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VersionOne Vs Jira: Which One is The Best Agile Tool?

Jira and VersionOne are the top agile PM tools. But when comparing VersionOne vs Jira, Jira wins the race. Click here to find out why Jira is better than VersionOne for scaling agile methodology.

Agile methodology helps streamline and execute successful projects but finding a legit agile tool is quite difficult. There are dozens of Agile PM tools there in the global market. Jira and VersionOne are two of them and have a lot of followership because of their power-packed features.

But since we all need only one of the two, let’s have a detailed comparison of VersionOne vs Jira and find the better fit!

Now, let’s dive into the details and unravel which one is the better agile tool!

versionone vs jira

VersionOne Vs Jira: An Overview

What is VersionOne?

VersionOne is an agile tool that allows teams to streamline their projects remotely through its robust framework and well-built features. From roadmapping to the lean delivery process, VersionOne offers the best support to its users by using Scaled Agile Framework SAFe.


What is Jira?

Jira is an all-in-one agile bug tracking agile tool created by Atlassian. It helps teams collaborate online, organize e-meetings, set priorities, and includes many other top-notch and up-to-date features tailored to the needs of software developers and project management.

versionone vs jira: What is Jira

VersionOne Vs Jira: Interface

VersionOne Interface

Where most Agile management tools have a complex interface and steep learning curves, VersionOne provides a clean and intuitive interface devoid of such problems. It offers easy accessibility and navigation to accelerate user adoption. However, it isn’t the master of customization, allowing very few options in this respect like custom workflow and task boards only.

Versionone interface

Jira Interface

Initially, users found Jira’s interface quite clumsy and difficult to use. However, later Jira introduced an updated version with a transformed interface that is extremely user-friendly, with each element passed at its right place. Moreover, it offers high customization, allowing different users to create their own dedicated workflow according to their needs. You can even choose a custom template and dashboard. What can be a better bet?

Jira interface

Who is Winner?

The first and foremost feature that attracts the user to a tool is its easy-to-use interface, and fortunately, both Jira and VersionOne hit the point right. But a thumb rule is that the more customization you offer, the greater client satisfaction you receive. And in that respect, Jira far outlays VersionOne by offering numerous customization capabilities, which the latter fails to provide.

VersionOne Vs Jira: Major Features

What Features Does VersionOne Have?

Here are a few features that play a prime role in making VersionOne an end-to-end agile tool.

1. Task and Project Analysis

VersionOne offers an efficient analysis of the project and its progress and later tabulates the data in scoreboard form. This scoreboard shows

  • How do users manage workload
  • The overall progress of the project
  • Areas where the team or any member lacks and has room for improvement.

Moreover, there is a mapping system that connects all the tasks and streamlines them in the form of an outline to help you reach your goal.

2. 50 Agile Metrics

It provides support of more than 50 agile metrics to its users, providing detailed insights into the project and its progress on multiple dashboards. As a result, it helps to keep you on the path and tells the point which needs attention for better results.

3. Communication Tool-The Communication Box

One of the most distinguishing features of VersionOne is its communication tool that allows all coworkers and team members to communicate over project matters directly. It helps them better coordinate with each other and shares relevant information.

4. Portfolio Management

Last but not least comes Portfolio management. We all know that portfolio management is one of the prime components of Agile Methodology that helps to identify, organize, and prioritize a company’s needs. So, you will be content to know that VersionOne equips robust portfolio management that aids in preparing a streamlined project portfolio that highlights all potential risk factors as well.

What Features Does Jira Have?

The core features of Jira are:

1. Agile Development Boards

Starting with the features, the first one that helps Jira gain the limelight is its exclusively agile boards to structure the project. It offers two boards:

  • Scrum board for users who want to pre-plan their project before initiating it. The board arranges the task in precise order accordingly.
  • Kanban board in which all the tasks are categorized in three columns: “To do”, “In process”, and “Finished”, and thus help you get a bird’s eye view of the project.

2. Project Tracking

It is undoubtedly one of the finest features of Jira. You can easily track each user’s progress on the project and the issues he is facing.

