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Wrike Vs Basecamp: Who Wins the Fight?

The project management tools have made the project handling a breeze! Wondering which project management software is best for your team? Check out our comparison of Wrike vs Basecamp to choose the best project management software for your team!
wrike vs basecamp

Project management is not an easy task. But with the advancement of technology – project management apps, it has become easier. With so much project management software in the market, you can probably get confused about choosing the right product for you.

Many factors play a decisive role in selecting the finest project management software. If you are confused between Wrike and Basecamp, this detailed review of Wrike Vs. Basecamp can help you out. So you can select the best for you and your team.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a project management tool that helps teams stay organized and on track. The Basecamp started providing its services in early 2004 and has its headquarters in Chicago. It provides a centralized place for all project management, including files, message boards, schedules, automated checks ins, and to-do lists.

Basecamp is more like a communication tool than a management tool, taking the project handling to a basic level. It is a powerful tool that can help teams work together more effectively. The Basecamp is suitable for beginners as it is simple to use for handling projects.

wrike vs basecamp: What is Basecamp

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What is Wrike?

Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool that enables users to collaborate on tasks and projects in real-time. The platform provides task prioritization, project scheduling, and team collaboration. Founded in 2006, Wrike is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Wrike is considered a more advanced tool and works on the agile methodologies of project management. The agile methodology is achieved through the unique features of Wrike, like the Kanban board, custom workflows, and mapping tools. Wrike management tool is no doubt an excellent tool but with so many advanced tools, it can be confusing if you are a beginner.

wrike vs basecamp: What is Wrike?

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Basecamp Vs Wrike: Interface

Wrike offers a modern user interface that uses graphs, charts, and a dashboard to see how the project flow is going. It also has a feature of drag-and-drop task management, which helps every team member handle the workload accordingly. The Wrike has many advanced features, and there is no doubt about that, but it is not beginner friendly, and you may need to watch the tutorials to learn more about the hidden features to offer.

The Basecamp wins the race in terms of interface because of the simplicity of the design and features it has to offer. The features are simple which include a simple calendar, charts, and milestones. Moreover, the customizable and easy interface makes it highly beginner friendly.

Wrike Vs Basecamp: Features

After a general overview, let’s move toward the features of both software

Wrike Key Features:

●      Modern User Interface

●      Seamless files management and communication

●      Works on agile methodology

●      Connects easily with the app with over 400 integrations

●      Time tracking software

Basecamp Key Features:

●      Exclusive hill charts to track work

●      To-do list and calendar for scheduling

●      Automatic check-ins

●      Group chats to interact with the team members

●      Message boards for announcements

Wrike’s Advantages:

Wrike project management tool has the following advantages over the Basecamp:

●      Has Kanban board.

●      Allows spreadsheet view to organize your projects in the spreadsheet.

●      Has timeline features that allow you to manage your project according to the project deadline helping to prioritize your tasks

Basecamp’s Advantages:

Basecamp has the following advantages over the Wrike’s

●      It is simple to use with simple UI

●      Allows more communication than the Wrike

●      Beginner friendly where one can master it without watching the tutorials

Wrike Vs. Basecamp: Platforms Supported

The platforms supported by the project management software are a very crucial step to look at. When you look at the platforms supported by Basecamp and Wrike, there are identical in this aspect. Both the project management tools support the IOS, Android, and desktop.

Your team members can work with you on Wrike and Basecamp, regardless of the device they have. They have the freedom to choose whatever device they want to work on, whether it’s windows, Mac, iPad, Android, or iPhone.

Winner: Both

Wrike Vs. Basecamp: Price

Wrike and Basecamp both have the free and paid version. When it comes to Basecamp, then the free version has minimal features with only 3 projects supported making it completely worthless. The paid version of Basecamp allows all the advanced features and unlimited team members. It costs $1000 per year, making it a bit expensive.

wrike vs basecamp: Basecamp price

On the other hand, the Wrike’s free version has decent features making it a good option for a small team. The paid version of the Wrike comes in different tiers according to the number of team members. The paid version price is given below for different tiers.

The professional plan is for the agencies with a number of members up to 5,10, and 15. $9.80 user/monthThe business plan is for team members from 5 to 200 members. $24.80 user/monthThe enterprise is for members from 5 to unlimited The price isn’t available on Wrike’s official website. Contact customer support to know more.
wrike vs basecamp: Wrike price

So, when it comes to the price in Basecamp Vs. Wrike, then the winner is Wrike which allows advanced features at an affordable price.

Winner: Wrike

Wrike Vs Basecamp: Security

Serving the customers with top-notch security is the greatest priority of every project management software as they know how your data and privacy can be dear to you. The software may have its own system to secure its data or use third-party services.

Regarding the security in Wrike vs Basecamp then, both software provides the maximum security they can. The Wrike keeps the customer data within its own servers, making it a bit more secure.

While Basecamp relies on a third-party system like AWS to record the customer’s data, although the data is encrypted in both cases.  The third-party system is more vulnerable to hackers and bugs. If privacy is your main concern, go for Wrike as it is less vulnerable to hackers.

Winner: Wrike

Wrike Vs Basecamp: Customer Support

It isn’t easy to decide between Basecamp vs. Wrike when it comes to customer support. Both Wrike and Basecamp provide their level best to provide you with the best customer service. Both Basecamp and Wrike provide detailed guides on how to use their software, video tutorials, and pricing information on their website, making it easy for customers to find the answers they need.

In addition, they offer live chat and email support for their customers. All you have to do is add your query in the section given on their website along with your email. Their customer support will contact you as fast as they can.

The thing which makes the Wrike a bit ahead of the Basecamp is that it offers more information and guides to learn about the software than the basecamp.

Winner: Wrike

Wrike Vs Basecamp: Customer Rating

The website of Wrike and Basecamp is full of excellent reviews, but we went extra deep to provide you with statistical data on their customer rating. We reviewed 5 customer rating websites.

According to the customer rating on five different platforms, the average rating of the Wrike is 4.03, while that of Basecamp is 4.1. So this statistical data clears the road for Basecamp, making it the ultimate winner in customer rating.

Winner: Basecamp

Wrike Vs. Basecamp: Final Winner

If we compare the features mentioned above of the Basecamp and the Wrike, the ultimate winner is the Wrike. The reasons which make it the best project management software are numerous.

First, the Wrike has many advanced features that the Basecamp lacks.

Secondly, it offers flexibility in the pricing place; you can choose any of the three mentioned above according to the size of your team. Basecamp is rigid in this aspect and offers only one paid option, a thousand bucks per year.

Thirdly, the Wrike has slightly better customer service than that of the Basecamp in the aspect that it offers more detail to its customer than the Basecamp. All these reasons make the Wrike the ultimate winner.


In the race between Wrike and Basecamp, the ultimate winner is no doubt the Wrike, but that doesn’t make the Basecamp anything less. The Basecamp is still a better option for those companies, agencies, and business owners who want to make their operations simplified and easy. The Basecamp doesn’t come up with complex features like that of Wrike. Any beginner with little knowledge can learn to master it!

The Wrike is better for people who are more into advanced technology and can invest their time learning about the software’s hidden features. We are sure that with this project management software, your project handling becomes a breeze by the features they offer.

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