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Technical Manual: A Complete Guide With Definition, Types, Steps, and Tips

There are a lot of questions that arise in mind about the technical manual. But don't worry; here is a complete guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the technical manual.

Not a lot of people are well aware of the technical manual. That’s why they automatically imagine a giant code sheet and numbers when they hear the name technical manual. However, there is much more to the technical manual. This article will give you the most authentic information about the technical manual, along with those types, steps, and tips, so you can clearly understand this topic.

Technical manual
Technical manual

What is the Meaning of the Technical Manual?

A technical manual is a document that answers the “How to?” question about any technical equipment, software, procedure, and service.

technical manuals are product-related knowledge and data that give the following information.

  • Components of the product?
  • How to install the product?
  • What are the steps for product execution?
  • How to do maintenance for long-term effectiveness?
  • How do we solve technical issues during use?
  • What are specific instructions for use?

What are the Different Types of technical manuals?

Technical manuals have different types depending upon the target of the product. Here are some main types that will further clarify the tech manual.

1-User guide: 

These are written to explain the process of using software or hardware. It also includes the key issues and how to resolve them.

2-Product manuals: 

These manuals cover a detailed description of the product, including its features, indications, contraindications, and how to install, use and maintain the product.

3-Release notes

These manuals are released with the product launched. These include information about the new technical issues and their solution and updates available to keep the user updated.

Why is Technical Manual Important?

A manual is of great importance, as it holds the power to enlighten the audience about the product. A badly written manual will not show good results, and the audience will not bother to get your product. However, when it’s clear and targets the audience’s pain points. The chances of the audience getting interested become much higher. Nevertheless, technical manuals are important in many described below:

1. Know products completely before purchasing

Research on Americans regarding technical manuals showed a lot of facts and stats. That states that more than 60% of people rely on technical manuals before purchasing a product, especially manuals available on websites and different online platforms.

And shockingly, almost half of the people easily find the answers to most of their questions. Moreover, thanks to the advancement of science and technology, people heavily rely on technical manuals that are available online. Thus, it’s a huge responsibility to provide customers with the best for them. So they can benefit from it.

2. Improves customers retention

The key to making users stay with a product is the technical manual. However, the manual must be easy to read and easy to understand. It’s because it’s hard for a user to understand another person’s point of view without any of these. Some studies are conducted to understand this topic better, especially how small changes can increase the user experience.

One study shows that almost half of the people like to go through the technical manuals before buying any product. Thus, those who want to attract more clients and customers. They should focus more on improving the tech manual. It should be well researched and include all the important aspects that a client must know. Also, making it visually pleasing can add up to the user experience.

3. Boosts bottom line sale

Your work is not only to launch a product but also to explain it to people. Tell people more about the story and get them interested in your product. You have to write an amazing technical manual that automatically makes the customer buy the product.

A good technical manual not only explains the product features but also understands the user’s pain regarding the product. It includes questions and answers that help increase the experience of the user and should start with specifications and basic instructions about the product.

Moreover, the pros and cons of the product are also important as it makes purchasing the product much easier for the client. These pieces of information need a lot of attention because they will play a huge role in your client’s decision-making. And all these instructions, pros, cons, and other detailed information regarding the product are known as the technical manual.

Boost sales with technical manual
Boost sales with technical manual

How Do You Write a Technical Manual?

With the help of manual technology, effective strategies are applied both for the customer and business benefits. Consider the following steps while writing an interesting, interactive, and attractive technical manual.

  • Understand your audience: Know what are your audiences and what they want to get from the technical manual.
  • Your expectation: What is your purpose for writing this technical manual? It will decide what contents you will need to be included in this file and how you structure it.
  • Gather materials: You need to ask your product managers, developers, or testers to help you prepare all information as they are those who understand the products mostly.
  • Create an outline. List the structure of this manual. And it can help you understand how you can arrange the materials you collected.
  • Write the whole manual. Now, you can write the content. You should focus on how you can benefit the customers with this manual. Moreover, no one like reading boring content. It is very essential for you to make it interesting with some emojis, images, videos, and more.
  • Review, review, and review. Getting suggestions and feedback from your team members to make it free from error is an inevitable step. A professional technical manual can convince your target customers that your products are professional.
  • Keep updating. Your products will update continuously. Do not forget to keep it coordinated with your latest version product.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can make a perfect technical manual.

Tips to Write a Good technical manual

Now that you are aware of the importance of a technical manual, you might wonder what the right way to write a technical manual is. That will not only attract customers but also show results. Through a compelling technical manual, customers will be interested in your products.

Follow these tips to write a successful and good technical manual.

Focus On Useful Information

Write some specifications such as the product’s weight, dimensions, and color. Add a small description of the product so the reader can fully understand the product. Don’t forget to add useful information about the key features of your product, especially things that make your product different from other products in the market.

Don’t beat around the bush, saying unrelated things about the product. Instead, be specific about the product and focus on how it benefits the clients.

Add Videos and Images

Add attractive images with small keywords written on the image. You can also use videos if they are necessary. It will further add to the clarity of the product.

Use the Language Customers Understand

Understanding your target audience is extremely important. Check for what languages your target audience understands. And use them in your product manual so the customer can connect to the product in a better way.

Brand Identity

Branding of a company is of extreme importance, and never neglect it. Make sure to create creative slogans and logos for the company. Add them to the manual, so your product’s branding will improve.

Use Simple Words

One of the most common mistakes in the technical manual is, using extremely tough words and a business tone. Your manual should connect to the audience; that’s why you should use simple words that are easy to understand for everyone. So that audience doesn’t have to check the dictionary for every word mentioned.

Get Feedback and Update

Always ask for feedback from your client. This might look like a hard pill to swallow at first. But, as time goes by, with the help of feedback, you can understand the client’s problems. Thus, you can solve them one by one through the technical manual.

Final Thoughts

The technical manual is a useful piece of information designed for customer care. It works for the company’s growth and proves valuable insight for its progress. Moreover, a minimal and distraction-free manual prevents the user from mess and confusion and enhances confidence in the company.

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