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Craft Vs Notion: Which One is My Favorite?

Are you struggling to choose the correct tool from the Craft vs Notion battle? Check out my following true Craft vs Notion comparison after using them. Then, you are sure to know which one is better for you.
craft vs notion

Being a professional writer, I often have to take notes to brainstorm new ideas and document my innovative thoughts. For this purpose, I rely on leading note-taking apps like Craft and Notion.

Although both these tools are really helpful, I usually prefer Craft because it is more user-friendly than Notion and has amazing document creation tools. Let’s compare Craft vs Notion below to find out the best note-taking app for you.

Craft Vs Notion: What Are They? 

What is Craft?

Craft is a cloud-based note-taking platform that allows me to create documents the way I like. I use this platform to customize my documents by adding personal touches and combining media, images, text, or similar elements.

Since I started using Craft, I observed a significant improvement in clients’ satisfaction and started receiving positive responses. The platform gives me the freedom to write engaging reports, organize my workflow, and create beautiful documents that inspire the readers.

craft vs notion: What is Craft?

Craft is equipped with a powerful and ingeniously rich feature set. Some of these features are given below:

  • Structure and Design

The structure and workflow are very understandable. You can create one folder to categorize your documents. And you can create documents, notes, and folders in each folder. To help you navigate the different types of files you need, it will sort each file you create into these three types automatically. What I like most is that it will display each file with one card with some information in the file.

Craft structure

And when you open one file to customize, you can open the right side menu to quickly choose the styles you need. Here, you can insert elements you need, change the text style, customize the page style, check the page info, and make some actions.

  • Note-taking/Document Creation

Craft makes document creation as easy as you like. Its powerful note-taking feature offers several formatting options and the ability to take rich notes with lists, text styles, decorations, colors, indent, alignment, fonts, text formats, date and time, insert table, and more. It also offers templates for personal use, students, teams, meetings, etc to create the desired documents without effort.

Craft taking notes
  • Wiki

Craft gives its users the ability to link one page to another and create wiki documents. I often use Craft to link multiple pages of my documents or create different links within the same page. This way, Craft allows me to build a team wiki, store pictures, text files, and videos, and make page previews more attractive through cards. 

  • Document Sharing

Sharing documents had never been as easy as it is with Craft, which allows me to share my content with all team members and get real-time feedback for perfection. The platform supports protecting your documents with password, setting expiration dates, adding permission, and more advanced features. We can also share documents with external guests and clients with this feature.

Share documents in Craft
  • Native App Experience

Another amazing feature that makes Craft a leading note-taking platform is cross-functionality, which allows me to access this app on multiple devices and operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Web. It also works offline and allows me to instantly sync my documents anytime, anywhere. But one part needed to get improved is that it does not have an Android version.

Craft apps
  • Documents Export

We can write, edit and export documents from Craft to our desired format including PDF, and MS Word. This feature enables us to work across different types of documents and meet the diverse content marketing needs of our valued customers.

Export documents

What is Notion?

Notion is a simple, user-friendly, and affordable team collaboration tool built for smart teams. It’s not just a simple note-taking platform, rather, I call it an enhanced online workspace where I can create notes, databases, and wikis, all from a single dashboard.

Notion allows me to organize my content freely and effectively manage different database components. I can take notes to brainstorm ideas and customize my dashboard to build the workflow I like. Besides, the platform has built-in collaboration tools that offer document-sharing functionality and comments at our workplace.

What is Notion?

Let’s explore the key features of Notion:

1. Note-taking/Document

I enjoy distraction-free writing with Notion’s clear page and the drag-and-drop feature. The platform allows me to type uninterruptedly, stay focused, and add different types of content to my documents. Besides, Notion can also keep my confidential notes private, which is amazing!

Takes notes in Notion

2. Project Management

Notion makes it easy for us to track project activities and meet a short deadline without compromising on quality. The platform offers six unique database views including the timeline, table, board, list, calendar, and gallery. We can structure our information in databases and organize, filter, tag, and categorize our data to get the work done.

Notion project management

3. Team Collaboration

Notion allows team members to share files and resources with ease and share real-time feedback for continuous improvement. We can discuss project progress, brainstorm new ideas, and share valuable tips in the comment section.

Share file in Notion

4. Wikis

Before using Notion, I had to struggle to find dispersed information about clients, projects, and my team members. Notion solved this problem by allowing me to centralize the most important information in wikis that are easily accessible and collaboration-ready.

5. Templates

Notion’s Template offers a wide range of standout templates made by professional designers from the global community. These templates enable our team to organize our project tasks and use effective workflows to get the desired results.

Notion templates

6. Create Pages

Apart from centralizing diverse types of content in Wikis, Notion also enables its users to create public pages and share information with others. These pages can be duplicated, published, or added to the personalized workspace.

Craft Vs Notion: Whose Features Do I Prefer? 

Both Craft and Notion are amazing note-taking and writing platforms with powerful document management features. I have used both these apps for years and would like to share my honest feedback on their features.

In fact, Craft and Notion have no big differences in note-taking and document-creating features. But I prefer Craft because It is easy to create and view notes with a clear design and work structure. On the other hand, Craft has some text formatting that Notion lacks, like clearing formatting with a click, indecent, text alignment, etc. Similarly, building a team wiki with Craft is much easier than Notion. Thanks to the stunning card builder feature of Craft that allows us to make our page previews more attractive by customizing colorful cards with different backgrounds, dimensions, and fonts. Notion lacks this option.

Hence, Craft has always been my preferred choice whenever it comes to Craft.do vs Notion.

Craft Vs Notion: Whose Price Meets My Budget

I am using the free version and it is enough for me to use. In case you need more advanced features, see below the Craft docs vs Notion price comparison to choose an app that meets your budget:

 Personal/FreePersonal ProTeam/BusinessEnterprise

From the above table, it is evident that Notion is a little more cost-efficient than Craft. But the price has no very big difference between each other.

Notion Vs Craft: Which One is More Convenient?

When it comes to ease of use, I think Craft wins the race in several aspects.

First, Craft has a clean and intuitive interface with a user-friendly dashboard. Even beginners with limited knowledge can master Crafts functionalities by playing around with the tool for a few minutes.

Secondly, Craft helps you display all settings on the left, top and right sides. It is easy to find the settings you need. But Notion can only design its texts via typing the ¨/¨ command and it takes time to find the one you need with a long list.

If you want to know which one is more accessible, I have to say it is Notion.

Notion supports multiple platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and the web. On the other hand, Craft supports all these platforms except Android making this tool inaccessible for millions of Android users.

Craft App Vs Notion: My Decision

In the above Craft vs Notion comparison, we explored various functionalities of these amazing note-taking platforms and analyze their features. I am sure you will find Notion and Craft have their own advantages.

However, based on my personal experience using both tools as well as this comparison, I’d say Craft is ideal for solo writers like me who need advanced document management features and are using Apple devices. I find it easy to produce one desired note and document with great card views. Hence, I’d prefer Craft to Notion for note-taking and document creation.

But if you are an Android user who is willing to take the time to learn to design your own note-taking and need to buy the tool, I recommend you to try Notion as it is very powerful in customization and a little cheaper than Craft.

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