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Top 5 Notion Alternatives for All Users 

Notion is an impressive tool, but for some users, Notion doesn't fulfill their needs and requirements. For this case, they may need Notion alternatives. This guide will provide you with the 5 best Notion alternatives. Read this guide till the end to find out which one is for you.
notion alternatives

Notion is an excellent tool, and the primary purpose of this tool is to improve productivity in your work. It’s a common workspace for your business team to collaborate, share ideas and manage different projects. It is so great that you may find it hard to replace it with others. But sometimes, it may fail to fulfill your requirements as it is not perfect for everyone with any requirements. For this reason, we have provided the best Notion alternatives here based on your roles.

5 Best Notion Competitors

Here is the best alternative to Notion that we will discuss further. All these Apps can improve your work productivity.

Make sure to read them carefully, and then you can choose which one suits you better and fulfills all your requirements.

1. ClickUp – Best Notion Alternative for Project Manager

notion alternative - ClickUp

ClickUp is the top-ranked project management tool that every company, small or large, uses as powerful work and management solution.

This app provides the best customization ability and some excellent features. It helps to manage your workload, monitor project updates and helps collaborate with the teams.

ClickUp has all the powerful features for project management that Notion lacks. So if you are looking for an alternative for a project manager, then ClickUp is your best option.

Furthermore, we will show you why ClickUp is better than Notion.

ClickUp VS Notion:

  • ClickUp is more extensive than Notion: ClickUp includes calendars, screen recording, instant messaging, and many more features that Notion does not offer.
  • ClickUp allows its user to build custom dashboards.
  • This app provides its users with better and more affordable pricing. 
  • The interface of this app is straightforward as compared to Notion.
  • This App has more customization ability as compared to Notion.

Suppose you ask our opinion for a project manager, then ClickUp is a clear winner. This app can be a great option for teams who want a powerful tool to manage their projects.

2. Microsoft OneNote – Best Alternative to Notion for Students and Teachers

OneNote - notion alternative

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking app that students and teachers mostly use. With the help of this app, you can save your data in the form of drawings, images, and text. It is easy for you to take down all your ideas and thoughts here.

OneNote VS Notion:

  • OneNote has a better interface when compared to Notion
  • It supports more note-taking formats such as drawing, clips, and many more.
  • It supports more devices than Notion.
  • It provides more security to files.
  • Prioritize the important notes with tag page features.
  • It is easier to use for new users, on the other hand, Notion is a bit complex.

So it is obvious that OneNote is a better option for teachers and students to store notes and other important data.

3. Craft – Best Alternative to Notion for Writers and Freelancers

Craft - alternative to notion

Craft is a writing tool in which writers and freelancers can write and share articles, making it perfect for bloggers and authors to use this tool with ease. It is also a great tool to collaborate with your team to share your ideas. If you are the author of the article, it will give you complete control over the document and accept the suggested changes from other team members.

Craft VS Notion:

  • It is much easier to use when compared to Notion.
  • A better option for writers and freelancers as compared to Notion
  • Provides better and more affordable pricing as compared to Notion

Craft is the top one in Notion alternatives for writers and freelancers than Notion because this tool has all the abilities that a pro writer wants. So if you are a freelancer, we recommend you choose Craft over Notion.

4. Monday – Best Notion Competitor for Sales

One of notion alternatives - Monday

Monday is a project management and collaboration tool used by many big companies. This tool can manage your work and set your team in the right direction to achieve different goals.

Through this App, you can customize your spreadsheet design to meet the needs of your business. This tool includes many features, such as a dashboard, time tracking, automation, chat, comments, etc.

Monday VS Notion:

  • It supports a dashboard to obtain a high-level view of your sales goals, tasks, and statistics. However, Notion does not support this.
  • It offers automation to help you reduce repetitive work and improve your sales productivity. Notion does not have this feature.
  • Compared with Notion, Monday is much better in collaboration as it has notifications, integration, chat, whiteboard, comments, and more features to help you collaborate with your team members.
  • Offers better pricing than Notion.

Monday is the better option for your company for sales. Because Monday offers you automation features, creates your dashboard for better tracking, and many more features, which help you keep track of your sales and improve work efficiency.

5. Evernote – Best Personal Notion Alternative


If you want an app for personal data management and note-taking, there is no better app than Evernote. This tool allows you to easily store your data because of its straightforward interface.

Evernote VS Notion:

  • Evernote has a better mobile and web interface when compared with Notion.
  • It provides you web clipper browser extension, which Notion lacks.
  • Saves all your online data in one place which you cannot do in Notion.
  • Provides you with a Geolocation option which Notion does not offer.

If you want an alternative for personal note-taking and data management, then try Evernote.


Finding alternatives to replace Notion was quite hard, but we have found the 5 best Notion alternatives in the market. Each tool is the best for a specific purpose. So if you are looking for the best alternative to Notion, read this guide properly to choose the tool that meets your needs and can fulfill all your requirements.

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