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Wunderlist VS Evernote: Can You Replace Wunderlist With Evernote?

Wunderlist has been a great and easy-to-use task managing application that helps keep your tasks on track. Following its demise, people are looking for other alternatives - Evernote, being the most sought-after. Is it the best option? Let's have a detailed Wunderlist vs Evernote comparison!

A balance between personal and professional life is the goal of every person and with advanced technology, life has also advanced. Using digital software like Wunderlist made the task lists handy, but due to the demise of this app, a lot of us are searching for a better alternative, and Evernote is one of them. To know the software better, let’s make a Wunderlist vs Evernote comparison.

But first, we should know what these services are?

Wunderlist VS Evernote
Wunderlist VS Evernote

What is a Wunderlist?

6Wunderkinder developed a task managing app, i.e., Wunderlist, in association with Microsoft. This application allows user to manage their tasks from different devices and operating systems. Because it can work on different operating systems like iOS, android, chrome OS, Microsoft Windows, and Windows phones, the application made a huge success. But it only has the option of managing tasks and syncing the data, which makes it very limited. The other features were available for the paid version of the application, i.e., Wunderlist pro. Unfortunately, the application faced its demise in 2020; after that, the new users could not sync their data with the application. But people can still import their data if they have already installed the application.

What is a Wunderlist?
What is a Wunderlist?

What is Evernote?

Evernote is the best latest alternative to the Wunderlist application available to date. Evernote Corporation developed the application to manage daily tasks with many advanced features. The users of Evernote can keep their personal lives on track by taking the best out of the application. If we analyze the data based on Wunderlist vs Evernote results, there are so many features in the latter that can help keep the data more organized so that the user can hit each deadline easily. The application not only keeps track of to-do lists but also allows people to save their information in any format like audio, video, written form, pictures, etc. The information saved in the application can be rewritten or edited anytime and can also automatically sync the data in all the devices where the user has logged in.

What is Evernote?
What is Evernote?

Wunderlist Vs Evernote: Differences and similarities

Purpose of development:  The primary purpose of developing the Wunderlist was to help the users manage their daily tasks. It was meant to keep the to-do list well organized so that the person cannot skip any important task and meet all the deadlines easily.   Evernote is way more than just a task-managing application. It does offer the task organizing feature, but the application is not limited to this feature only. Evernote is also a note-taking application where one can save any information in any format along with saving the to-do list to keep life organized. 
Task Management:  Wunderlist was very easy and convenient to use, even for beginners. The users can write the to-do lists with explanations and alterations.   Evernote lacks here as it provides the checklist only where the user can check the box, but there is no feature for details. So, it makes it a little difficult to use for beginners. 
User Interface:  It depends on what you prefer to use, but Wunderlist had vibrant colors and a very stylish and engaging user interface. The users of Wunderlist had it all in their hands to design the interface according to their preferences like customized colors, themes, etc. This made it fun to manage tasks on the Wunderlist.   Evernote has a lot more user-friendly and latest features, but the interface is relatively colorless, making it a little boring to use. 
Latest features:  Wunderlist offered the feature of managing task lists only. Whether it was shopping lists, planning a holiday, or managing office tasks, it made the users keep their days organized without getting stressed by work overload.  Having a lot of the latest and additional features put the Evernote application in the lead. It is a note-taking application that allows the editing feature, checklists, dark mode, highlighting the text, etc. There is one more exciting feature in Evernote, which is notebooks. Here you can compile or combine different notes and can make separate folders. In addition, it also offers other formats to save information like audio, video, text, and pictures. 
Operating Systems:  Windows 10, iOS 9, android 4.4, windows phone, WebOs   While Evernote is supported by android 10 and latest versions, iOS 13 and latest, Windows 10 (both 34 and 62-bits), and all the latest versions of Mac. 
Pricing:  Wunderlist has both the free version and the paid version. The paid version is called “Wunderlist pro.” The subscription charges were 5$ per month.   Evernote, with both free and paid versions, also allows the users to have a free trial of the premium features. It costs 8$ per month and 45$ per year for the paid version. If you share the document with any other member with a free version, they might be unable to edit the premium format documents like PDFs.  
Ratings:  Wunderlist got really good reviews – 8.2/10 from the customers due to its user-friendly feature.  Evernote is given 8.3/10 ratings because of the latest features and continuous updates. 
1. Both the applications have the primary purpose of task management and allow similar users like entrepreneurs, freelancers, office managers, and large enterprises to use these applications and get the best out of their business.
2. The users can run both applications on the platforms like android phones, apple phones, MacBooks, and web browsers.
3. The feature of sharing the list or the information with any other user is available in both applications, but the options like who you allow editing, whether they can comment on your list or not, and who can only read the document make them a little different form each other.
4.  They allow customer support in online and knowledge-based form, confining the video tutorials to the Wunderlist app users only.

