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How to Center Text in Notion? The Ultimate Guide

Couldn’t center the text in notion? Don’t worry, it’s not that you are missing anything, but in actuality, Notion doesn’t let you do it officially. But it does not mean there is no solution. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to center text in notion.
how to center text in notion

The Notion is a great note-taking app that can instantly bring productivity and ease of management to your professional and personal life. It offers a variety of features that can help you with simple tasks to become your fully-fledged workspace for projects and teamwork.

When it comes to noting down things and working in the Notion workspace, it has an inbuilt text editor that lets you play with the texts as per your wish, such as customizing the fonts, colors, style, and adding headings, etc.

However, among all of these, you might miss a feature to justify your texts. There’s no official way to center text in notion. However, there are different tricks and tweaks using which you can do it. Here’s the complete guide on how to center text in notion with easy steps.

4 Effective Ways to Center Text in Notion

Though the ability to center the text is a simple feature that can instantly flourish your text’s document, Notion doesn’t offer it. However, some tricks and methods still exist to add cleanliness to your text easily. Here are the four ways you can center the text in notion.

Way 1. Adding Spaces Before the Content

One of the easiest and simple tricks to center your text in the notion and in fact, in any text editor is adding space before the content. You can easily center any text in the notion by using this technique. However, it’s a manual method and requires you to be precise when adding spaces, so the text is centered properly with the rest of the document. However, it is worth the effort when you really need to center the text in Notion.

Steps to center your text in notion by adding spaces:

  • Whether you want to center the headings or the simple texts, type it down in the Notion workspace.
  • Move the cursor to the left side of the contents, then start adding spaces to it by pressing the space on the keyword.
  • Add the space until the text is fully centered, and your text will be centered.
center text in notion via typing spaces

Way 2. Using Block Equation

Another way to center your text in notion is by using the block equation. Notion allows you to add mathematical equations using the block equation. You can also use it to center your simple texts, but the font style would be different than normal. Here’s how to center text in notion using block equation:

  • Open your notion workspace, then the page where you want to center the text.
  • Type /equation command and select the block equation, as shown in the screenshot below.
block equation in notion
  • Copy this \Large\textsf{What is it} command and paste it into the equation block.
Copy this \Large\textsf{What is it} command to notion
  • Replace the “What is it” with the text you want to make appear in the center and hit the blue “Done” button to save it.

Way 3. Inserting an Image

If manually centering the text in Notion doesn’t seem a permanent solution to you, there’s another alternative. You can do it by adding the image directly to your Notion. Since Notion supports images, it can work pretty well. All you need to do is type the text in the word document, such as using Google docs or Microsoft word and then take a screenshot of it.

Here are the complete steps on how to center text in a notion using an image:

  • First, create a word document, and type the text you want to be centered in the Notion. Once you’re done typing the text in the word document, press Ctrl+E to center the text.
center text in word
  • Take a screenshot of the texts by pressing the PrintScreen button on the keyboard or using the snipping tool.
  • Open the notion, and press Ctrl+V to paste the image of the text.
Paste the image of text in notion

Way 4. Creating Column

Another way to center your text in Notion is by creating columns. Notion allows you to create multiple columns on a page. The trick to center your text using the columns is first creating the three columns and deleting the content on the left and right. This way, the middle column’s text appears in the center of the page.

Here are the steps to center your notion texts by creating the columns.

  • Launch the Notion and navigate to the workspace where you want to center the text.
  • Create three text blocks and type the text you want to look centered.
  • Now drag the last two text blocks one by one by clicking on the dots on the left side. And, Drop them on the right side of the first block when a blue cursor shows up as shown in the screenshot below.
drag columns in Notion
  • Now, select the text of the left column and right text block and delete it. By doing so, the middle column’s text will look in the center of the text.
delete text on the left and right columns in notion


The notion is one of the top note-taking apps. But, it lacks the feature to center the text, which is useful when working on a text document. However, there are different ways you can center the text in notion. This ultimate guide discusses how to center text in notion.

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