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6 Best Free And Paid Asana Competitors You Can Choose

Asana is a great project management tool, but it has many disadvantages. So you can pick the desired Asana competitors after having an overview of the Asana alternatives list.

With the advancement of technology, various things are making the lives of everyone easier, from managing different teams to making sure that they produce efficient results. Asana and Asana competitors are some of them.

Everything can be hectic and lead to burnout in some cases. But don’t worry because Asana will help you manage tasks and projects. This article will briefly tell you about Asana and how you can get help from it. Moreover, we will also share some of Asana competitors and alternatives.

So stick to the end of this well-researched article. This will help you in making all the tasks simpler and easier.

asana competitors
asana competitors

What is Asana?

In the year 2008, Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein noticed a huge gap between teams and project management. To fill up that gap, they decided to create cloud-based software – Asana.

The software helps businesses grow by managing and taking care of all the tasks in a well-organized manner. One of the main features of Asana is project management, which is of great help to all businesses.

Asana webiste
Asana webiste

Big goals and tasks often look unachievable. It can also make the team unmotivated. Asana is an incredible tool that helps in this regard. This tool makes it easier to break tasks into small bits. That way, it’s easy to achieve the goals.

Here are its main features:

  • Assigning tasks to people. Everyone knows what task they have to do, and that way project runs smoothly in an organized manner.
  • When the tasks are assigned to groups, they are in the form of columns or sections. This is helpful and motivates members to get the job done before the deadline.
  • Adding dates and deadlines to keep the team and people updated about the tasks.
  • Another important feature is which task should be preferred first. Asana is of great help in this. This gives the people better clarity about which task needs to be done first. And which one they should start.
Asana project and task management
Asana project and task management

Asana is an amazing software that can be easily used with other apps. Numerous apps support Asana. But in this list, we will mention some of the most common and popular apps that support Asana.

  • Communication and video calling apps like zoom, Gmail, Outlook, and MS teams work incredibly well with this software.
  • Some file-sharing apps support Asana, such as google drive, dropbox, adobe creative cloud, and office365.
Asana integrations
Asana integrations

After assigning the work, proper communication is also necessary. However, some organizations might face a lot of difficulty in this aspect. However, Asana has solved this issue with its amazing features.

  • The inbox section is useful in this regard as it tracks incoming texts.
  • Also, the images and PDFs can be checked here. If you see any mistakes or want any changes, you can comment on them. Also, you can transform the comments into tasks. This will let your team know what changes are needed in the project.

Why Do You Need Asana Alternatives?

After reading all the benefits mentioned above, you might wonder why you need Asana competitors. If Asana has many benefits, why should I go for Asana competitors? It’s because Asana has numerous disadvantages too. Let’s see some of them here.

  1. Asana is not a user-friendly program. It’s not simple to operate, and people find a lot of difficulties while operating Asana. Thus, due to these complex features, your team might get tired of it and don’t even use it at all.
  2. The features of Asana are extremely confusing. The endless icons and features are not simple, and UI is unsupported. With tons of projects and tasks in Asana, it soon gets filled with many tasks. However, you might think that you can search for it easily. The searching option doesn’t work well, which is extremely troublesome.
  3. There is no time tracking tool in Asana. Although you can put deadlines,  there are still some issues with Asana.

6 Best Free And Paid Asana Alternatives

Now that you know why you must need to know alternatives to Asana, let’s enlist some of the alternatives.

1. Monday.com – Best Alternative to Asana

Monday.com is an incredibly amazing tool that will help you manage your projects easily. Also, the pricing for this software is reasonable, and it’s best for enterprises.

Asana alternative - monday.com
Asana alternative – monday.com

Main Features

50+ integrations

Communication functionality

Customizable dashboard

Task Management

Project Management

Ready-made templates

Better than Asana in:

  • Asana lacks a time-tracking system. However, on Monday.com, a well-built time tracking system is extremely helpful for tracking time.
  • The prices of Asana are extremely high, and the student program is only for students from the USA. However, Monday.com is affordable and has a student program for all students who are above 16 years.
  • Monday can easily give all the information on one screen. There is no need to go back and forth. This is not possible in Asana.
  • The automation feature of Monday is extremely helpful, and no time is wasted on it. However, Asana doesn’t have this feature.