Moreover, to save time, you can use JQL, a specialized Jira language that allows you to filter your search and jump directly to what you are looking for. Similarly, the sidebar shows immediate and up-to-date tracking, planning, releasing, and reporting details.

3. Road Map and Portfolio

To further assist the team members and head, Jira includes a roadmap that helps you get a clear vision of

  • the progress of the project
  • the bugs which are solved
  • Problems that need to be addressed

Moreover, it has a portfolio, specifically for agile team members, which gives a detailed timetable and tasks list to follow and achieve the long-term goal successfully.

4. Time Tracking

In agile project methodology, the check and balance of time spent on each task, working hours, etc., is very important to develop a successful project. Therefore, Jira offers an excellent time tracker that provides detailed information like

  • How much time is taken by users to resolve an issue
  • Working hours of different members
  • On-time completed tasks

Apart from its own time tracker, you can also opt for time trackers available at the Atlassian integration marketplace.

5. Mobile Access

Another compelling feature of this agile tool is that apart from the Web version, it supports a mobile application that is very helpful for Project managers who travel often.

The application supports backlogs and allows you to function almost similarly, e.g., create tasks, edit problems, track time, and get the real-time update via notification.

Who is Winner?

Undoubtedly, Jira offers a long collection of rich features that make it stand among the top two Agile project management tools, but VersionOne holds the ground in this respect because it was built as an Agile PM tool from the start. However, if you want a combo of task management tools with agile methodology and customization, Jira should be your first choice.

Jira Vs VersionOne: Pricing

Now that we are up with “Jira vs. VersionOne” better in terms of features let’s look at their pricing plans.

What is VersionOne Price?

VersionOne offers four-tier pricing plans:

  • Team Plan that is free for up to 10 users. It includes test tracking, defect, story, sprint planning, and task boards.
  • Catalyst Plan costs $175. It includes scrum and kanban board, multi-project support, and all team Plan features for 20 users.
  • Enterprise Plan costs $29 per user and includes portfolio management, custom workspaces, scorecards, reporting, and program level planning in addition to features of Catalyst Plan.
  • Ultimate Plan costs $39 per month and offers SAFe board, Monte Carlo forecasting, roadmapping, and many other features.

What is Jira Price?

Jira also offers a four-tier pricing plan which are:

  • A free plan that includes ten users, one site limit, scrum and kanban boards, basic roadmap automation, and 2Gb file storage.
  • Standard Plan that includes 35000 users, one site limited, different boars, and 250 Gb file storage with $7.5 per user per month
  • Premium Plan that offers 35000 users, different boards, advanced road mapping, multi-project automation, and unlimited storage with $14.5 per user per month
  • Enterprise plan that users can customize according to their needs.
versionone vs jira: Jira price

Who is the Winner?

Jira is a clear-cut winner since it offers far more reasonable pricing plans for small and growing companies than VersionOne. It has a very flexible pricing structure.

Where the premium plan of VersionOne costs $29 per user per month, Jira costs half of it, only $14.5.

VersionOne Vs Jira: Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Like About VersionOne?

  1. Based on the world’s most trusted SAFe methodology, which makes it an excellent agile tool
  2. Offers excellent visibility and tracking of the project and the progress made.
  3. Users claim it to be the best tool for managing sprint backlogs and tracking issues.

What Do Customers Not Like About VersionOne?

  1. Inconsistent customer service
  2. Users report that scrum board UI needs improvement.

What Do Customers Like About Jira?

  1. It has a lot of 3rd party software and integrations
  2. It has a wide range of customization, allowing users to create and customize tables, elements, reports, etc., as per their needs.
  3. Includes all the features one needs to keep the agile progress of the project in check
  4. Ensures tight security at the backend to keep sensitive information safe

What Do Customers Not Like About Jira?

  1. Users can’t download reports.
  2. The Jira app often works very slowly.

VersionOne Vs Jira: Our Choice

Both Jira and VersionOne are versatile and highly competent agile tools with thousands of users worldwide. Therefore, choosing the better agile tool between VersionOne Vs Jira seems impossible. Each offers a bunch of features, making it better than the other.

When keeping the agile methodology in mind, VersionOne gets the leverage.

But since we all want an agile tool with flexible features and customization, Jira assists us the best!

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