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Google Keep Vs Apple Notes: Which Is Right for You? (2022)

Google Keep is available for both IOS and Android users, while Apple notes is only available for IOS users. If you are looking for which notes making app works better, then read this Google keep vs Apple notes comparison to decide for yourself.
google keep vs apple notes

With so much going on in our daily life, we all need a note-making app on our devices on which we can write down all our daily tasks or raw thoughts. If you are looking for the notes keeping app, you might know that Android and IOS devices offer note-making apps known as Google Keep and Apple Notes.

Google Keep is a note making developed by Google. Its main feature is to create notes, and it also offers other features like adding labels and a reminder to the notes. Apple Notes, on the other hand, is a note-making app provided by Apple. It offers many fantastic and robust features, which has made it a popular note-making app among IOS users.

One of the significant differences between both Google Keep and Apple Notes is that Google Keep is available for both Android and IOS users, but Apple Notes is available only for IOS users. But the real thing is which one is better for you? Don’t worry. This comparison of Google Keep vs Apple Notes will help you to decide.

Is Apple Notes better than Google Keep?

If you are an IOS user, you would be looking for the answer to the question Is Apple Notes better than Google keep? This thorough comparison of Apple Notes vs Google Keep will get you the solution to your question.


One big difference between Apple Notes and Google Keep is their accessibility. Apple Notes is accessible only on IOS devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macbooks. At the same time, Google Keep is available for both IOS and Android devices and desktops.

 Easy to Use

Both Google Keep and Apple Notes offer a user-friendly interface, but there is a significant difference when it comes to viewing the notes. Apple Notes offers the notes view in the list form, but Google Keep provides the preview of the notes in two forms – Grid and list form. The two preview options make Google Keep easier to use.

Creating Notes

You can create notes on Google keep, and the apps have several options for making and customizing notes. For example, you can add an image to the notes, record your voice in the notes and also draw in them. You can also create notes in the To-do-list form if you want to use the app to remember the daily tasks.

Apple Notes is more potent than Google Keep when creating notes because it offers far more advanced tools than Google Keep. The tools allow adding titles and headings to the notes, attaching images and videos, and drawing in the notes. Moreover, Apple notes also allows more formatting options than Google keeps. One feature that many IOS users don’t know is that you can add notes by using SIRI.  

Managing Notes

Apple Notes allows users to make notes and then add a label which helps in managing notes. You can create sub-notes under this feature, but the sub-notes feature is available only for Macbooks. You can also add a color code to the notes.

On the other hand, Google Keep also allows users to add a label and color to the notes. But Google Keep doesn’t offer the sub-notes feature which Apple Notes offer in the Macbook.

Apple notes are more powerful when it comes to managing notes because it offers the sub-notes feature.

Finding Notes

When finding notes, both Google Keep, and apple notes are winners. You can click on the search bar on both apps and search the notes based on the label, and you will find the notes right away.

Sharing Notes

You can share the notes made on Google keep with other users through email, WhatsApp or any other app. Users can also give view and edit access to the users.

Google Keep is more powerful when sharing notes because Apple notes only offer view options when you share the Apple notes with other users.


Google Keep is free to use, and there is no premium plan for Google Keep. However, the overall storage limit for the google account as a whole, including Google Keep, is 15GB. You can buy more space if you want for the google account. The price for the 100GB storage is $1,99 per month.

Apple Notes, on the other hand, offer two options:

  • Free to Use, but the limitation is iCloud storage. You can add the Notes within the 5GB iCloud storage.
  • If your iCloud storage is already crammed, you can buy the iCloud storage of 50GB at a price of $0.99 per month.

So, the above pricing shows that the storage pricing is almost the same for Google Keep and Apple Notes.

Customer Rating

Here are the customer ratings for Google Keep:

Get App4.7
Trust Radius4.4

Here are the customer ratings for the Apple Notes:

Get App4.6
Trust Radius4.3

The customer rating of Google Keep is 4.5, while that of Apple Notes is 4.4, making Google Keep more satisfactory among customers.

Is Apple Notes better than Google Keep?

The above comparison has shown that both Apple Notes and Google Keep are powerful options, but Apple Notes is far ahead of Google Keep in some features. If you are an IOS user, go with Apple notes.

This is because you will have access to more advanced features when using Apple Notes, for example:

  • If you are using Apple Notes on Macbook or Web, you can create sub-notes within notes.
  • You will have access to advanced customizing tools such as adding titles and heading to the notes.
  • You can also make Notes through Siri, while Google Notes doesn’t support this feature.

Apple Notes Vs Google Keep: Final Words

So that’s all about the Google Keep vs Apple Notes. Comparing these two software suggests that Apple Notes and Google Keep both tools are great for notes and task management but there are significant differences between them.

Google Keep allows more accessibility and sharing options and is the most acceptable option if you want to collaborate with others. On the other hand, Apple Notes is the perfect tool if you are looking for a notes-making app only for yourself, as it is more advanced than Google notes. We hope our article has helped you to decide on the best note-taking app for you!


Does Apple Notes have something similar to Google Keep?

Yes, Apple notes have many features similar to Google Keep. For example, both Google Keep and Apple notes offer notes and a To-do-list feature, and you can search the notes in a similar way on both apps.

What is the difference between Google Keep and Apple notes?

There are two significant differences between Google Keep and Apple Notes that are listed below:

  • Google Keep can be accessed by both IOS and Android users, but Apple Notes can be accessed only on the IOS devices such as iPad, iPhones, and Macbooks.
  • Apple Notes offer more advanced note-creation feature than Google Keep, such as more customization options and making notes using Siri.

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