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2. Wrike.com

While working with a team, keeping checks and balances can be extremely difficult. With Wrike, you don’t have to worry about it all.

Alternatives to asana - Wrike
Alternatives to asana – Wrike


Collaborative editing

In-built Gantt feature

Fast & easy communication

Beautiful flowcharts & timelines

Better than Asana in:

  • With Wrike, you can share documents and tasks with teams, and anyone who is invited can read them. However, in Asana, you have to share projects externally to share.
  • There are account-wide and individual scheduling in Wrike. However, Asana is only suitable for an account-wide system.
  • There is a built-in time tracking system in Wrike. However, in Asana, you have to use integration to get features that Wrike provides for free.
  • There is no phone or live chat support in Asana. However, in Wrike, both features are present that make communication even easier.

3. NTask

NTask is a new software in the industry that quickly makes its place in the market. It’s all because of the incredible features that, despite being new to the project management industry, many people are attracted to it. This is yet one of Asana competitors that give a good competition to Asana.

NTask- one of Asana alternatives
NTask- one of Asana alternatives


Custom color IDs

Addition of custom fields

Prioritize issue selection

Seamless communication with team members

Better than Asana:

  • NTask can offer great management project services at much lower rates than Asana. That’s why NTask is a strong Asana competitor.
  • It has built-in time tracking and Gantt charts that make handling the job easier. There is no need for integration in a task.
  • NTask does a fantastic job of task management and project management. It’s a decent option for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with the software.
  • Mask can integrate with many software such as Jira, Asana, google calendar, and many more.

4. Jira

While being a leader in project management, you have to be updated all the time. You can’t manage to get late updates and be late for projects. That’s why this alternative to Asana is the ideal option. It will update you via emails and messaging on mobile phones. That way, your team can do all the tasks quickly and efficiently.

Jira - Alternative to asana
Jira – Alternative to asana


Bug tracking

Code editing

Online time clock

Access to mobile phone

Better than Asana in:

  • With the help of Jira, you can make a complete roadmap, including visuals and texts, to get near the goal quickly. However, this feature is absent in Asana.
  • Jira has a simple UI, and you can easily navigate it. However, in Asana, navigation can be quite a difficult task.
  • Jira can easily support any software application. On the other hand, Asana cannot support large-sized applications.
  • In Jira, making changes in projects is not as troublesome as in Asana.

5. Proofhub

This alternative to Asana helps manage tasks. It has various tools that make project management more effortless. Proofing tools and reports make this software a fantastic alternative to Asana.

Asana alternative - Proofhub
Asana alternative – Proofhub


CSV import

Tracks the activities

Approval and agendas

Starting date and deadline

Better than Asana in:

  • Proofhub doesn’t have any extra charges for two of three users. The plan is the same whether a single person is using it or if it’s unlimited people. However, Asana has a proper plan for users, which is expensive.
  • A unique mention feature in a proof hub makes handling tasks and assigning work even easier. Asana does not have any feature like this.
  • Another helpful feature that the proof hub has is time tracking. Asana lacks this feature. With the help of this feature, tracking the progress and time in which it is finished can be noted.
  • You can easily make custom workflows in the proof hub while unavailable in Asana.

6. Freedcamp – Asana Free Alternative

This is an Asana-free alternative that does a decent job of managing all the project management tasks. The features are not difficult. They are easy to use, and anyone can understand them with little effort.

Freecamp - Asana free alternative
Freecamp – Asana free alternative


Data backup

Board discussion and messaging

Customizable URLs can be added

Guest access but they can read-only

Better than Asana in:

  • Freedcamp doesn’t have any unnecessary animations and colors. So you can completely focus on your tasks without getting distracted. The animations in Asana are not functional, and they can be distracting too.
  • This is suitable for everyone, from freelancers to enterprises. However, Asana is only good for enterprises.
  • Suppose you are tight on budget and want a project management software that offers the best features, then freed camp is a decent choice. To get the best features, you have to buy the premium version of Asana, which is costly.
  • In Asana, there is a 100 MB upload limit for a file. But you can upload unlimited files in freed camp.

Closing Remarks

All the Asana competitors work incredibly well. They can do a great job of managing your tasks. But the main thing is to find what will work best for you. Check out the features and all the things mentioned above. See which option is most suitable for your business and team. It will play a vital role in the successful completion of your project.

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