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Google Keep Vs OneNote: Side-by-Side Comparison

Google Keep and OneNote are two popular note taking apps. In this blog, we'll make a comparison of Google Keep vs OneNote to help you pick up the one that meets your needs.
google keep vs onenote

Ever thought of creating a grocery list for a month, listing down “things to do” on weekends, or simply taking notes from a lecture? The first thing that pops up in your head is your favorite note-taking app (whether Google Keep or OneNote).

The internet is flooded with comparisons of Google Keep vs OneNote but to see which note-taking application is more practical, we’re here with a side-by-side comparison for you!

Create and Customize Notes

Creating and customizing notes on both applications is super fun and extremely user-friendly. On both applications, you can create a note with just a one-click and change the background color according to your choice. Google Keep allows users to add a background image from already provided templates that make your note-taking experience quite aesthetic but you cannot do it in OneNote.

The layouts on both applications are easily customizable. You can set them to a Grid or List view on OneNote.  And on Google Keep, you get to set Multi-column view and single-column view.

When it comes to Microsoft OneNote vs Google Keep on Mobile Apps, there’s one dimension where OneNote outperforms Google Keep and that’s font styling. OneNote provides you with text style options like Bold, Italic, Underscore, and Strikethrough.

And when you come to the desktop version of Google Keep and OneNote, you will find OneNote offers more advanced features like recording audio, inserting tables, adding formulas, and more.

OneNote seems to be a better choice for creating and customizing notes.

Organize Notes

Google Keep has multiple features that help users organize their notes quite conveniently. You can pin your most important or favorite notes for easy and quick access. All your pinned notes will be shown on the top of the app window. Moreover, it also provides you an option of labeling your notes so you can find them afterward by exploring a specific label.

OneNote provides an option for creating notebooks which helps in organizing the notes in a more effective manner. You can make a group of your similar notes in a notebook by long pressing the notes and tapping on the Copy to Notebook button from the top.

Find Note

Both note-taking apps provide a seamless experience of finding your notes through a search bar. But there are a couple of differences that one must take into account.

Google Keep has some of the most refined and detailed features when it comes to searching notes. You can filter your search by types, labels, things, note colors, and more.

onenote vs google keep: Find Note in Google Keep

With OneNote, you only get a traditional search bar without any filter to screen out your results.

In either case, you must keep in mind that these search tools don’t work like Google’s search engine. You have to search for the right word (without any error or mistake) to get your desired result.

Share Notes

 Both note-taking programs allow users to invite others as co-author. Inviting others to a note means that you’re allowing them to view, edit, and make changes. Here’s how to add a Collaborator (in Google Keep) or Share with People (in OneNote).

How to Invite Others in Google Keep?

Step 01. Open a Note. Tap on three vertical dots from the bottom.

Step 02. Tap Collaborator.

Step 03. Add the email and tap Save.

Share Notes in Google Keep

How to Invite Others to Microsoft OneNote?

Step 01. On a computer, access OneNote and open a notebook that you want to share.

Step 02. Click on File > Share > Share with People.

Step 03. Enter the co-author’s email and click on Send.

Share Notes in OneNote

Export Notes

OneNote can help users export their notes as PDFs or texts. Contrarily, Google Keep offers an option of copying your notes directly to Google Docs which makes it convenient for users to have a synchronized experience. And if you need to export it as PDF, Docx, Txt, RTF, and more, you can do it easily in Google Docs.

Create To-Do Lists

If you’re planning to create a to-do list, both apps offer amazing features like checklists, widgets, and a bunch of other options that eventually allow a user to maintain track of pending and completed activities.

Google Keep allows you to create a checklist of your to-do lists. Once you complete a task, you can check it and it will go straight into the checked items section.

Create Notes in Google Keep

However, OneNote only checkmarks the completed items.

Create to do lists in OneNote

Both apps offer widgets that are highly compatible with Android and iOS. You can choose to use the preferred size of the widget on your home screen to manage your to-do tasks.

Google Keep’s Widget:

Google Keep Widgets

Microsoft OneNote’s Widget:

Despite both apps offering almost the same features, Google Keep is relatively more compatible for Android devices.

Microsoft OneNote Widget

Special Features

Until now, we have discussed some common features of both apps while comparing Google Keep vs Microsoft OneNote. In this part, we’ll make a comparison of some of the special features that only one app offers and the other doesn’t. This comparison will help you make a better decision while choosing your go-to note-taking application.

Features Only Owned by Google Keep

  • Set Reminders:

Google Keep offers a special feature of setting up a reminder for your notes. You set a reminder within a note and it works just like an alarm. It is a recurring reminder that you can set up either on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You also get an option to save custom settings.

Along with a reminder based on time, Google Keep also provides an option of setting up a reminder based on your location (place).

Google Keep Reminders
  • Google Keep Extension:

Google Keep can be installed as an extension to your browser when you use it on your computer. It helps you take notes and save things quite instantly. Since it is synced with your Google account, the notes you take while browsing the internet get saved into your Google Keep app as well.

Google Keep Extensions

Features Only Owned by OneNote

OneNote offers many special features that cannot be found in Google Keep. But please note all these special features can only be seen in the desktop version.

  • Protect Specific Note:

On your computer, right-click on the notebook section and choose Password Protection. Now, click on Add Password. Set up the password in the Enter Password box. Retype the password in the Confirm Password and press Enter.

  • Translate Notes:

Highlight the text from OneNote and click on the Review tab. Click on Translate > Translate Selected Text.

Translate Notes in OneNote

image source

  • Web Clipper:

OneNote Web Clipper is a browser extension that allows users to clip content and it automatically detects the type of content to capture.

Web Clipper in OneNote

image source

  • Templates:

To work with custom templates, follow these steps.

  • Create a template for your notebook page using desired formatting and text.
  • Click on the Insert tab.
  • Click Page Template.
  • Click Page Template… from the drop-down.
  • Click Save the current page as a template.
  • Register a name for your template and click Save to continue.
  • Ink to Text:

You can convert handwriting into text by using the Ink to Text feature in OneNote. Select the handwriting and click on the Draw tab. Click on the Ink to Text button. You’ll have a string of text on your screen.

  • Ink to Math:

Use the Ink to Math feature in OneNote to generate Math equations by drawing them on screen. Select the Draw tab and draw your Math equation. Using the Lasso Select tool, select the equation and click on the Ink to Math button. You’ll have your Math equation on the screen.

OneNote Vs Google Keep: Which One is Better?

Choosing the best note-taking program is a subjective choice. It all depends on the personal preference of individual users. We’ve listed down their common and unique features in this blog to help you make a better decision.

However, in the battle of Google Keep vs OneNote, we recommend using Google Keep since it has more practical implications when it comes to daily routine usage. Contrarily, Microsoft OneNote offers a wide range of features that are beneficial for large companies and other organizational settings.

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