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MeisterTask Vs Trello: Which is Worth Your Time?

MeisterTask and Trello are two of the most popular Kanban-based task management tools used for managing projects and teams. But which tool is more efficient for your project? Check out the below MeisterTask vs Trello comparison to find a solution better tailored to your needs.
meistertask vs trello

There’s nothing better than Kanban-based project management. It is flexible, ensures continuous delivery, and helps teams increase their productivity and efficiency. Kanban boards enhance employees’ ability to focus on their most critical tasks and achieve operational efficiency while minimizing time wastage.

Whenever there is a discussion of Kanban-based project management tools, Meistertask and Trello take the lead. If you are also struggling to find the right task management software that meets your needs, read below the MeisterTask vs Trello comparison of features, interface, pricing, and customer rating.

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Trello Vs Meistertask: A Detailed Comparison Table

The following table presents a side-by-side comparison of MeisterTask with Trello:

SoftwareMeistertask Trello
What it is MeisterTask is a fully automated, robust, and intuitive project and task management tool to help teams plan, organize, and prioritize their work, quickly and efficiently. With Meistertask, team leaders can effectively manage their projects and give their product teams more time to innovate. The software makes information sharing easier for everyone through cross-team collaboration. Projects managers can ensure seamless time management through Kanban-style project boards and checklists and make data-driven decisions to achieve long-term sustainability.Trello is a cloud-based digital Kanban board and task management tool. It enables project managers, designers, marketers, and developers to organize their tasks and make each task visible on a Kanban board. You can organize and manage tasks, project boards, and notes in an intuitive, flexible, and interactive manner. Besides, the software enables its users to add cards to the board representing their team’s processes, use lists to record their personal tasks and ideas, and drag cards from one list to another.
Key FeaturesMeisterTask offers these exclusive features:

1. Project Management: Visualize your projects from Kanban-style boards and optimize your workflow.

2. Task Management: Use a fully customizable dashboard to specify task requirements, set agendas, assign tasks, and set deadlines.

3. Time Tracking: A built-in tracker to record the time spent on each task and monitor your team’s performance.

4. Checklists: Multiple checklists to make sure your project meets the client’s requirements.

5. View: Trello offers 4 task views including timeline, board, calendar, and Gantt chart.

6. Files: Attach files, docs, and images to your tasks up to 200MB.

7. Tags: Organize the most important tasks by category, priority, or client.

8. Filters: Apply different filters to search project tasks by deadline, assignee, status, observer, tag, or schedule 
Trello offers these exclusive features:

1. Butler: A powerful no-code automation feature named butler that literally automates everything.

2. Cards: Put your files, task descriptions, project assignees, deadlines, and subtasks in Trello cards.

3. Power-ups: An impressively long list of add-ons named power-ups for extended control over teams and projects.

4. Views: Seven project views including timeline, board, dashboard, workspace, table, map, and calendar.

5. Integrations: A wide range of third-party integrations in 11 different categories.

6. Kanban Boards: Fully customizable Kanban boards to oversee project progress in real-time.

7. Templates: Preset board templates in 5 categories including team management, marketing, sales, design, and productivity.

8. Files: Add files to your tasks with unlimited storage.
InterfaceA beautiful, customizable, and easy-to-use user interface where you can overview your projects, pending or completed tasks, and relevant notifications in a single dashboard. You can also add or remove different sections and personalize your dashboard to effectively manage your workload and enjoy an intuitive project management experience.Like MeisterTask, Trello also has a visually-appealing, flexible, and powerful interface with customization functionality. Its dashboard acts as a productivity powerhouse where you can get a clear view of your projects in Kanban boards or lists. Particularly, Trello cards are amazing as you can put all your key information in cards and move your cards along lists as your project progresses.
Free VersionThe free version offers the following features:
1. Unlimited project members
2. 3 projects
3. Mobile apps
4. Customizable dashboard
5. 20MB file attachment
6. Email support
7. Multiple team members
8. Integration limitations
The free version offers the following features:
1. Unlimited power-ups/board
2. Up to 250 workspace commands
3. Up to 10 boards/workspace
4. 10MB file attachment
5. Unlimited Trello cards
6. Unlimited activity log
7. Mobile apps
8. 2FA
9. Assignee and deadline
Paid VersionPro:$4.19
Business: $10.39
Enterprise: Custom 
Standard: $5
Premium: $10
Enterprise: $17.50 
Platforms SupportedMeisterTask supports the following platforms:
1. iOS
2. Android
3. macOS
4. Windows 
Trello supports the following platforms:
1. Web
2. Android
3. iOS
4. Windows
5. macOS
6. Chrome
7. Firefox
8. Edge
9. Safari 
Customer RatingG2: 4.6/5
TrustRadius: 9.5/10
Capterra: 4.7/5
GetApp: 4.7/5
Software Advice: 4.5/5 
G2: 4.4/5
TrustRadius: 8.3/10
Capterra: 4.5/5
GetApp: 4.5/5
Software Advice: 4.5/5 
Trello Vs Meistertask: AdvantagesThe following features give MeisterTask a competitive edge over Trello:

1. Time tracking feature enables project managers to monitor team performance and forecast estimated time for pending tasks.

2. You can set your goals and milestones to effectively manage the planning-dependent tasks.

3. MeisterTask offers a private board called agenda to organize your personal tasks or projects.

4. Get deep insights into your team productivity, projects, and workload with detailed reports.
The following features give Trello a competitive edge over MeisterTask:

1. Power-ups bring value to project management and make third-party integrations very convenient.

2. Butler automation is powerful no-code automation with extended functionality.

3. Add the most important tasks and information in cards and control your entire project tasks with a few clicks.

4. Visualize your project tasks in six different views. 

MeisterTask Vs Trello: Which One is Your Option

While both MeisterTask and Trello are two great project management tools, I personally like Trello because its better customizable features offer extended control over projects.

As indicated in the above MeisterTask vs Trello comparison, Trello offers advanced exclusive features like Butler automation, Trello cards, and Power-ups. Moreover, the platform is more economical than MeisterTask and supports multiple platforms including web, desktop, smartphone, and browsers.

Hence, my preferred choice for Kanban-style project management is Trello.

FAQs About Meistertask and Trello

1. Is MeisterTask safe?

Yes, MeisterTask is 100% secure and offers extended data protection against cybersecurity threats.

2. Does MeisterTask have an app?

Yes, MeisterTask offers both desktop and mobile apps.

3. Does MeisterTask have a calendar?

Yes, MeisterTask has a calendar feature.

4. Is Trello really free?

Yes, Trello offers both free and premium pricing plans with varying functionalities.

5. Why is Trello so popular?

Trello’s popularity lies in its powerful Butler automation, Power-ups, and Trello cards.

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