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How to Know if Someone is on a WhatsApp Call?With/Without Calling (5 Methods)

How to know if someone is on a WhatsApp call? This guide shares effective ways to know this with and without letting them know.
how to know if someone is on a whatsapp call

There can be multiple scenarios where you want to figure out how to know if someone is on a WhatsApp call. For example, parents want to ensure that their kids are not on an unnecessary WhatsApp call with someone. Similarly, you may need to track your partner to check if they are on a call with someone else using WhatsApp. No matter what the use case is, there are multiple methods that you can follow.

Some of these methods involve letting the other person know that you are checking their status, while some don’t. In this guide, we will discuss all the methods and details that you need to know.

Part 1. How to Know Someone Is on WhatsApp Call Without Calling? (4 Effective Ways)

First, let’s discuss the methods for how to know someone is on WhatsApp call without calling them. These methods are effective when you are unsure if the other person is busy in a meeting or urgent call, etc.

While you can still text them to ask, using these methods will ensure that you are not evading their privacy and peace.

Way 1. Ask The Person

Say that you want to call someone, but you want to ensure that they are not already on another call. The best way to know is by texting them. You can ask them whether they are busy on WhatsApp call or not over WhatsApp text or use any other texting message app to ask.

Now, if they reply to you, then you will know their WhatsApp calling status. The good thing about using this method is showing respect towards that person.

It shows that you respect their privacy, peace, and private space. However, the bad side of using this method is that the other person can lie to you. Since you are not checking by calling them over WhatsApp, you will never actually know if they are speaking the truth or not.

Way 2. Ask The one Who is calling or staying With the Person

There are two scenarios. The first one is that in some cases, you know who they call in their leisure time. So, to check if they are on a call or not, you may ask the other person. You may call or message that person on WhatsApp or any other medium of communication. The good part is that the other person may not lie to you if they are unaware of the situation.

Additionally, the one that you are asking about may not know that you asked unless the other person tells them. However, the lack of transparency of this method is a major downside. It is because if they are not on a call with the person you asked, they may be on call with someone else on WhatsApp.

The second scenario is that you know who the person is with now. For instance, the person may be at home with their family. If you know the person’s family members, you can ask one of the family members whether the person is on WhatsApp calling or not. Same as the first scenario, the person you ask may not lie to you but in most cases, they will tell the person about this.

Way 3. Guess By Checking the Status

If you do not want to risk letting the person know that you are checking his or her status, then you can check their status and make your guess about their WhatsApp call status. When you open their chat, their status shows online, which is a clear indication that they are active on WhatsApp.

However, it does not tell about their calling status, but it is a clear sign that they are talking to someone even if they are not on a call. The positive side of this method is that you can know without the person knowing while the downside is that you don’t get an exact answer about whether they are calling over WhatsApp.

Way 4. Using a Third-Party Tool (Not Recommended)

The last method to check if they are on a call with someone or not is by using a third-party tool. The tool that we will be using here is KidsGuard for WhatsApp.

It comes from ClevGuard, which is a complete platform for tracking the online activity of a device, and it is a perfect choice for parents who are worried about their kids. However, this method is not recommended since it requires access to their device and causes privacy concerns.

However, if you are a parent worried about your kid and want to ensure that they are not on a call with some unknown person, then you can use this method.

On the positive side, you will have complete information about who your kids are calling and how long the calls last. Before you start, you must go to their website and purchase the plan that you are willing to use.

Step 1: Open the KidsGuard website on your kid’s phone and click “Monitor Now,” then buy the plan you want. Now, you can download KidsGuard from the “My Products” page and install it on your device.

download kidsguard

Step 2: Click “Verify Setup” after installation is complete, and now you may use the web portal to check the WhatsApp call status.

check whatsapp call status on kidsguard

Part 2. How to Know Someone is Busy on WhatsApp Call with Calling? (Step by Step)

This method works on some versions and does not work on all versions due to OS version differences.

On the positive side, you get an exact idea if the other person is on a call with someone else or not. However, the downside is that they may get a notification that you called them.

Here is a detailed guide to use it.

Steps: Open WhatsApp chat with that person and tap the “Call” button. If they are on a call with someone else, then your screen will show you a message about their status, and your call will fail immediately.

on another whatsapp call

Sometimes, the person may get a call over their current call. In this option, your WhatsApp call will show “Calling” status instead of “Ringing.” If they get this notification, it also means that the person is on a WhatsApp call.

Part 3. FAQS Related to How to Know If Someone is Talking on WhatsApp Call

Q1. Does It Show Online When on WhatsApp Calls?

You can still have your online status even if you are on a WhatsApp call. On WhatsApp, you are shown to be ‘online’ when actively using the app whether you are messaging or calling. But it doesn’t clarify if you are texting or calling.

Q2. What Happens If You Are on WhatsApp Call Someone Calls?

If you are on a WhatsApp call and someone else calls you, the incoming new call won’t interrupt your current ongoing one. So, the caller will get a busy tone and will know that you are on another phone call. Sometimes, you will get the notification that another person is calling you, and they will only see the Calling status but not the Ringing.

Q3. On WhatsApp, Do Users Receive a Missed Call if You Call While They’re on Another Call?

Yes. When they finish the current call, they will find the missed call from you.

Q4. Can WhatsApp Calls be Tracked?

WhatsApp calls, like their other services, are also protected by end-to-end encryption. These conversations leave little room for tracking by third parties. This encryption ensures that only the originator and recipient can read what is contained in such communication. However, if a parent sets a tracking system on their kid’s phone, then those calls can be tracked.

Q5. Does Truecaller Show if Someone Is on WhatsApp Call?

Truecaller is an app that helps identify unknown callers and block nuisance calls. It does not notify if a person is on a WhatsApp call.

Q6. How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp Call?

Any attempt to make a call will be unsuccessful when you are blocked. The call will not go through, and it looks like the phone is ringing. Yet this is not a clear sign of blockage; it could also be due to network problems or the receiver’s cell phone being turned off.

Final Words

Hopefully, all the methods discussed in this guide have taught you how to know if someone is on a WhatsApp call. The methods here will be your perfect choice if you want to track your kids’ online activity or want to know the loyalty of your partner. Whichever method you choose, remember to respect the privacy of another person.

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