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10 Best Project Management Software for Small Business

Project management software helps a lot to grow and scale small business. Click here to find the top 10 best project management software for small business.
project management software for small business

Did you just set up a small company and now muddling around to find good project management software for small businesses?

A good project management tool plays a prime role in paving your path to success. It helps to streamline complex projects, assign tasks, and juggle everything else worthy on your plate.

But with more than 100 project management software out there worldwide, finding THE BEST is never easy.

So, to help you out, we have narrowed the list to the top 10 PM software for small businesses to choose from.

The Criteria for Choosing the Best Small Business Project Management Software

Picking the best PM software has never been easy. There are lots of PM software in the digital arsenal, and each has a plethora of features to offer. So, here is the list of key factors that you must look for in project management before buying it:

● User Interface

The user interface UI of the PM tool should be easy to walk through and navigate. A clumsy, messed-up interface can leave you in never-ending trouble.

● Integrations

It should have integrations with the most popular tools and apps like Google, Outlook, Dropbox, etc.

● Price Range

The small team or the business plan of the project management tool should not be too high. It should fall in a range that is easily accessible for small businesses and startups of all kinds.

● Support

It should have good customer support, including email addresses, calls, tutorials, documents, etc.

● Add ons

Apart from the above-mentioned features, having some additional features like task management, better collaboration, help desks, time trackers, etc., will do the work of cherry on the cake.

10 Best Project Management Software for Small Business

Running a business, no matter what size and nature, has always been challenging. So, here is the list of the ten best project management software that can help you establish a strong foundation and excel in this field.

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the best PM tools for small businesses as it offers a kick of all the exclusive and top-notch features in its free plan. The best part is that it provides more than 11 different ways to view the tasks and coordinate accordingly. Moreover, it has extra features like dashboards, whiteboards, collaboration tools, etc., to align the teams.

project management software for small business - ClickUp

Key Features:

  1. 11 different views
  2. Multiple time trackers
  3. Offers various collaborative and communication tools
  4. Real-time reporting to tasks
  5. Reminders and task management tools
  6. Formula fields

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

Here are a few reasons why I consider ClickUp the best free project management software for small businesses:

  1. Its free plan offers all the features a small business can fall in need of. Moreover, you can include unlimited users and tasks.
  2. It has native integration with apps and tools like Zapier, Gmail, Outlook, Dropbox, etc.
  3. You can design and customize the whole dashboard according to your ease.

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2. Monday

Looking for an all-in-one solution PM software for your small business? Then definitely Monday offers you the best package. It is easy to navigate and access software with lots of features and integrations that users can feel the need of. And what can be better proof that names like Hulu, Adobe, and Unilever have always relied on Monday.com as their best PM tool.

best small business project management software - Monday

Key Features:

  1. 360-degree feedback
  2. Drag and Drop task management
  3. Tracking and monitoring of workload and assigned tasks
  4. Includes to-do lists

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. Its entry-level plans are highly affordable
  2. You don’t need to spend extra bucks on onboarding tools training
  3. The user interface is very clean and intuitive
  4. It offers a lot of flexibility and scalability.

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3. Trello

When considering the best PM software for startups, we surely can’t forget to mention Trello, which is simply more than an organization app. It empowers you to manage projects and workloads in a very easy way.


Key Features:

  1. View or back/front cards
  2. Offers organization with labeling, comments, and tags
  3. Drag and drop editing
  4. Offers free present templates
  5. Butter automation
  6. Agile workflow mechanism

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. It has a very easy learning curve
  2. Trello integrates with more than 200 apps
  3. The free plan can be used by unlimited users
  4. Offers customization and Kanban board even in the free plan.
  5. Has a very clean interface and works on agile methodology

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4. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the best PM software, offering everything from group chats to to-do lists. It is setting waves in the world of remote project management software due to its exclusive features and integrations.


Key Features:

  1. To-do list feature
  2. Real-Time communication and tracking
  3. Reports of tasks and people who are doing it
  4. Hill charts to track projects

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. It has a plethora of communication features
  2. Provide real-time tracking and feedback
  3. Check-ins can be customized as per need.
  4. Last but not least, its flat rate pricing makes it ideal for small businesses.

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5. Asana

Since Asana offers quite pricier plans, you might be thinking, why have I mentioned it in this category?

Well, although its plans are pricier, there is a free plan also, which works ideal for small companies and businesses with up to 15 people.


Key Features:

  1. Customizable dashboards
  2. Focus mode and different types of views
  3. Custom Calendar
  4. Live progress tracking
  5. Group discussions, @ mentioning, and various other collaborative features

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. Its free plan can add up to 15 persons, making it suitable for small businesses.
  2. There are a chunk of good features for small businesses, including unlimited storage
  3. The interface is quite easy to walk through.

6. Hive

Hive is a cloud collaboration-based PM software that is best for businesses of all sizes, let it be startups or big, established ones. It acts as both a part PM and part AI tool that helps in automation and custom workflow.


Key Features:

  1. Open source tool with large query database
  2. Low-level, easy-to-approach interface
  3. Hive unique query language that allows custom offers
  4. Supports different file formats
  5. Uses partition and buckets scheme for retrieving data faster

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. It is comparatively cheaper
  2. Acts as both a PM tool and algorithm manager
  3. It helps to organize new projects and navigate backlog

7. Notion

If you are looking for a combo of affordability, simplicity, and ease, Notion got your back. It offers a kit of power-packed features at a very optimal price.


Key Features:

  1. Task prioritization
  2. Shared calendar with all the important dates and timelines
  3. Collaborative features like @mentioning, feedback, real-time tracking
  4. A gallery of templates called Notionary includes the third-party templates in addition to its own templates

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. It is easy to use
  2. Acts as a centralized hub that helps in organizing, managing, and collaborating features without costing an arm or a leg of small business
  3. Where the free version offers a lot of features, the paid version isn’t even that expensive or costly.

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8. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a collaborative PM tool that allows users to collaborate and organize the work in spreadsheet format. Moreover, it offers real-time tracking and reporting. It is for both small and large companies.


Key Features:

  1. Live tracking and reporting
  2. Seamless team management
  3. Task automation
  4. Shared sheet for collaboration
  5. Offers different views, including the Gantt view
  6. Portfolio management

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. All the plans fall in a pretty affordable range
  2. It provides different ways to view data
  3. Smartsheet comes with a bug and time tracking feature

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9. Airtable

Airtable is also a spreadsheet-style PM tool mainly used for content creation and organization, along with task tracking and sharing databases.


Key Features:

  1. Pre-made template gallery
  2. Custom views
  3. Task management and time tracking
  4. Database functionality
  5. Email Integration

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. Its free plan offers all the features that should be enough for small firms
  2. The user interface is very simple
  3. It allows both content creation and project management.

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10. Wrike

With more than 2 million users, Wrike is famous software in the global world of project management and isn’t bound to any introduction. It boasts various features and benefits to its users at a very optimal price range.


Key Features:

  1. File organization and management
  2. Collaborative editing
  3. Various communication tools
  4. Real-time reporting
  5. Time tracker with visual timelines

Why Recommend This for Small Businesses?

  1. Its free plan is perfect for new, small businesses
  2. It has a handy schedule tool that helps users to manage and divide tasks with no experience
  3. Comes with good customer support and easy navigate interface

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Good project management software helps a lot in organizing and streamlining projects. Moreover, they allow users to divide complex projects into milestones, create and assign tasks, and track progress.

So, wisely choose the PM software from the above list of the best project management software for small business that fits the need and criteria of your company the most!

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