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NTask Vs Monday: Which Is Right for You?

Searching around and finally narrowing down to comparing NTask vs Monday but still cannot make a decision. No worry. Read this blog post with a detailed comparison to find which one is better.
ntask vs monday

Monday and nTask are two popular project management software. They both offer a variety of features and benefits that can help businesses to better manage their projects. But which one is the right solution for your business?

In this NTask vs Monday article, we’ll compare NTask and Monday in terms of features, pricing, advantages, and disadvantages. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of which solution is right for your business.

What is NTask?

nTask is a project management software developed specifically for non-technical people who need to collaborate on projects. It can help you simplify your project planning, resource management, task dependencies, financial summary, and project deliverables.

ntask vs monday: What is NTask?

Key Features:

Visual Progress Management: nTask offers a Gantt chart that shows the progress of your project at a glance. This can help you track the tasks that are behind schedule and identify potential risks.

Project Resource Management: nTask lets you add team members to your projects and assign tasks to them. You can also see how much work each team member has been allocated and how they are performing.

Flexible Task Management: nTask provides a variety of task management features such as task dependencies, subtasks, recurring tasks, and priorities. This can help you better manage your project tasks and ensure that they are completed on time.

Team Collaboration: nTask includes features such as chat, comments, and file sharing that can help team members to collaborate on projects.

Effective Timesheet Management: nTask’s timesheet feature lets you track the time spent on each task and generate reports. This can help you to improve your project estimation and resource allocation.

Project Deliverables: nTask lets you create project deliverables and track their progress. This can help you ensure that your project is on track and meet its deadlines


Here are some of the key advantages of nTask.

  1. Utilizes kanban board views to optimize work and planning
  2.  Creates a unique workflow for each condition.
  3. It provides task-specific progress graphs so you can understand where you can make improvements.
  4. It enhances team productivity, simplifies all difficult information, and increases total openness.
  5. Provides tools like sub-tasks, integrations, and more to track projects and progress in real time.


What are the disadvantages of using NTask?

  1. Large files require more time to attach
  2. Not recommended for teams with more than 50 members.
  3. The app lacks advanced reporting tools.
  4. The response time for tickets from the support team occasionally exceeds the expected time of response delivery.


The basic or entry-level package costs $3 per month. The business plan starts at $8 per month while the enterprise plan is available upon request.

A 7-day free trial is available for both the basic and business plans.

ntask vs monday: What is NTask?

Customer Ratings

  • NTask has received 94 reviews and a Capterra score of 4.1.
  • NTask has 16 reviews overall and a 4.4 rating on G2.com.
  • NTask received 51 reviews on Sourceforge, with an overall rating of 4.4 from reviewers.

Customer Support

NTask offers email support, live chat, and a knowledge base.

What is Monday?

Monday.com is a project management platform designed for teams of all sizes. With Monday.com, teams can stay aligned on tasks, processes, and goals while collaborating seamlessly in one central place. The platform offers a variety of features to help teams work efficiently and effectively, including task management, calendar integration, time tracking, reporting & analytics,

Monday.com strives to provide a collaborative space for teams to stay aligned, agile, and efficient in everything they do, whether they need to streamline employee goals, create a comprehensive marketing plan, run a social media campaign or develop a time tracker.

ntask vs monday: What is Monday

Key Features

Task Management: Monday.com provides a flexible and visual way to manage tasks, projects, and processes all in one place. Users can drag and drop tasks into different columns to prioritize and organize them, set deadlines, and assign team members.

Calendar Integration: Monday.com integrates with Google Calendar so users can see their tasks and project deadlines in one central place. This makes it easy to stay on top of assignments and avoid overlap in scheduling.

Time Tracking: Monday.com’s time tracking feature allows users to see how much time is being spent on each task or project. This is valuable for understanding where bottlenecks are occurring and where improvements can be made in efficiency.

Reporting & Analytics: Monday.com provides users with valuable insights through reports and analytics. This data can be used to improve project management strategies and make more informed decisions.

Workflow Automation: Monday.com’s workflow automation feature allows users to automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on more important work. This can be a huge time-saver for teams and help them work more efficiently.

Templates: Monday.com offers a variety of templates to help users get started with their project management. This is a great way to save time and ensure that projects are well-organized from the start.

Support for Agile Methodology: Monday.com is designed to support agile methodology with features like task boards, Kanban views, and sprint planning. This makes it a great choice for teams that are already using or considering using agile methodology.

Project Portfolios: Monday.com’s project portfolios allow users to see all of their projects in one place so they can easily track progress and identify any issues that need to be addressed. This is a valuable tool for keeping projects on track and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Change request and Case Management: Monday.com’s change request and case management features allow users to submit, track, and manage changes to projects. This is a valuable tool for keeping projects on track and ensuring that only approved changes are implemented.


Here are the advantages of using Monday project management software;

  1. Perfect for groups or businesses with multiple users.
  2. Strong project management and organization that is dependable.
  3. Monday has an extremely powerful and versatile communication tool
  4. Monday has amazing tracking capabilities


Here are the disadvantages of using Monday project management software;

  1. New users can be overwhelmed. There seems to be too much activity going on.
  2. Monday can be expensive for some users, especially for small businesses with teams.
  3. Some users complain that the Integration capabilities are limited.


Individual, basic, Standard, Pro, and enterprise are the names of Monday.com’s five different price categories that are currently available. While the basic package costs $8 per month per user, the Individual plan is completely free of charge.

Both the standard plan package and the Pro plan may be purchased for a monthly fee of $10 for each user and $16, respectively. The enterprise plan is available upon request.

ntask vs monday: Monday price

Customer Ratings

  • With over 2700 reviews, Monday on Capterra.com has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.
  • G2.com has given Monday.com a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and has received over 6200 client reviews.
  • Most significantly, Monday.com has over 2700 reviews overall and a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on GetApp.com.
  • 68 users have given Monday a rating on SourceForge.net, giving it an average of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5.

Customer Support

Monday also has a contact form on its website, which users may fill out if they want to get in touch with the organization.

Customers who have questions about a problem can also use Monday’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Guides, and Community for assistance.

Additionally, prominent review websites such as Capterra and G2 have given Monday high marks for having excellent customer assistance.

NTask Vs Monday: Which One is Better?

Here is a table that clearly compares NTask Vs Monday for you to make a better decision when choosing the right project management software for your brand.

Key Features– Visual Progress Management
– Resource Management
– Flexible Task Management
– Team Collaboration
– Effective Timesheet Management
– Project Deliverables
– Task Management
– Calendar Integration
– Time Tracking
– Reporting & Analytics
– Automation
– Templates
– Agile Methodology
PricingBasic – $3/month
Business – $8/month
Individual – $0
Basic – $8/month per user
Standard – $10/month per user
Pro – $16/month per user
Customer Rating (5-star rating)Capterra – 4.1 (90+ reviews)
G2 – 4.4 (10+ reviews)
GetApp (90+ reviews)
Sourceforge 4.4 (51 reviews)
Capterra – 4.6 (2700+ reviews)
G2 – 4.7 (6200 reviews)
GetApp – 4.6 (2700+ reviews)
Sourceforge – 4.7 (68 reviews)
InterfaceEase-to-useUser-friendly Interface
Customer Support24/7 Customer supportGood customer assistance

NTask Vs Monday:  Final Words

Project management is essential for any organization that wants to increase its productivity while managing workload. We can see from this  NTask vs Monday review that both tools score high on almost all the necessary features of a good project management tool. They are both feature-rich, user-friendly, and highly rated by users.

What sets Monday apart is its extensive capabilities and the sheer number of its users, which reflects in the number of reviews.

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