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Top 8 Airtable Alternatives: More Powerful in Team Collaboration

Want to learn about the best alternatives of Airtable that allow you to save lots of time and effort? Read our detailed review now to choose the best Airtable alternatives.

Airtable is a great tool to collaborate with your team and clients on the same project but it does not always meet your requirements! Luckily, there are some great Airtable alternatives out there for you to select.

Read this article to find out more about these Airtable alternatives and how they can help you better than Airtable.

Airtable alternatives
Airtable alternatives

What is Airtable?

With over 20 million registered users, Airtable is a well-known cloud collaboration tool and an extensive database management platform. It’s flexible, easy to use, and great for organizing everything from tasks to client contact info. It can also be used as an alternative to popular project management apps like Asana or Proofhub, allowing your team members to easily collaborate on tasks and projects. But it doesn’t stop there, you can check the main features of Airtable here:

  1. Manage projects, and tasks and collaborate in one place.
  2. Customize the views of your task and projects as you want. It supports grid views, timeline views, kanban views, Gantt views, calendar views, gallery views, and form views.
  3. Interface designer allows you to get all your tasks with your control. You can decide which part is editable and filter what you want to check with the desired view.
  4. Use triggers and actions to help you create notifications and add workflow automatically.
  5. Integrated with third-party tools to sync the data such as Salesforce, Facebook, google calendar, etc.

Why Do You Need Airtable Competitors?

 There are different reasons that lead you to choose alternatives and the below two reasons are the main ones:

The Price is High

Using Airtable is costly and you could end up paying as much as $24 per month for a single seat. It is not a low-budget solution if you compare its features with other alternatives.

Limited Features

While Airtable can be resourceful when it comes to spreadsheet creating and sharing platforms but it has limited functionality when it comes to collaborating with team members. For example, it lacks whiteboards, a chat center, etc.

8 Best Alternatives to Airtable

There are many alternatives to Airtable, some of which do just as good of a job, or better. We have gathered ten different solutions for you here—choose your favorite one or read our guide in-depth to find out what better meets your needs. We are aware that different companies will have different preferences based on their requirements which is why for their convenience, we have listed the 3 best spreadsheet collaboration tools and the 5 best project and task management tools here. So, without further ado, let’s hop in.

3 Best Airtable Free Alternatives in Spreadsheet Collaboration

3 Best free alternatives to Airtable for team collaboration! Whether you need more powerful collaboration tools or want access from anywhere and from multiple devices, these are your best options.

Google Sheets

Best for smaller teams, Google Sheets integrates well with other Google apps and can help you collaborate with your team members easily with real-time comments, coediting, and updating.

One of the Airtable competitors - Google Sheets
One of the Airtable competitors – Google Sheets
What Features Do Airtable and Google Sheets Both Have?
  1. Real-time collaboration. Editing the sheet and commenting on it at the same time.
  2. Data visualization. Show data with charts.
  3. Compatible with files created by other apps. Just upload the files and can be opened and edited with Google Sheets.
  4. Can work on different devices.
What Features Does Google Sheet Have, But Airtable Does Not Have?
  1. Automatically update when data is changed somewhere.
  2. Automatic fill and formula suggestions improve your working efficiency.
  3. Easily work with other Google apps. You can insert your google sheet charts on your google slides and docs and reply to comments via email directly.

Pricing: Free plan available with 15 GB drive cloud storage per user (premium plans start at $12/month).


An Airtable free alternative – Stackby is a business productivity platform designed for teams. Similar to Airtable, it allows you to create your own database and collaborate with your teams easily. Here’s how it compares with Airtable.

Airtable alternative - Stackby
Airtable alternative – Stackby
What Features Do Airtable and Stackby Both have?
  1. Task and project management.
  2. Real-time editing.
  3. Customize your dashboard with different views.
What Features Does It Have, But Airtable Does Not Have?
  1. More data integrations and very useful for marketers. It supports Google Analytics,  YouTube Analytics, Ahrefs, Linkedin Ads, etc.

Pricing: Free plan available (premium plans start at $5 per user/month).


Built with data in mind, Baserow is a feature-rich collaboration platform that helps organize teams and tackle collaborative projects head-on. Baserow was built specifically for teams, offering intuitive dashboards and powerful tools to facilitate fast, secure workflows across all areas of your organization. It also offers data analytics tools as well as integrations with the most popular SaaS products (such as Slack).

One of alternatives to Airtable - Stackby
One of alternatives to Airtable – Stackby
What Features Do Airtable and Baserow Both Have?
  1. Create databases and tables.
  2. Organize your workflow and projects.
  3. Easily integrate with other software.
  4. Collaborate in real-time.
What Features Does Baserow Have, But Airtable Does Not Have?
  1. Open-source tool and allow you to develop plugins on your own.
  2. Self-hosted supported.

