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Activecollab Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

Looking for a detailed Activecollab review to know if its a good project management software or just hype? Read this article to know everything about Activecollab.

There are over 60 project management tools in the market, all of which comes in handy in project management tasks. These project management tools effectively maintain smooth workflows without any delays and disruptions. If you are on the hunt for the finest project management tool. In that case, you may have come across Activecollab, a popular project management software used by multiple businesses and individuals.

If you are looking for an extensive review of this software, you have come to the right place. This Activecollab review will help you know everything about this software. Keep reading.

What is Activecollab?

Activecollab is an all-in-one project management tool with many advanced and additional features which have made project handling and team communication a breeze. Apart from project management, Activecollab also offers multiple budget features, which help you to keep track of your project budget and know the project profitability.

Other features of Activecollab include task management, time tracking, automation, billing the invoices according to the hourly projects, and team collaboration by sharing files and kanban boards to visualize the performance.

Last but not least incredible feature of Activecollab is that it offers complete privacy to your data whenever you share the work with clients. It helps you keep your data private by giving access to only areas for which they have bestowed permission.

what is activecollab

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What Features Does Activecollab Have?

The features we have mentioned above are the general features that Activecollab offers. Here is a detail of all the features that Activecollab offers.

Project Feature

Activecollab has an extensive project feature that allows you to create unlimited projects simultaneously. You can also add a sample project to assist your team members. After starting a project, you can add team members and assign them to work according to their relevant skills.

The project feature is excellent for running multiple projects at a time. You can filter the projects based on the client or category. Activecollab lets you see the project progress through Kanban view, charts, and Gantt lists.

Task Feature

The task feature allows you to assign a specific task to your team member along with the deadline, so they know during which timeline the project needs to be completed.

The different tasks can also be differentiated by using the various labels, and you can add specific instructions or doc files with each task. After the task is completed, you can tick it off and take a chill.

activecollab interface

Team Collaboration

Besides the project management feature, Activecollab has excellent team collaboration features. The app offers a chat feature that allows you to keep in touch with each member separately and group chats where all the team members can discuss anything with each other.

You can also make a separate group for discussion for a new project to plan and generate new ideas. Another feature included in the team collaboration is assigning different roles to the team members and granting them specific access and permissions.

Time Tracking

Activecollabs also offers the time tracking feature, which allows you to track the time to complete a task. The time followed can be displayed on the team timesheet, letting the project manager know each team member’s progress and their capacity to do a particular project; the team timesheet enables the project managers to do effective resource management.

Client Management

Activecollab also helps in effective client management. You can send them the estimate for a project. After they approve the project based on the estimate, you can start a project. After the work, you can turn the estimate into an invoice and send it to your client.

Activecollab Project Templates

Activecollab allows you to make Activecollab project templates which helps to design a specific template for the relevant projects. This feature saves you time as you don’t have to spend your crucial time repeatedly creating the project and adding members to it.

Resource Management

Activecollab also offers compelling resource management features which help the project managers to maintain a smooth workflow without any delays and disruptions. The project manager can manage the resources by a daily capacity feature on which you can add the daily capacity of each team member. Next is the overtime feature, which helps the project managers visualize which member is working overtime to prevent overwhelming them.

The drag and drop feature prevents the team members from burning out as you can reassign the project to another under-allocated member. The list of resource management is not over yet. The Activecollab also has an availability feature that includes the days on which a specific employee is available so you can plan which team members to utilize during a particular project.

Budget Management

Budget management is another unique feature offered by Activecollab. It helps you to know the profitability of a project through numerous features like arranging budget types, budget reporting, budget alerts, and project profitability.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Activecollab integrations with numerous apps like Zapier, drive, and slack help the project managers work under one roof, saving their time and energy.

What Platforms Does Activecollab Support?

If you are looking for an Activecollab download, it is essential to know the platforms that Activecollab supports. Activecollab supports the following devices.

  • Windows
  • Android
  • IOS devices like iPhone and iPad
  • Mac
  • Web

By supporting these above-mentioned platforms, Activecollab gives you and your team members the independence to run the software on any devices they have.

What is Activecollab Pricing?

When it comes to the Activecollab pricing, the software offers a free trial, which you can use to give the project management a try to see if it fits you. The free trial offers limited features like up to 3 team members with 1GB storage.

Apart from the free trial, here are the different tiers offered by Activecollab:

PlusProPro+ Get Paid
The Plus tier is best for small teams and agencies looking to manage their workflow on a single platform.  The Plus tier comes at $9.5 per month for three users.The Pro tier is best for medium-sized teams and businesses looking for a project management tool.  The Pro tier comes at $8 per user per month.This tier is best for large-sized companies looking for powerful project management with time tracking and billing features. This tier comes at $11.75 per user per month and offers all the advanced features of Activecollab.
activecollab pricing

You can buy one of these tiers depending upon the size of your company and the features you want in the project management software. The first two lack the billing and time tracking feature. If these features are a must for you, then go for the pro plus get paid feature.

What Do Customers Like Most About Activecollab?

Here is a detailed list of what the customers like most about Activecollab:

  • The interface is straightforward to use
  • The project feature allows for managing the work among the team members without any late deliveries and compromises in the quality.
  • The time tracking feature has helped in resource management by knowing their ability to work.
  • Activecollab is the cheapest in the market when we compare them with the project management software offering the same features.
  • The billing feature has helped to manage the expenses
  • It is excellent for team collaboration, and you can share the files without any hassle

What Customers Do Not Like Most About Activecollab?

Here is what the customers do not like most about Activecollab:

  • Activecollab comes up with the hidden fee. The billing and time tracking features are included only in the most expensive tier, which led you to upgrade the plan
  • It lacks integrations with a few essential apps like Git
  • The task and project management features can be messy sometimes
  • The overall speed of the Activecollab is as fast as lightning but is comparatively slow, and everything takes time to process when the app is used with multiple members.

5 Best Activecollab Alternatives

If you are looking for the Activecollab alternative, here is a list of them:

  • Asana
  • ClickUp
  • Backlog
  • Jira
  • ask

All these project management tools offer many management and collaborative team features like Activecollab, making them a powerful alternative to this software.

Final Words

So that’s all about what Activecollab is. Activecollab offers many advanced features mentioned above, making it a reliable project management tool. The best part about Activecollab is that it is one project management tool that provides management of multiple projects, resource management, and budget management, all under the same roof.

When it comes to pricing, then Activecollab is an affordable option compared to its alternatives and competitors.

Individuals and businesses of all sizes can use Activecollab. We hope our article has helped us to decide whether you should invest your money in it or not.

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