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5 Best Goal Tracking Apps for Work and Life

We know that you probably have thousands of daily tasks and goals you need to manage. Don't worry, in this guide, we will provide you with the 5 best goal tracking apps to maximize productivity.
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You must be wondering what is a Goal Tracking app. A goal tracking app helps a person or a team to set their daily or weekly goals and then track their progress according to their goals. These apps will help you achieve your goal faster and better. So if you are a small business owner worried about tracking your goal or daily tasks, then you are in the right place.

5 Goal Tracker Apps for Work and Life

We know that getting productive is never easy but don’t worry, these following goal tracking apps will help you achieve your goal.

Here are the 5 best goal-tracking apps for work and life, you can pick up one based on your needs.

1. ClickUp – The Best Goal Tracking App for Project Management

ClickUp is all in one project management app. This Goal tracking app will help you set your goal and then track them. With the help of this App, you can set the name, due date, and other essential details with the goal feature.

ClickUp also helps you to assign the target and track the goals with the help of target features.

If you want a goal tracking App for your business that ClickUp is your best option. Now lets us show you why this App is the best goal tracking App for project management.

Why is it the Best Goal Tracking App for Project Management? 

These are the reasons why ClickUp is the best daily goal tracker App for project management:

  • It helps you to set your goals and then track your progress easily with all features you need.
  • With the help of this tool, you can set milestones and break down your goals into small tasks.
  • 15+ views for you to better keep track of your project
  • Offers you time management.
  • Helps maintain your workflow with workflow automation
  • Maintain your documents with document management.

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2. Way of Life – The Best Personal Goal Tracking App

way of life app

If your life is falling apart and you can’t be able to manage your life, then Way of Life is the best goal-tracking App. This app will help you become stronger and healthier.

It offers several unique features, which is why it is number two on our list.

To set your goals with this app, you must choose your goal or a habit you want to adopt. After choosing your goal, this app will set a daily reminder and help you achieve your goal faster.

Why is it the Best Personal Goal Tracking App? 

Here is the list of reasons why Way of life is the best daily goal tracker App available in the market.

  • It has a very straightforward interface.
  • This app is available for both IOS and Android users.
  • With this App, you can easily note and write down your specific habits.
  • The unique color system makes your tracking easy. 
  • Offers you daily remainders until you have achieved your goal.

3. Strava – The Best Fitness Goal Tracker App


Strava is one of the best fitness goal-tracker apps available in the market. It records your activity and creates competition between you and the people trying to achieve the same goal.

But before setting up your goals, you have to provide this app with all your data from which it will suggest your goal and how to achieve it faster.

The best part of this app is that it is compatible with many fitness watches, so you don’t have to carry a Smartphone with you all the time.

Why is it the Best Fitness Goal Tracker App? 

Here is why this App is the best fitness goal tracker App:

  • This app supports many fitness watches.
  • Offers privacy option to secure your personal information.
  • Helps you achieve your fitness goal faster and better.
  • Provides you rich set of features.

4. Mint – The Best Financial Goal Tracker App


Mint Personal Finance is at the top of the list of budgeting apps and the main purpose of this app is to give you an idea of your income and spending. This app has been on the market for over 5 Million downloads for decades.

It allows you to track your financial goals and connect your different financial accounts, such as bank accounts and credit cards.

Once you have connected your financial accounts, it will give you a big picture of your finances.

Why is it the Best Financial Goal Tracker App? 

These are why Mint is at the top of the budgeting apps list.

  • Provides all your account in one place.
  • It gives you a free credit score.
  • Offers you budget alters.
  • Top-class safety and security.
  • Track your investments with the investment tracker feature.
  • Provides you with a bill payment tracker option.

5. Monday – The Best Sales Goal Tracker App

Monday is a sale goal tracker app that can be customized according to your business needs. It will help you track your business sales and set your sales goals.

This app has a table that can be used for entering data, creating columns, and deciding color schemes.

Why is it the Best Sales Goal Tracker App? 

These are the key features that will help you decide whether to choose this App or not:

  • Monday provides you with Kanban, Gantt, calendar, timeline, dashboard, and more views to help you track your sales goal.  
  • You are allowed to customize your goal tracking via templates, automation, and integrations.
  • Sets your sales goal to achieve it faster.
  • It is powerful to help you collaborate with your team members to achieve the sales goal together.


This guide has mentioned five goal tracking apps to help you achieve your goal faster. All these apps mentioned in this guide will make it easier and simpler for you to reach your goal.  Each app has its own unique and innovative features. You just have to look through this guide and pick the one goal tracking App that best suits your requirements.

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