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Wrike vs Microsoft Teams: What Are Their Differences

What is the difference between Wrike & Microsoft Teams? Which one will work best for your team? Check this article about Wrike vs Microsoft teams to find out.
wrike vs microsoft teams

If you are working on different projects and managing various teams, then you will acknowledge that project management tools are your absolute necessity. They can help you accomplish your tasks efficiently with a smooth workflow. But when it comes to project management software, there are too many options to choose from.

Two of the most useful and demanding project management software are Wrike and Microsoft Teams. Project managers get confused between them as both software offer various similar features and advantages, making them well-suited for several purposes. But if you want to know about their differences, read this Wrike vs Microsoft Teams comparison and find out which one will work best for you!

Wrike vs. Teams: A Detailed Comparison Table

Wrike and Microsoft Teams are both useful project management tools. But both have differences in terms of features, pricing & customer rating. Let’s take a closer look at this Wrike vs MS Teams comparison to see how they differ.

SoftwareWrikeMicrosoft Teams
DescriptionWrike is a web-based project management software founded in 2006 by Citrix Systems. Wrike helps teams to collaborate, plan and get work done efficiently and on time.Microsoft Teams is a business communication and collaboration platform founded in 2017 by Microsoft  Office 365 suite. MS Teams offer a workspace for business communication and collaboration.
PurposeWrike is designed for project collaboration, marketing, and planning. Its purpose is to regulate the flow of work without any mismanagement. it enables companies to work in a specific manner with proper planning. It fixes the problem of businesses and project managers who can’t find suitable software for their project planning and team collaboration.Microsoft Teams is designed for enterprises and businesses for better collaboration and management of people working together. It helps in task management and communication between employees. Its built-in chat and video conferencing capabilities make it a perfect fit for communication & management software and solve the issues for remote teams.
Target CustomersWrike targets businesses of every size, professionals, enterprises, and everybody who is looking for project planning software.Microsoft teams is used by business and educational institutes, enterprises, and others who are searching for good management and collaboration software.
Key Features1. Integration with 400+ apps.
2. Kanban board.
3. Gantt charts.
4. Team calendars.
5. Customize templates.
6. File sharing.
8. Resource management features.
9. Automation features.
10. Portfolio management.
11. Real-time activity updates.
12. Task planning.
1. Live chat.
2. File sharing.
3. Video conferencing.
4. Task management.
5. File storage.
6. Integration with numerous apps like SharePoint, Outlook, and OneDrive.
7. Highly customizable.
8. Call recording.
9. Screen sharing.
10. API.
11. Activity dashboard.
12. Activity updates.
Advantages1. Wrike offers more advanced features.
2. It offers project collaboration and better management.
3. It offers more application integration.
4. It has a good dashboard.
5. The search engine is efficient.
6. Its application is robust.
7. Its flexibility and comparability are better as it can handle simple or complex tasks.
1. MS teams is suitable for conducting business and educational meetings.
2. It supports android, iOs, Windows, and Linux, which makes it within reach of everyone.  
3. You can integrate with other Microsoft apps.
4. You can collaborate on documents within the app.
5. You get all the security benefits of Microsoft 365.
Easy to UseWrike has advanced features and is easy to use. You can easily set your calendars and meetings and plan your whole project.Microsoft teams are easier to use. You can easily collaborate with your partners or conduct educational classes or business meetings. It’s easier for both employees and students.
Languages Supported Wrike supports these languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian.Languages supported by Microsoft teams are Chinese, English, French, Finish, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese,  Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian, Dutch, and Turkey.
Platforms SupportedWrike supports Android, iOS, and Web.Microsoft Teams supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
NotificationEmail1. Email
2. Desktop Push
3. Mobile Push
Free TrialWrike offers a free trial for a month.Microsoft teams doesn’t offer any free trial. But for Microsoft 365 users, it’s free of cost.
Paid PlansWrike offers three paid plans
Professional (Professional plan costs $9.8 per month for one user )
Business (The business plan of which costs $ 24.8 per month)
Enterprise (contact the support to know about the enterprise plan.)
Its paid plan starts from $4.80.
Customer RatingG2: 4.2
GetApp: 4.3
Trustpilot: 3.4 
G2: 4.5
GetApp: 4.5
Trustpilot: 1.6 
Customer SupportWrike offers the most satisfactory customer service through its email. You can also directly contact its customer support or billing team to discuss plans or queries.Microsoft teams provide excellent customer service through Microsoft 365 community forums, live chat & email.
What Customers Like1. Ease of use
2. Workflow capability
3. Separate folders for different job functions
4. Process of tracking task
1. Incorporation of additional features like tabs at top of projects
2. Access to shared resources
3. Best video call service
What Customers Dislike1. No email response
2. No FAQ for clarification
3. No live report
4. No training options
5. Lack of filtering options
1. No phone support
2. Limited number of channels
3. Unnecessary storage consumption
When To UseWrike is a great project management software, and you can use it for managing your business. It’s suitable for every type of task management.  You can use Microsoft teams for your project communication and collaborations. It’s suitable for conducting meetings and collaboration on a bigger scale.
Google Chat

Final Thought in Wrike Vs MS Teams

So that’s all about the Wrike vs. MS Teams thorough comparison. Undoubtedly, both the project management tools are excellent to coordinate with your team members and maintain a smooth workflow.

But If you’re looking for a flexible and user-friendly project management tool, then Wrike is a good option. And If you’re looking for a team collaboration tool with fast integration with other Office 365 apps, then Microsoft Teams is the better choice. I hope this “Wrike vs Microsoft teams” comparison helps you decide which one is for you.

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