Other Great Wunderlist Alternatives:

If you are unsatisfied with Evernote or looking for a simpler application with other features, you should consider the following applications.


Notion labs developed Notion. It’s one of the best all-in-one applications for office usage to store data, manage tasks, and make notes.

  • At the start, the application may seem a little overwhelming because of the unlimited amazing features, but it is worth the hype. The most valuable feature it has is the database block, where you can customize your blocks and tables by adding checklists, bullets, etc.
  • You can make your to-do list as simple as the lists you can make using the Wunderlist application. Instead of using blocks, you can create separate checklists for your daily use.
  • The feature that makes the application stand out among all the task managing software is the public share option, where you can create your webpage and share it with the public.

Price: If you buy the version for the team, then 8$/month, and if you want to use it for your tasks, you have to pay 4$/month.

Apps: Desktop and iOS apps can run on android version 7 and higher.

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Google Keep:

Google keep offers a log of additional features like google sheets, google docs, etc. The users can get access to all the features without paying a penny.

Google Keep
Google Keep
  • You can extract the text from images and use it for any purpose.
  • This software allows data storage in any format like audio, videos, pictures, and text.
  • You can set alarms, locations, and reminders for specific tasks.

Price: This app has no paid version and is 100% free of cost.

Apps:   Web application for android and iOS.

Roam Research:

Conor White-Sullivan introduced Roam Research which was built on a graph database. And unlike other task managing applications, it offers you to combine all your notes and documents into one frame.

Roam research
Roam research
  • You can assign separate pages to other persons by adding specific blocks with their names.
  • The “networked thought” feature allows you to connect different notes and create a network.
  • You can keep track of everything by mentioning it in steps.

Price: It has two paid versions: the believer version is 8.3$/month, and the pro version is 13.7$/month.

Apps: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, web app.

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Final Thoughts:

If we compare and check the results of Wunderlist vs Evernote, then Wunderlist, being easy to use and having an interesting interface, is a perfect choice for beginners. It is not very complicated, and the paid version is almost half the price of Evernote. But you can only use the application if you have already installed it because it was shut down in 2020. And most people have the latest versions of devices that do not support the old version of Wunderlist. So going for Evernote is the correct option for you and it can make your task management process very interesting due to its amazing features. If you are already using Wunderlist and now want something similar yet more offering as an alternative, then we suggest Evernote is the perfect fit for you.


1. Why is Wunderlist going away?

Since the application stopped updating the new features, Microsoft developers decided to shut down the application permanently and make “to-do” the best alternative to Wunderlist.

2. What is Wunderlist being replaced with?

Microsoft announced making an alternative application to Wunderlist, a “to-do” app. At the same time, many alternatives are also available, for example, the ones mentioned above.

3. Is Evernote better than Trello?

If the purpose of using the application is for task management only, then Trello is the best option. Still, if you want to store your notes and use other features, like using other formats to store data, there is nothing better than Evernote.

4. Is Evernote like Trello?

The tasking managing feature is similar in both apps, but Evernote has a lot more useful characteristics, and it is a note-taking application as well.

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