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ClickUp VS Notion: What Are Their Differences and Similarities?

“ClickUp VS Notion: Are They the Same Thing?”. The answer is no. We will explain all their similarities and differences to you here.

Many companies will search for a productive project and task management tool to improve their working efficiency when they have more and more employees and want to expand their business all over the world. ClickUp and Notion are two tools that will come into sight frequently if you are trying to find tools like these. 

But Click Up VS Notion: What are their differences and similarities? How to choose? If you are also the one who has this question. Keep on reading and select the correct one.  

ClickUp vs Notion
ClickUp vs Notion

What Are Notion and ClickUp?

Before going to see the differences and similarities between Notion and ClickUp, we need to know what Notion and ClickUp are. 

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is designed for collaboration and provides project and task management, document collaboration, real-time chats, goal tracking, and a whiteboard. It can help you finish anything at work and is easy to use with its user-friendly interface. 

It groups your personal tasks in one place to improve your working efficiency. You can check all notifications by clicking the “Notifications” button. If you want to receive a quick response, you can check who is online with the pulse feature. 

ClickUp can update your tasks or projects automatically by adding triggers and actions and is integrated with many popular third-party tools.

What is ClickUp - ClickUp VS Notion
What is ClickUp – ClickUp VS Notion

What is Notion?

Notion is also a page-based collaboration platform. It focuses on note-taking, task and project management, and document management. 

It has Windows, Mac, Web, Android, and iPhone versions that allow you to edit anytime and anywhere. You can use it to create a plan or task, assign it to your members, comment and track the process. 

What is Notion - ClickUp VS Notion
What is Notion – ClickUp VS Notion

ClickUp VS Notion: What Are Similarities

As a task and project management, ClickUp and Notion have a lot of similarities. Here, I list two major ones here:

Task and Project Management

Both tools can create a plan, task, or project to collaborate with your team. It is easy to generate one with the templates. And you can also customize it by adding, deleting, and updating the table. It serves many types for you to choose from, filter features to check the tasks quickly, and different views to see the tasks or projects straightforwardly. 

Documents Creating and Sharing

ClickUp and Notion have the document creating and sharing feature. You can create one funny file by linking to your tasks, adding emojis, embed with files, videos, and images from third-party tools. 

ClickUp VS Notion: What Are Differences

Although ClickUp and Notion can help companies manage tasks and projects, they still have their focus. ClickUp focuses on task and project management while Notion pays attention to note-taking and document collaboration. That is why they have so many differences. You can have an overview of these differences here. 

Space Customization

The workspace of notion can be customized based on your needs. You can create a database and an empty file or generate directly from template or import files from third-party tools. It is flexible to customize the workspace. 

ClickUp is different. It can only support you to create from prepared templates for databases and documents or follow the steps to create one table view. Then, customize it based on them.

ClickUp is less flexible to customize than Notion. 

ClickUp vs Notion: Space Customization
ClickUp vs Notion: Space Customization


The templates for Notion focus on task and note-taking documents for business, life, and study while templates for ClickUp focus on business efficiency such as project management, event planning, brand management, etc. 


Automation is the feature that can help the project or tasks update on their own. ClickUp provides these features to help save you time on manual operations. When the status changes, the task list will change automatically based on the triggers and actions you set. 

This feature can not be found in Notion. 


To help you know what is updated and what tasks are assigned to you, ClickUp gathers all notifications together. You can check them directly. 

But if you use Notion, you can only check all notifications via email. It is not good if you do not check your email frequently. And it also wastes time to switch from one place to another. 

Report Dashboard

ClickUp can create a reporting dashboard to help you check the tasks with charts and process rates at one glance. Notion does not support this. 


ClickUp has more view options than Notion. ClickUp offers a list, board, calendar, timeline, Gantt, box, table, mindmap, workflow, activities, and map. And Notion only has a table, timeline, board, calendar, list, and gallery. 

ClickUp vs Notion: Notion views
ClickUp vs Notion: Notion views


Whiteboard is useful, especially if you are on a remote team. It can be used to collaborate with your team members effectively in brainstorming, discussion, tutoring, etc. You can comment, add stickers, or draw anything on it. 

ClickUp adds this feature in its space, but we cannot find it on Notion.


Although ClickUp and Notion both have a lot of integrations, ClickUp supports more than Notion. ClickUp can work with 1000+ integrations and Notion only supports 30 ones. 

Real-Time Chats

You can not only add comments to any task but also can chat directly with your team in ClickUp. Notion does not have this feature. 

ClickUp vs Notion: ClickUp chats
ClickUp vs Notion: ClickUp chats


The pulse of ClickUp is very special. You can check who is online and offline. Moreover, you can check what they are working on. 

ClickUp vs Notion: ClickUp pulse
ClickUp vs Notion: ClickUp pulse

You may find that ClickUp has more features than Notion now. But it does not mean that Notion is not good for your business. It depends on what you want to use it for. 

ClickUp VS Notion: Price

When you choose ClickUp or Notion, you will check what is the price. You can know it clearly after checking this table and list. 

Personal Use:

Price PlanPersonal Personal ProPersonal Use
PriceFree$4 per month/ billed annuallyFree
Features and Limitations5 guests supported sharing;
One member;
No version history.
Unlimited guests share;
One Member;
30-day version history.
100MB storage;
Pro features such as form view, goals, and report templates are not supported

Business Use:

For ClickUp, $5 – $19 per member per month

For Notion, $8 per user per month if billed yearly and $10 per user per month if billed monthly. 

ClickUp VS Notion: Customers’ Review

ClickUp customers’ review: 4.7/5 with 4443 views (Data from G2)

ClickUp vs Notion: ClickUp reviews
ClickUp vs Notion: ClickUp reviews

What Customers Like:

  1. Free forever to use most features. 
  2. Can do an entire collaboration in one place with a whiteboard, chats, docs, dashboard, and more. 
  3. Plugins avoid wasting time switching from one app to another. 
  4. The interface is easy to use. 

What Customers Do Not Like:

  1. The free version has some limitations.
  2. The speed is not very well from time to time. 
  3. The server has been down several times. 
  4. Customer support is not qualified. 

Notion customers’ review: 4.6/5 with 501 reviews (Data from G2)

ClickUp vs Notion: Notion reviews
ClickUp vs Notion: Notion reviews

What Customers Like:

  1. Different templates can make everything easy. 
  2. Great way to take good-looking notes. 
  3. You can customize it as you want. 

What Customers Do Not Like:

  1. Columns or categories for the table are limited
  2. There are some bugs. 

ClickUp VS Notion: Which One is Better?

Now, let’s come back to the initial question: ClickUp and Notion, which one will be better? There is no standard answer. But if you want to use the software for project and task management, ClickUp is much more suitable and if you need to take notes and collaborate with documents, Notion will be a smarter choice.

Other Alternatives to ClickUp and Notion:

Except for ClickUp and Notion, there are many other projects/task management and collaboration tools. You take a look if you do not like ClickUp and Notion. 






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Final Words

“ClickUp vs Notion: Are they the same?”. The answer is no. Although they have a lot of the same features, they are different in a lot of features such as integrations, views, templates, etc. And ClickUp has many features that Notion does not have. You can choose the one that suits you per your requirements. 

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