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Notion Vs OneNote: Which One is Best Suited for Your Team?

Notion and Onenote are handy in retaining crucial notes, but which works best for you? Read this Notion vs Onenote to choose the note-making app which works best for you!
notion vs onenote

Notion is a note-making app developed in 2013. It has many features to offer, like notes taking, task management, and templates, making it a popular note-making and project-management app among users. It has 20 million users now, and the number of users is increasing daily by virtue of its feature and user-friendly interface.

On the other hand, OneNote is a note-making app developed by Microsoft. It also comprises user-friendly features such as drawing, math solver, and note translation. OneNote can be accessed freely along with the Microsoft account.

So, if both are primarily note-making apps, what’s the difference between the two? This is why you are here. In this article, we will do a thorough Notion Vs OneNote comparison so you know the difference between them and choose the best for yourself.


The Notion can be accessed through the IOS, Android apps, Windows, Mac, and Web, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Onenote, on the other hand, is also accessible on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and the Web.

Winner: So when it comes to Notion Vs Onenote in Accessibility, there is no winner.

Creating and Customizing Notes

When it comes to Microsoft Onenote vs Notion, the first thing to do is to look at how both apps help in note creation and customization. You can create notes on Notion for yourself as well as your team. When creating the notes, you can customize them with 3 fonts, different headings, tables, and code blocks. Apart from that, you can also upload media files while creating the notes, such as images and videos. This is not all Notion offers. It provides several templates you can use according to your liking and requirements.

notion vs onenote: Taking notes

When it comes to Onenote, you can create a whole Notebook and add notes in the Notebook with different labels. Onenote Notebook allows you to make notes in a variety of fonts. The Onenote supports additional features like drawing, recording notes, adding emojis, etc. However, Onenote doesn’t offer the different templates offered by Notion.

Winner: OneNote is the winner as it offers more powerful features like more font options, drawing, recording audio, taking photos, adding emojis, and more.  

Managing Notes

Notion helps in managing notes by offering personal notes and team notes options. You can create one page and add sub-pages to organize your notes.

When it comes to OneNote then, it has versatile managing notes features. You can add several sections in a Notebook and add different notes in one section.

Winner: OneNote is the winner as it is more easier to organize your notes with a notebook-sections-notes structure.

Sharing Notes

OneNote allows the users to share the notes with others and give the view, edit or both options to the other party. And you can set expiration time and password to protect your notes.

When it comes to the Notion, you can offer more access when sharing notes. You can give Edit, View, Comment, and Full Access with Edit and share authorities. Moreover, you can publish the pages so that it can be shown in the search result and anyone can view it.

Winner: Notion

Exporting Notes

Onenote allows exporting the Notes in PDF format, but if you are using the Onenote on the desktop, it offers the additional two formats, which include XPS and single web page files.

When it comes to Notion, then it also allows the three exporting options in the form of PDF, HTML, and Markdown sheets.

Winner: Both of the software offer three exporting options. There is no winner in this run.

Additional Features

When it comes to Microsoft Onenote vs Notion, you need to know about the additional features offered by them, which further helps you narrow down your quest to find the best software.

What Makes Notion Special?

The following are the features that make Notion unique:

1. Project Management Features

The Notion is not just a note-taking app. It is also used as a project management software as it has to offer many project management features like Kanban boards, Table view, List, Timeline, Calendar, And Gallery. These project management features are absent in Onenote.

2. Roadmap

The roadmap feature allows the users to plan the whole project with their team members. Notion also offers various roadmap templates, which you can choose according to the requirements and then make minor changes to make it the best fit for your project.

3. Wiki

One of the unique features of Notion is its Wiki feature, which allows the team members and project managers to share all the important information and files on one page. The Wiki feature has made Notion a robust collaborative tool apart from project management and notes making software.

4. Publish Pages

Notion allows you to publish the notes or pages as you are in your blog. It can appear in the search results. It is an awesome feature if you want to share your notes or pages with more readers.

What Makes OneNote Special?

Now let us move towards the additional features offered by the Onenote which aren’t offered by the Notion:

1. Recording

Onenote offers a recording feature, which you can use to make notes using your voice instead of writing down all the notes in text form.

2. Notes Translation

Onenote also allows the translation of notes from one language to another but keep in mind that the translation isn’t available for all languages.

3. Images to text

Onenote can read the text on the image and write it down as text in the Notes. This feature saves you time from manually writing the text from the image to the Notes.

4. Math Solver

One unique and fun feature of the Onenote is the Mathsolver. All you have to do is draw the equation and let the math solver do the rest. This makes Onenote the winner when it comes to Notion vs. Onenote for students, as this feature may help them with their homework.

5. Spelling and Grammer checker

OneNote has one spelling and Grammer checker to help you find the wrong expressions and words. That is awesome for writers or students who need to write their articles or essays without any incorrect expressions and words.

Winner: OneNote is the winner when it comes to the additional features because it focus on note taking more and offers more useful features.


You can use the Onenote for free, but the premium features can only be accessed if you have a Microsoft Account which starts at $6.99 per month.

Here are the pricing options for the Notion:

Personal ProTeamEnterprise
The personal pro comes at $4 per user if billed annually. It is $5 if billed monthly.The team tier comes at $8 per user per month if you pay yearly. It is $10 if you wish to pay on a monthly basis.Contact the Enterprise to know more about this tier.

Winner: Onenote for Microsoft account holders as it comes with no price with a Microsoft account.

Customer Rating

Here is the customer rating of Notion:


Here is the customer rating of Onenote


Winner: Notion as the average rating is higher than that of Onenote.

When to Use

So the final aspect in Notion vs Microsoft Onenote is when to use them. You should use Notion if you are looking for project management, collaborative software along with a note-making app. 

You should use Onenote if you are a Microsoft user looking for a robust Notes making app with a variety of notes making features such as recording, drawing, and translating notes.

Final Words

So that’s all about Notion vs Onenote. If you are looking for only a notes-making app, then go for Onenote as it has to offer more notes-related features than Notion, such as image-to-text, math solver, recording, notes translation, etc.

But if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, go for Notion as it has to offer project management and collaborative features apart from the notes-making features. We hope our article helped you decide which is better for you.

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