoist?

Combining tasks, attachments, projects, and notifications, Todoist is one of the best “To Do List” management software for people and small businesses, introduced in 2007 by Amir Salihefendic.

It is an easy-to-use platform that is available on nearly all mobile devices, Web, desktops, and browsers, making it an easy-to-access option for everyone.

Some of the features that make Todoist stand out from the magazine are:

  • The priority settings for different tasks let you decide which task is more important and allocate the time accordingly.
  • Allows to use the Web page and get push notifications on multiple devices by using the single Web page.
  • Can manage and collaborate with team members using a single board and SlideShare options.
  • Smart schedule your task by taking into account your karma, your personal habits, and goals so that you don’t become overburdened and stressed out
todoist vs things 3: What is Todoist?

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What is Things 3?

Where organizing all the tasks and managing them cost a lot of time, Things 3 is an easy-to-use task management software that allows users to 

  • Manage their projects 
  • Organize the upcoming tasks and events
  • Synchronizer the data
  • Set a reminder, and check via Apple calendar 

All in one place.

It currently supports only iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch, but soon it will be available on Android and other platforms too.

Some of the features that grant the edge to Things 3 over other apps are:

  • The project manager enables you to manage tasks and add related notes and tags, along with a circle indicator, showing your progress on that specific project.
  • Keeps in touch with calendar events while you are making schedules, thus keeping you up with the upcoming events you might be missing.
What is things 3?

Todoist vs Things 3: Main Features

Task Manager or a To-Do-List organizer is probably the first application we all install on our phones to untangle the daily mess of our life. Where an efficient manager has the power to cut down half of our stress, a wrong one can turn the tables around, leading to even more chaos. 

Todoist and Things 3 have always been the most used and trusted managers of all time. From pricing to usage, both rock in all aspects. But when comparing Todoist vs Things 3, the decision becomes quite difficult. So, here is a feature comparison between the two software to help you find the better one.

The features that make a huge difference and therefore are going to gain limelight today are

  • User Interface and Design 
  • Adding a New Task
  • Task Management 
  • Sharing and Collaboration 
  • Synchronization with Calendars
  • Extra Features 

User Interface and Design

An ideal user interface and design add ease and smoothness to the user’s work, and things 3 get leverage over it.

Things 3 has a very easy and uncluttered interface. It has a minimalist, fluid, and gesture-based makeover. Everything is placed in the right corner with a sophisticated look, from the homepage display to the inbox section.

In comparison to it, not only I but most of the users claim the Todoist interface to be a bit more complex and complicated. It takes time to understand the interface initially. 

However, its design is highly customizable, offering you a bunch of icons and themes to choose from and get a more balanced look. But in contrast, Things 3 pales out by having only a black and a white theme.

Adding a New Task

Adding a new task is a bit cumbersome and time-consuming in Things 3 as compared to Todoist. 

In Things 3, you got three options:

  • New to do that adds directly to your inbox
  • New Project allows you to enter the Project name, details, deadline, and tag and allocate the sub-tasks with time.
  • New Area where group tasks are done

But in Todoist, you don’t need to drill down into all this. You simply need to click on the “+” button, and a short window pops up where you add the task, related tags, and deadline and can add partners if any. Then Todoist priorities your task according to the time left and other algorithms.

Task Management

At the end of the day, the main purpose of a task managing app is to help organize the daily tasks in the best way possible. And in this feature, both apps surpass each other.

In Things 3, you first need to enter the task name; then, you choose a date when you have to finish the task. The three options are available by default:

  • Today
  • Select from calendar 
  • Someday section

You can also assign labels, add tags, and even create sub-tasks under each task.

Next, moving towards Todoist, it has more or less the same steps. You open the app’s interface, create a task by clicking “+”, assign a deadline, and set a reminder. You can also include a sub-task and scan the text on your iPhone. 

Sharing and Collaboration

The heart of Todoist that makes it the cynosure of all eyes is its sharing and collaboration feature. It allows you to tag people in a task and hence do the group work easily. All the people can access the file and task and can also comment and edit the task. As a result, doing teamwork becomes much easier.

However, Things 3 lags at this point. The task and management are done at the individual level only. You can share the task by the iOS default menu, which means no one can edit the task.

Synchronization with Calendars

Both Todoist and Things 3 are compatible with Calendars. Things 3 integrates with the Apple calendar easily. 

On the other hand, Todoist pairs with Fantastical easily, allowing you to view the tasks of Todoist on it and manage them on the calendar in case of any clash, thus making it a better option than Apple Calendar.

Extra Features 

Both Things 3 and the Todoist app support Siri shortcuts and offer iOS 24 widget association. However, Todoist has an Ad-on feature of Karma that gives you points on completion of each task, and when you attain certain points, you can unlock various productivity badges.

Things 3 Vs Todoist: Pricing

Once up with the features and a detailed comparison between the two task management apps, let’s eye at their pricing plans.

  • Todoist has three different pricing plans for starters, power users, and teams. 
  • Things 3 has a flat one-time fee rather than different plans and subscriptions. However, the price differs for the Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone.

Todoist Plans:

PRICE$0 (ideal for new users and starters)$4 (ideal for power users and individuals)$6 (For teams and collaborative work)
ANNUAL BILLING $5 billed monthly if the annual payment$8 billed if the annual payment
FEATURES 5 projects.
File upload up to 5 MB.
1-week history tract.
5 collaboration members per project.
3 filters.
300 active projects at a time.
File upload up to 100 MB.
Unlimited history tract.
25 collaboration members per project.
150 filters.
Auto backup and reminders
500 active projects at a time.
50 people per project.
Member and admin roles.
All features of the Pro plan

Things 3 Plan:


Things 3 Vs Todoist: Customer Rating

Both Things 3 and Todoist are reviewed by customers as 4.4 on a rating of 5 stars. However, where only 24 people reviewed Things 3, Todoist is rated by nearly 729 people. It clearly shows that it is a more used app around the world.  And the below table is to show the comparison in detail.

FEATURES 8.9/108.5/10
EASY TO SETUP9.2/109.4/10
SUPPORT TEAM 8.6/108.8/10

Things 3 Vs Todoist: Platforms Supported

Todoist is a clear winner and gets the crown when considering the platforms they are available on. 

You will be content to learn that the Todoist supports all the major, known platforms like Web, iOS, windows, apple watch, Mac, and Android.

But if you are an android user, Things 3 is not for you. It supports only iOS, Apple, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Todoist Vs Things 3: Which One is Your Choice?

Both Todoist and Things 3 have supporting features and services that make them better than the other. Things 3 is easy to use but only compatible with a few platforms. 

On the other hand, Todoist provides better features, and customizable themes, and supports nearly all platforms. 

Therefore, Todoist clearly wins the crown over Things 3 for us.

So, which is your option? Leave your comments below!

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