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Basecamp Vs ClickUp: Which One is the Winner?

How to choose the correct project management software from the Basecamp vs ClickUp battle is not easy. You should know both in detail, then, decide.
basecamp vs clickup

Basecamp is a well-known tool used by businesses of all sizes, especially agile teams. It has a ton of features, including automatic task assignment, collaboration features, and project management tracking. ClickUp is a newer tool that’s seen as more user-friendly than Basecamp. It has a simplified interface but is feature-rich as well.

In this article, we’re going to do a basecamp vs ClickUp comparison. We’ll look at their features, pricing, and customer reviews and ultimately decide which one is the better choice for you.

ClickUp Vs Basecamp: An Overview

We will begin by defining both Basecamp and Clickup

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a project management tool that offers a simplified interface and plenty of features. It can be used by small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as larger companies. It has a user-friendly design, which makes it easier for everyone in your team to use.

basecamp vs ClickUp: What is ClickUp?

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a popular tool for real-time collaboration. It is a cloud-based application that helps teams stay in touch, allowing users to create projects, track progress, and manage tasks. Basecamp also has an extensive API that allows developers to create integrations with the software.

basecamp vs clickup: What is Basecamp?

ClickUp Vs Basecamp: Features

In this section, we take a look at some of the most important features of both Clickup and Basecamp.

ClickUp Key Features

Project and Task Management:

The first thing that makes ClickUp a great project management tool is its robust project and task management features. ClickUp allows you to create tasks, assign them to specific people, track their progress, and communicate with them daily. The tasks are organized into categories like “Development” and “Test” so that you can easily find what needs to be done when you need it done.

Different Views:

ClickUp allows you to view projects in many formats such as Gantt, list, board, box, calendar, etc. It has over 15 customizable views.

Team Collaboration:

The team collaboration features in ClickUp are very versatile and seamless. You can easily share links, and resources, give and receive feedback, and see what others are doing.

Goal Tracking:

This feature allows you to create goals for your project, assign them to a specific person and track their progress. You can also set deadlines for these goals so that you know when they need to be completed.


The whiteboard feature allows you to instantly share your ideas with the rest of your team. It’s like having a virtual whiteboard where everyone on the team can see what everyone else is thinking or brainstorming.


The dashboard feature provides a visual representation of all the things going on with your projects and gives you an overview of where all the resources are being used as well as who is working on what task. This makes it easy for you to track how much time each person spends on different tasks and figure out how many people are needed at any given point in time.


ClickUp allows you to send and receive messages from your team in the same place and in real time.


ClickUp has a huge library of templates – HR & recruiting, IT, marketing, creative & design, operations, etc. Templates can be accessed by industry (as stated) or by levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced).


Using ClickUp will make managing projects feel like less work because it streamlines many different activities into a unified experience. With automation, you can build workflows that execute automatically with little human intervention.


One of the most important aspects of any project management tool is the ability to integrate with your existing workflow. This means that you need a tool that has native integration with tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office 365. ClickUp does this in spades. It integrates with these tools seamlessly and it lets you move every task to any of these tools.


The Document feature works like Microsoft Word or Google Docs but with a lot of versatility, including the ability to convert text into trackable tasks.

Basecamp Key Features

Manage Tasks and To-do Lists:

Basecamp allows users to organize, share, and manage their tasks and to-do lists. The software has a number of features such as task lists, file uploads, and collaboration tools.

 Share Docs and Files:

Basecamp allows you to share documents and files with your team members. It allows you to create a new file, upload from your computers, or link it with third-party tools.

Chat in Real Time:

Basecamp’s Ping and Campfire can help your team members chat in real time about who are involved in the project.

Schedule an Event:

Basecamp offers you a way to schedule events. This is beneficial so that each member knows when they need to perform their task and when they should start looking for additional help or resources.

Automatic Tracking or Tasks:

The best project management software will have features that allow you to automatically track the work assigned to each team member. You can set one question to ask the process of your team members each week or any day you want automatically.

Winner: Of the two project management software, ClickUp wins for features.

ClickUp Vs Basecamp: Price

ClickUp offers five different price levels, including Free, Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise. The Unlimited, Business and Business Plus plans cost $5, $12, and $19, respectively. The enterprise plan is available upon request.

basecamp vs clickup: ClickUp price

There are just two options for Basecamp: Basecamp Personal and Basecamp Business, priced at $0 and $99 respectively

Basecamp price

ClickUp Vs Basecamp: Customer Reviews

Here is a summary of customer reviews from five trusted sites.

ClickUp Basecamp 
 Rating (Out of 5.0)ReviewsRating (Out of 5.0)Reviews

What Customers Like About ClickUp

  1. Customers feel that ClickUp offers highly extensive functionality and great integrations with other applications, such as Zapier.
  2. Customers like the app’s ease of use for creating, managing, and scheduling activities.
  3. Users find ClickUp automation to be quite simple to configure. Particularly when transferring from a different platform.

What Customers Do Not Like About ClickUp

  1. Customers occasionally find ClickUp’s reminders to be annoying and unnecessary.
  2. Users feel that ClickUp’s extensive functionality makes setting up the application time-consuming and difficult.
  3. Users find maintaining an accurate track of goods requires rigorous tagging and categorization of every single item.

What Customers Like About Basecamp

  1. Users regard Basecamp to be a highly user-friendly and useful tool.
  2. Customers view Basecamp as an efficient collaboration and communication tool.
  3. Customers find the platform useful for posting announcements, pitching ideas, and checking daily and on-time progress reports.

What Customers Do Not Like About Basecamp:

  1. It is tough for users to erase comments made on the platform
  2. Users notice that multiple Basecamp versions complicate matters.
  3. Basecamp users encounter several backend difficulties that require time to address.

Winner: ClickUp has a slight urge over Basecamp in customer rating. While Basecamp has a lot of reviewers, ClickUp’s rating is overall higher than Basecamp’s.

Basecamp Vs ClickUp: The Winner

Now, it’s time to make a decision in this Basecamp vs ClickUp review.

You can easily find that ClickUp is the winner in the project management as it is more powerful, with more flexible price, and higher customer rating.

As both tools have free versions, you can use them before you buy one if you still cannot make a decision.

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