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How to Insert Roman Numerals in Word?

If you don’t know how to insert Roman Numerals in words, then don’t worry because this blog post shows all the methods to insert Roman Numerals in MS Word.
how to insert roman numerals in word

Many professional content creators use special characters in their blog posts to make them look appealing. These special characters are known as Roman numerals and are used to make their content different from others. But the question is, what is the best way to insert Roman Numerals in MS Word? Are there any techniques present to add them quickly? If you are new and don’t know how to insert Roman Numerals in Word, we got you covered. In this article, we have discussed the top ways to add Roman Numerals in Microsoft Word.

How to Add Roman Numerals in Word Via Formula?

If you are looking for the fastest way to add Roman numerals in Word, then you can do it easily via the Formula method. Most people prefer this method because it is easy and works for all the documents. Do you want to learn how it works? Follow the steps below to add Roman Numerals in Word via Formula.

  • For Example, if you have a number such as 2022, and you don’t know how to express that in Roman Numerals, don’t worry because it is really simple. Click in your document where you want to Add Roman Numerals.
  • Hold on to the Ctrl and press F9; two brace brackets will appear on your screen.
Press ctrl F9
  • Write an = sign and then enter the number, such as 2022. Then put a backslash and a star in the end and type Roman.

                                                 Example: {=2022\*Roman}

Enter roman numerals in word via formula
  • Right Click within the bracket and then choose the update field option from the drop-down menu.
Update field for roman numerals
  • Now it will give you the Roman numeral equivalent of that number.
Add romain numerals in word via formula

If you want to use other techniques, such as Unicodes and number lists, then continue reading the article.

How to Type Roman Numerals in Word Via Unicodes?

As we all know that Roman Numerals have Unicode Equivalent, so all these codes are associated with each Roman character within an alphabet. Below we will provide you with a link to a Unicode Codes table that you can use for Roman numerals in your document. Remember that this table is important if you want to use Unicodes, so we suggest first exploring the link, and then you can follow the steps discussed below.

Unicode Codes Table Link: https://symbl.cc/en/collections/roman-numerals/ 

Once you have checked the link now, let us show you how to convert Unicode into Roman Numerals.

  • Open your MS word Document and then enter a Unicode. For Example, we will enter 216B.
Enter 216b in word
  • Now select the code and press Alt + X.
Press alt x for 216b
  • Within seconds your Unicode will convert into Roman Numerals.

That’s it! This is how you can quickly insert Roman numerals in your MS Word using the Unicodes.

How to Get Roman Numerals on Word Via Number Lists?

The best part of MS Word is that it provides a number list through which users can list their content. These lists are available in Numbers, Uppercase Alphabets, Lowercase Alphabets, Uppercase Roman Numerals, and Lowercase Roman Numerals.

Follow the instructions below to get your document list in Roman Numerals via Number List.

  • First, create a list on MS Word and select that list.
Enter list in Word
  • Now select the Home Tap and then click on the Numbering option.
Select numbering option in word
  • A drop-down menu will appear on your screen; select the uppercase Roman numeral if you want to number your list in Capital Roman numerals, or choose the lowercase Roman numeral option if you want your list in small Roman letters.
Select the uppercase roman numeral in word

That’s it. With the help of this method, you can quickly get Roman Numerals via Number lists.

How to Insert Roman Numerals Page Numbers in Word?

The great news is that you can also convert your page number into Roman Numerals in MS Word. If you want to present your document in a unique way, then we will recommend you use Roman Numerals as your page number. These Numerals will give a unique and impressive look to your content.

Here are the steps to insert Roman Numerals Page Numbers on your MS Word Document.

  • Open the MS Word on your Computer and then double click on the Footer to open Header and Footer Tab.
Double click on the footer to open header and footer tab
  • Choose the Page Number button and then choose the Format Page Number option from the drop-down menu.
Format page number option from the drop doen menu
  • Select the down arrow option in front of Number Format and then choose the Roman Numerals from the drop-down menu.
Choose the roman numerals from the drop down menu
  •  In the end, click on the OK button to save the changes, and you are good to go.

Now all your page numbers will automatically convert into Roman Numerals. In case you want to convert the page number back to default, then you can follow the same steps, but instead of Roman Numerals, click on the Number option to change the page number back to normal.

In The End

That’s it, folks. This blog has mentioned all the available methods to insert Roman Numerals in MS Word. All the ways discussed above are so simple that even a newbie can perform these steps without professional help. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with different types of unicodes, we have mentioned the table link from where you can learn more about them.

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