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How to Select All in Google Docs?

When you need to change something in your Google Doc document, selecting the whole document manually can be difficult. That's why in this article, we will show you a quick method for how to select all in Google Docs so you can make the changes in one go.
how to select all in google docs

We all know that Google Docs is one of the most used platforms available online when it comes to working with documents. This platform is very easy to use and offers countless features.

That makes it the best choice for personal and professional use. This platform offers a feature called Selecting All, which helps quickly make changes in the entire document. This guide will teach you how to select All in Google Docs.

How to Select All on Google Docs?

In Google Docs, it is sometimes very difficult to manually select and customize everything. To make it easier for its users, Google Docs has provided a “Select All” feature through which you can make changes to your document at once. Here are all methods through which you can select all in the document, Text, Images, Video, Link, and more.

Method 1: By using Insert Tab

In this method, we will use the Edit tab on the Google Doc menu bar to select all the content in your Google Doc Document, such as images, Text, documents, and more.

  • Firstly open the document on Google Docs where you want to apply the Select All feature.
  • Now move your cursor to the menu bar and select the Edit tap. From the drop-down menu, select the Select All option.
Select all in edit in Google Docs
  • Once you have selected the option, all content available on your document will be automatically selected.

Method 2: Using the Mouse to Select All

You can select the entire document, including images, videos, links, etc, via mouse. Follow the below steps to do it.

  • Open a new document in the Google Doc.
  • Now left, click on the starting word of the document, then hold the button and drag it to the last word of the document.
  • Release the Left mouse button, and you will see that all the content available on your document is selected.

Method 3: Shortcut Key

Now we will use a Shortcut Key to select all the content on your document, including text, Videos, Images, and more.

Here is how to do it.

  • Open a document on your Google Doc where you need to apply the Select All function.
  • Now press Ctrl + A to select all the content available within your document.

These are the three different methods to select all the content on your document. You can use these methods on Google Docs and MS Word.  

How to Select All Periods in Google Docs?

It is important to select all periods in Google Docs for many reasons, such as if you forget any period, it will change the structure of your sentences. Also, putting a period at the end of your sentence is important to make your document look professional and organized.

Here are the steps to select all the periods in Google Docs.

  • Open the docs on Google Docs and press Ctrl + F to open the Find search box.
  • Now type period in the Find Search Box.
  • All the periods available in your document will now be selected and highlighted in Green.
Select all periods in Google Docs

How to Select All Footnotes in Google Docs?

You can select the entire document by pressing Ctrl + A, except for headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes. But don’t worry because, in this section, we will show you an easy way to select all Footnotes in Google Docs.

  • Click anywhere inside the Footnotes available in Google Docs.
Click footnotes avaliable in Google Docs
  • Now Move to the menu bar and click on the Edit option.
  • Choose the Select All option to select all the footnotes available in your document.

How to Select All Documents in Google Docs?

If you want to select multiple documents in Google Docs, there are various ways to do it. But we will be using the ctrl method, which is the simple and the most used process. If you are on Windows, follow the steps below to select all documents in your Google Docs.

  • Go to the Google Drive website and click the List View option. This option will help you select the documents easily.
  • Now, select the first document and press  Ctrl, and left-click at the same time.
  • Start clicking on the documents and make sure you are holding the ctrl key.
Select all documents in Google Docs
  • That’s it! You can select multiple documents in your Google Docs.

How to Select All Images in Google Docs?

Selecting all images in Google Docs can be tricky and complicated. The reason is simple you first have to move all images into the drawing canvas, and after that, you can select them. Below we have mentioned some steps which you can follow to select all images in Google Docs.

  • Open your Google Docs and go to the Insert option.  From there, choose “Drawing” and click the New button.
drawing in Google Docs
  • It will open a new box, so choose the Image icon and start uploading the images.
Choose the image icon in drawing in Google Docs
  • You can drag the image or click the Choose an Image to Upload button to add the image to your Google Docs.
Upload image in drawing in Google Docs
  • Once you have added the images to the canvas, you can press the ctrl key and choose all the images available in that Drawing canvas.
Press ctrl to select images in drawing in Google Docs

How to Select All Matching Text in Google Docs?

If you ever need to fix any spelling mistake in your document, then there is an easy way to do it. In Google Docs, you can select all matching Text and correct all your spelling mistakes in no time.

Here is how to do it.

  • Open the Document in your Google Docs.
  • Choose any word from the document and then right-click on that word.
  • Now click the Select all matching text option in the drop-down menu.
Select all matching text option in Google Docs

All the Text with the same spellings will automatically be selected. After learning to select all matching texts in Google Docs, you can now do much more with this tool quite easily, like replacing texts and formatting changes.

Final Words

This guide has explained how to select all in Google Docs. With this option, you can select your entire data and make all the changes at the same time. Moreover, with the Select All option, you can choose videos, images, links, and much more.

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