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How to Duplicate Notion Page? (Step By Step)

Did you get inspired by someone’s notion page structure they shared with you over Notion? Here’s how you can duplicate notion page of the same structure with just a single click.
Duplicate Notion Page

Whether you have come across a Notion page with an inspiring structure or need to duplicate Notion page with the same structure, duplicating it can save you from the excruciating pain of the copy-pasting process.

When working in Notion, you can recreate a Notion page with the same structure with just a click of a button. Notion has a handy and time-saving feature called Duplicate, which works pretty well as intended. If you’re looking for how to duplicate a page in notion, here’s the complete step-by-step guide.

How to Duplicate Your Own Page in Notion?

There are different ways of duplicating the Notion page based on the page’s accessibility.  For instance, if you’re working on a Notion page of your own and feel the need to copy its structure or the entire contents of it, you can simply do it by clicking on the duplicate button. Here are the steps to duplicate Notion page of your own.

  • Launch the notion on the browser or desktop app, and login into your account.
  • Navigate to your sidebar, and locate the Notion page you want to duplicate.
  • Once found the desired Notion page, click on the three dots next to the page name and select the duplicate option.
  • The duplicate version of the selected page will be created, including the sub-pages if they exist, and it’ll appear in the sidebar.
How to Duplicate Notion Page

How to Duplicate A Shared Notion Page?

Notion allows you to share the Notion page with anyone via the invitation feature or by generating the public link, making it easier to collaborate and share work with the team.

However, when it comes to duplicating a shared notion page, if the author has turned on the duplicate toggle for the shared page, you can easily do it by opening up the page and clicking on the duplicate option in the top right corner of the page. If you want to duplicate the shared notion page with the duplicate option disabled, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Notion and navigate to the shared page you want to create a duplicate.
  2. Copy the link of the shared page, and paste it into your notion workspace.
  3. Select the link to this page option when pasting the shared page link.
  4. Next, select the link of the shared page by highlighting it and pressing the following keys to duplicate it.

For Windows: Ctrl + D

For Mac: Command + D

How Does Notion Copy Page to Another Workspace?

If you want to move a page to another workspace, there are different ways of doing it. Here are the four methods using you can copy the notion page to another workspace:

Way 1. Using Duplicate To

If you have got invited to the notion page from another account and want to move it to your workspace, you can do it using the Duplicate to option. The shared Notion page will appear in the left sidebar’s shared section.

Here are the steps to copy the page to another workspace using the duplicate:

  • Navigate to your notion account, and locate the shared section.
  • Click on the three-dot menu on the page, and select “Duplicate To” to create a clone copy of it in your workspace.
  • Once you perform these steps, a selected page will be moved to your workspace with the same name.
Duplicate to in Notion

Way 2. Using Move To

The Move To command can work pretty well if you have multiple workspaces on your Notion account and want to move notions pages to another workspace. How does it work? It’ll move the selected Notion page from one workspace to another workspace. Once you move it, it’ll disappear from the first workspace and move to another.

Here’s how to move the Notion page to another workspace:

  • Navigate to your Notion account.
  • Click on the three-dot menu from the left sidebar and select the Move To option.
  • Next, select the workspaces to where you want to move them. Normally a list of the available workspace pops up. However, you can also search them using the search bar in the Move To menu.
Move to in Notion

Way 3. Using Copy and Paste

The “Move To” feature of Notion helps move the Notion page to another page and works just like cut-paste. However, if you don’t want the notion page to disappear from the source workspace, then copy and paste is the best option. With a copy-and-paste feature, you can copy the Notion page and paste it into another workspace.

Here are the steps to copy the Notion page to another workspace:

  • Go to your Notion workspace, and open the Notion page from where you want to copy the contents.
  • Press the following commands to copy the notion to another workspace:

For Windows: Press Ctrl + A to select all the contents, then press Ctrl + C to copy it.

For Mac: Press Cmd + A twice. Pressing it once will select all the contents, and pressing it twice will copy them.

  • Once you have copied the Notion page, open up your other workspace, and paste it.

Why Can’t I Duplicate A Notion Page?

Duplicating a Notion page is a seamless process, and you should be able to do it with a couple of clicks if you follow the steps correctly. However, if you’re facing any errors or it’s taking too long to create a duplicate Notion page, it’s not because you’re a newbie. Here are the reasons why you couldn’t duplicate a Notion page and what’s the way out.

Reason 1: Network Does Not Work Well

If you’re copying, moving, or duplicating anything from one notion workspace to another, your device should be connected to a stable internet connection. If you’re facing any error or duplicating option is taking too long, it can be due to the slow internet connection. Try switching your internet connection and see if the problem is resolved.

Reason 2:  Device Problem

Duplicating a page notion would work more efficiently on a web and desktop version of the notion. If you’re trying it on your phone and facing any errors, try switching to a different device, such as a PC or Mac.

Reason 3: Notion Bugs

As there’s always room for improvement, there can also be bugs and glitches. The Notion can sometimes get buggy, taking ages for the duplicate feature to work. The best solution in this situation is installing the updates using a desktop or phone application of Notion.

However, if you’re facing the issue on the web browser, then we can anticipate the issue from the Notion’s end. Give it some time until they resolve it.

Final Words

Duplicate is a useful feature of the Notion that allows you to quickly move any page to your workspace at a convenience of a click. We shared the ultimate methods and step-by-step guide on duplicating the Notion page in this guide. We also discussed how to resolve if the duplicate option isn’t working. Hope this guide works for you.

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