Pricing:  Baserow is free for hosted version and self-hosted version while the premium plan starts at $5/month per user.

5 Best Airtable Competitors for Project and Task Management

Airtable is an excellent tool for a certain type of project management, but there are better options out there for others. We’ll take a look at what those options are. Here’s our list of the 5 best Airtable alternatives for project and task management.


While Monday is free to have a try, they offer a paid pro version that includes better collaboration tools. It integrates with more third-party applications and is easier to use for teams compared with Airtable. The interface is user-friendly and does include some similar features.

Monday.com - alternative to airtable
Monday.com – alternative to airtable
What Features Do Airtable and Monday.com Both Have?
  1. Custom your project or tasks with different views.
  2. Track your projects with ease
  3. Automatically update the spreadsheet with triggers and action settings.
  4. Integrate with third-party tools.
What Features Does Monday.com Have, But Airtable Does Not Have?
  1. It divides into different products: Work Management, Marketer, Sales, Developer, and Projects. When you go to different products, it will offer you different services with prepared templates.
  2. It can connect your phone and check the information on the go.
  3. It provides a “My Work” Space for you to check all your tasks easily.

Pricing: It offers a free trial while the premium plan starts from $8 per month.

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As a cloud-based platform, ClickUp is one of the best alternatives to Airtable. It makes project management collaboration much easier than any other software out there. As an all-in-one solution for your team, it provides you with more possibilities to organize and improve teamwork—all at a very affordable price point.

Airtable competitor - ClickUp
Airtable competitor – ClickUp
What  Features Do Airtable and ClickUp Have?
  1. Manage projects and tasks
  2. Share Files with your teammates
  3. Build workflows to automate common tasks
  4. Create custom fields
  5. Set up email reminders
What Features Does ClickUp Have, But Airtable Does Not Have?
  1. Create documents directly on ClickUp and share them with your team members or link to your task.
  2. An overview part for you to check all notifications and tasks.
  3. Goal management helps your team member know the process of it at one glance.

Pricing: Free version is available forever with limited features and the premium plan starts from $5 per month.

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Its collaboration platform has a Teams functionality that enables companies to organize projects and assign team members to specific tasks. Features include file sharing, activity stream, task assignment, and reminders. All of these tools are free, but Asana charges for advanced features.

Alternative to airtable - Asana
Alternative to Airtable – Asana
What Features Do Airtable and Asana Have?
  1. Manage tasks and projects in one place.
  2. Import a spreadsheet to create one project or task on the dashboard.
  3. Automation supported
  4. Integrations supported
What Features Asana Has, But Airtable Does Not Have?
  1. Goal management
  2. Customize your own templates for the new board.
  3. Your own tasks are added in one place for you to track.
  4. No limit on members per team
  5. Integrations with Google Analytics and MailChimp (for advanced features).

Pricing: This project management software is free for up to 15 users and the pro version starts from $10.99 per user/month.

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Proofhub is much more expensive than Airtbale. But If you’re looking for a professional alternative to Airtable, try Proofhub. This project management software with features like task manager, file sharing, integration of third-party apps, and powerful reporting functions. Being a robust PPM tool, it also comes with a fee structure that suits individual professionals just as well as larger enterprises.

Airtable alternative - Proofhub
Airtable alternative – Proofhub
What Features Do Airtable and Proofhub Have?
  1. Project management and task management
  2. Set calendar and notifications easily.
  3. Create different views for your projects or tasks
What Features It Has, But Airtable Does Not Have?
  1. Support group chatting and one-to-one chatting with emojis and files.
  2. Secure your account with IP restrictions.

Pricing:  It has a 14-day free trial version with all features and the pro version is $89 per month


This project management software is great for teams and individuals, offering options for both big and small businesses. It includes a range of tools that you can use to increase productivity, including task boards, deadlines and milestones, workflows, customization options, and more. Best of all, it’s completely free—but also has a paid version with even more features if you find yourself getting serious about your team’s collaboration needs.

Airtable competitor - NTask
Airtable competitor – NTask
What Features Do Airtable and NTask Have?
  1. Projects and tasks
  2. Custom fields and data types
  3. Records, lists, and cards
  4. Workflows with rules and alerts
  5. Approvals with Rules and Alerts
What Features It Has, But Airtable Does Not Have?
  1. Chat with your team members together or personally.
  2. Team management with role customization.
  3. Create to-do list
  4. Manage your documents in one place.

Pricing: 14-day free trial and the pro version starts from $3 per user/month

Our Verdict: Which is better?

Both Airtable and its alternatives can be used for similar purposes in many cases. But compared with Airtbale, Airtable alternatives offer more features and the price of some is much more affordable. However, our recommendation is to try out Monday.com and ClickUp first as their prices are reasonable and features are very awesome.

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