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Google Keep Vs Tasks: Ultimate Reviews

Google Keep is a note-taking app that helps you record your thoughts and Google Tasks is a to-do task management app. To know more about their differences, you should read this Google Keep vs Tasks detailed comparison.
google keep vs tasks

Google is a customer-centric company that has a long history of developing user-friendly apps with advanced features. Billions of people across the globe use Google apps like Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube every day.

However, one mystery still remains unresolved why Google creates similar-looking apps simultaneously. Take the example of task manager apps like Google Keep and Tasks which have almost similar functionality. Although they are the same in many aspects, their features have many differences.

Read the following detailed Google Keep vs Tasks comparison and find out which app better suits your needs. Let’s start!

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a note-taking app for users who want to save their thoughts or keep their notes for future use. It is a part of Google’s web-based Docs Editors suite and can be accessed on a mobile phone or through a web browser.

Google Keep is known for its simplicity and accessibility. You just need a Google account to use this app on your preferred device. Besides, notes created by Google Keep are saved in users’ allocated storage. However, the app does not offer advanced note-taking and editing functionality, unlike other tools.

With Google Keep, users can add text or list notes, record voice, tag their notes, add collaborators, or convert notes to doc files. Besides, you can set reminders, insert handwritten notes or pictures, pin notes to the top, and delete unnecessary notes with ease.

google keep vs tasks: What is Google Keep

What is Google Tasks?

Google Tasks is a task management app that keeps professionals organized and helps them remain productive. The app allows its users to effectively manage their to-do lists, prioritize their tasks based on their importance, and ensure they meet all deadlines without compromising their efficiency.

Like Google Keep, Google Tasks is also a user-friendly and cross-platform app that can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices. And the web version is a little bit special, you need to open Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides to find the Tasks app.

Some of the key features of Google Tasks include managing task lists, adding or removing tasks, setting reminders, tagging the most important tasks, adding task details, and marking the completed tasks.

google keep vs tasks: What is Google Tasks

Google Tasks Vs Keep: Similarities and Differences

Google Tasks Vs Google Keep: Similarities

Given below are key similarities between Google Tasks and Google Keep:

  1. Integration: Since both Google Tasks and Keep have been developed by Google, users can integrate these apps with other Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar. This feature allows them to consolidate their information in one place and effectively manage their to-do lists.
  2. Availability on PC: Both Google Keep and Tasks are available on PC. You can access these apps from your web browser on any OS including Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS.
  3. Personalization: Google has made both these apps fully customizable so that users can personalize their interface the way they want. You can use different themes and add unique color combinations to change the appearance of your dashboard.
  4. Widgets: Users of Google Tasks and Keep can add widgets to their home screen to enjoy more flexibility, save time, and enhance their user experience.
  5. Ease of Use: When it comes to ease of use, both Google Keep and Tasks are user-friendly apps. Even those users who have limited technical knowledge can use these apps for higher productivity.
  6. Labeling: Whether you are using Google Keep or Google Tasks, you can label your tasks according to their type and prioritize them based on their importance
  7. Synchronization: Google Tasks or Keep are cloud-based apps. Your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere even if you lose or change your device.
  8. Reminders: You can set a task deadline with both Google Keep or Tasks and get reminders when the deadline approaches.

Google Keep Vs Tasks: Differences

Google Keep differs from Tasks in various aspects. Here are a few of the major differences:

  1. Collaboration: Google Keep makes team collaboration very easy and allows its users to share their notes with others quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, no collaboration features are available in Google Tasks as sharing task lists is not allowed.
  2. Voice Recognition: Google Keep offers a voice-to-text feature that allows users to speak the content they want to add to their notes or search lists with the power of speech. However, Google Task lacks this functionality.
  3. Interface: Google Task has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that keeps users focused and prevents them from getting distracted. On the other hand, Google Keep has a complex structure that is ideal for users who like personalization and want to abandon the list format.
  4. Outline: As long as task management is concerned, no one can beat Google Tasks as it is specifically task-oriented. Google Keep, however, is focused more on creating notes on innovative ideas or thoughts.
  5. Reminders: With Google Keep, users can make time and location reminders while Google Tasks offers time-based reminders only.
  6. Integration: Google Tasks is better integrated with Gmail while Google Keep works better paired with Google Docs.


The above Google Keep vs Tasks comparison shows both apps are great for task management and creating notes. However, they are designed for different purposes. Hence, choose your app based on your desired goals.

Google Tasks offers digital task management features to keep individuals organized and help them better manage their to-do lists. On the other hand, Google Keep is built for users who want to make digital notes of their thoughts and add more detail to their tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Google Tasks going away?

No, Google Tasks may be discontinued soon, but it is not going away completely. Instead, it is getting folded into Gmail.

2. What is better Google Keep or Google Tasks?

Google Tasks is far more advanced in terms of usability, task management, tracking, and customization. However, Google Keep is less favorable because it lacks business management features.

3. What is the best way to use Google Tasks?

The best way to use Google Tasks is to get started with a Gmail account and sync the app with Android.

4. Is Google Tasks good?

Yes, Google Tasks is the best app if you want to stay organized and achieve high productivity levels while maintaining your performance.

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