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Asana Vs nTask: Which Is Right for You?

Asana and nTask are two most popular project management tools with advanced features. If you are looking for a suitable platform to effectively manage your tasks, read the below Asana vs nTask comparison and choose the best platform according to your organizational needs.
asana vs ntask

Cloud-based project management tools like Asana and nTask are gaining popularity. These platforms enable project teams to monitor their projects in real-time and meet strict deadlines without compromising on the client’s requirements. Hence, we bring you a detailed Asana vs nTask comparison so that you can explore their functionalities and choose a project management tool that suits your needs.

Let’s dive in!

What is Asana?

Asana is a cloud-based project management platform that helps teams meet their needs. This fully customizable workplace allows team leaders and project managers to streamline their projects, organize their tasks, and seamlessly collaborate.

With Asana, you can organize your projects and tasks in one place, stay organized and connected, and automate repetitive tasks to focus on your core strengths. Moreover, real-time charts enable executives to monitor their team’s progress, identify potential issues through visual highlights, and keep their work on track.

asana vs ntask: What is Asana?

What is nTask?

nTask is a powerful team collaboration and project management solution designed for both teams and individuals. This fully integrated project management solution allows teams to monitor their projects, collaborate across different departments, make checklists, manage everyday tasks, and schedule meetings.

Moreover, nTask makes it easier for project managers to streamline project planning, make informed decisions based on real-time insights, and delegate tasks for effective resource management. Key features of this amazing project management tool include resource allocation, project planning, goal setting, and budgeting & financial summary.

asana vs ntask: What is NTask?

Asana Vs NTask: Features

Let’s compare the key features of Asana and nTask:

1. Creating and Managing Tasks/Projects

Break complex projects into smaller tasks, organize your workflow as lists or Kanban boards, delegate tasks, and manage dependencies to achieve project milestones.Plan your projects faster, allocate resources, synchronize communication, assign tasks, and manage dependencies for efficient work management and extended control.
Asana task creating

2. Task Views

Visualize your projects in four different views: Boards, timelines, lists, calendars, progress, and forms.Stay organized by choosing any of the four task views: Boards, calendar, list, Gantt, and grid

3. Automations

Save your precious time by automating routine tasks, defining custom rules, and reducing bottlenecks. The platform can also automatically update task dependencies, auto-shift the due dates, and give error alerts to the rule owners.Automate your workflow by integrating nTask with Zapier and start transferring data between apps, customizing the platform, and automating task management with ease.

4. Time Tracking

Integrate Asana to third-party platforms like TrackingTime or Harvest to track the time spent on completing different tasks, create details timesheets, and estimate your budgets.The best time tracking software allows you to track time spent on tasks, monitor timesheets, enter the estimated time, and make data-driven decisions to plan your future projects.

5. Data View

Create project timelines or turn your CSV files into actionable Timelines to meet your deadlines and build beautiful Gantt charts with a few clicks.Enjoy real-time project monitoring by creating project timelines with due dates, identifying issues, and assigning tasks directly from the Gantt view.

6. Reporting

Get real-time actionable insights into project activities, your team’s engagement, and different levels of your organization and track work from every angle with Universal Reporting.The custom reporting feature allows project managers to access the most important data in a visual-friendly format and make informed decisions to boost their project efficiency.

6. Team Collaboration

Create connected workflows to promote teamwork, align your plans, set up processes, organize your work, and streamline project activities to achieve your desired objectives.Use the built-in team collaboration tools to control access to confidential data, share project updates, brainstorm new ideas, and closely monitor your project from start to finish.

nTask Vs Asana: Price

The following table compares the prices of nTask and Asana:


Asana price


$3$8Contact Sales
NTask price

NTask Vs Asana: Customer Rating

The following table compares the customer rating of nTask and Asana from five different platforms:

Software Advice4.04.5

nTask Vs Asana: Customer Support


nTask is known for its impeccable customer support. The platform has a team of highly qualified and well-trained customer support agents who are available 24/7 including on holidays to resolve clients’ queries and provide them with their desired information.

Some of the salient features of nTask customer support include:

  • Free onboarding demo call
  • Free Coaching
  • Chat & phone support
  • Product tour
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Training program
  • Priority support
  • Knowledge base
  • Custom onboarding


Asana has divided its customer support into different departments. For instance, if you want more information on one of Asana’s paid plans, you can contact the sales department by filling out an online form and talking to one of the company’s representatives.

On the other hand, if you need quick help, you can talk to a customer chat support agent and get your queries resolved online. For additional help, you can access the following resources for free:

  • Asana Guide
  • Asana Forum
  • Asana Help
  • Asana Academy
  • Asana Use Cases
  • Asana Developer’s Guide

Asana Vs NTask: Which One is Better

Both Asana and nTask are two great project management tools used by businesses and professionals worldwide to increase their productivity. Each platform has its own strengths that attract millions of users who use Asana and nTask to manage their tasks efficiently.

It is extremely difficult to decide which tool is the best from the above Asana vs nTask comparison. However, after careful analysis, we concluded that Asana is better than nTask in terms of features, pricing, and customer ratings. Asana makes it easy for project teams and individuals to stay organized and keep track of their work without losing their focus.

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