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10 Best Project Management Software Worth Your Try

There are so many project management software on the market and not easy to select the one that is suitable for you. No worry, you can have a correct choice from these top 10 project management software with features, highlight, customers’ reviews, etc.

Project management software is an online application or tool that helps plan, organize and manage the resources for useful outcomes. These software applications perform these tasks in less time using multiple features.

There are many tools provided by different companies with different features and focuses. How to choose one that you need? If you are struggling with making a decision, you should go over these top 10 project management software. We will help you make a decision easier by listing all features, highlights, customers’ reviews, etc.

Keep on reading with us.

Project management software
Project management software
Project management software -monday.com
Project management software -monday.com

The most popular project management software is Monday.com. It can plan, manage, and collaborate on any project and portfolio.


  • Automation saves time and prevents repetitive work.
  • Kanban helps to prioritize tasks and balance the demands of the project.
  • Dashboards help to simplify decision-making in real time.

Highlights: Different products for different business groups. It will help customize the dashboard for you based on your requirements.

What users like most:

  • Streamline the projects to deliver optimum performance.
  • Centralize and plan projects from start to end.
  • Monitor the performance of the teammates to make confident decisions.

What users do not like:

  • It does not provide information from a single bird’s eye view.
  • It does not allow communication between teammates via the chat option.

Free version: Lifetime free for personal use. Up to 2 seats.


Basic price: $8 per seat/month

Standard price: $10 per seat/month

Pro price: $16 per seat/month

All are billed yearly.

Best for: Marketing, small businesses, IT, remote work, and inventory management.

2- ClickUp – Simple Project Management Software

Best project management software - ClickUp
Best project management software – ClickUp

ClickUp is a cloud-based simple project management software tool that keeps a fast track of the project by assigning tasks to the team members.


  • The Kanban board system creates a perfect workflow, and you can see all the boards in a single glance.
  • Gantt charts give a bird’s eye view of the project and quickly schedule multiple projects.
  • The dashboard acts as a mission control center and gives a high-level overview.

Highlights: Its whiteboard, chats, and document features are their unique features.

What users like most:

  • Track the entire project from beginning to end with beautiful views and make the project planning a breeze.
  • It stays on track to hit the project goals and plans smarter with time-tracking insights.
  • You can start planning your project via readymade templates, and you can build your own.

What users do not like:

  • Versatile and too many features make people overwhelmed by its complexity during initial project setups.
  • The user interface needs improvements related to color, empty spaces, and small-sized fonts.

Free Version: ClickUp is free forever with a 100MB storage capacity.


Unlimited Plan: $5 per member/month

Business Plan: $12 per member/month

Business Plus Plan: $19 per member/month

All are billed yearly.

Best for: Remote Team, Marketing,  Human resource companies, and Engineering companies.

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3- NTask – Easy project management software

Project management software tool - NTask
Project management software tool – NTask

NTask enables team collaboration for effectively planning, analyzing, and managing everyday tasks.


  • Set project milestones and break them into smaller tasks that are easily achievable.
  • Plot and manage projects with ease and allocate resources for projects.
  • Meet timelines with faster project completion features.

Highlights: The only risk management online software.

What users like most:

  • Fosters collaboration and team communications using the chat option.
  • Optimizes planning and work using kanban board views.
  • Efficient task tracking capability in real-time.

What users do not like:

  • Inability to see the visuals in one project window because it can attach documents and photos.
  • Missing advanced reporting features.

Free Version: No free version is available, but only a 14-day free trial is available.


Premium plan: $3 per member/month

Business plan: $8 per member/month

All are billed yearly.

Best for: Designers, freelancers, NGOs, Marketers, and project managers.

4- ProofHub – All-in-one Project Planning Software

Project planning software - Proofhub
Project planning software – Proofhub

ProofHub is a cloud-based solution for project management, project collaboration, resource management, and task management. Due to the versatility of its features, it is one of the basic project management software.


  • Table view plans and organizes projects properly. Assign tasks, and filter data based on priority.
  • Boards define the stage of your work and see where your team stands.
  • Shared calendar plan, managed and visualized the task, and set automatic reminders.

Highlights: Its price is very cheap for big companies as it is for unlimited members.

What users like most:

  • All tools are in one place.
  • Full control of the manager.
  • Unlimited user access.
  • Easy and fast communication between users.

What users do not like:

  • Proofhub cannot provide an estimation and management of the budget for the project.
  • There is no option for recurring tasks.

Free Version: The free version is available only for 14 days. No learning curve was found.

Price: Two plans are available.

 Essential Plan: $45/month for unlimited members, billed yearly.

Ultimate Control plans: $89/month for unlimited members, billed yearly.

Best for: Companies with a lot of members.  Event management, marketing, real estate, and engineering projects.

Popular project management software - Teamwork
Popular project management software – Teamwork

Teamwork is very popular used. It is simple to use but powerful for project management.


  • Integrate with the famous tools you already use, i.e., Google Drive, Zero, Slack, Dropbox, Zapier, etc.
  • All in one package because advanced features for complex projects are also available.
  • Keep everyone accountable by tracking the individual contribution to the project.

Highlights: Scale into a full platform and can manage the whole business alone.

What users like most:

  • Cheaper as compared to others.
  • Build stronger professional relationships among users.
  • Shared responsibility and accountability of team members.

What users do not like:

  • It has the potential for conflict among users.
  • Users are fed up with never-ending meetings.

Free Version: Available for a lifetime but limited to 5 users.

Price: Three price plans are available known as Deliver, Grow (recommended), and Scale.

Deliver Plan: $10 per user/month

Grow Plan: $18 per user/month

Scale Plan: Contact Sales

All are required to be billed yearly.

Best for: Agencies, professional services, marketing teams, and remote work.

6- Asana – Flexible Project Management Platform

Project management platform - Asana
Project management platform – Asana

One of the best web and mobile-based project management platforms is Asana. It builds project plans, coordinates tasks, and hits deadlines.


  • Automated processes to coordinate your teams.
  • Strategic goals are set up and track progress.
  • Desktop and mobile apps are available to sync your work in real time.

Highlights: Performance evaluation of teammates.

What users like most:

  • Expanded integration with other applications
  • It runs smoothly and in an organized manner.
  • Keep track of the individual contributors and set deadlines for task completion.

What users do not like:

  • The time tracking feature is not available.
  • Requires some experience in project execution.

Free Version: Available for a lifetime, but it does not help in portfolios.

Price: Two price plans are available; premium, and business.

Premium Plan: $10.99 per member/month

Business Plan: $24.99 per member/month

Best for: Remote project management, engineering, marketing, and sales.

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7- Wrike – Easy Project Management Software

Easy project management software - Wrike
Easy project management software – Wrike

Wrike is a SaaS (Software as a service) product that manages, tracks and schedules the streamlined project.


  • Customized tools for any team according to their needs.
  • Instant 360°visibility helps to find the information quickly and make quick decisions.
  • Enable better collaboration to share files, tasks, and reports instantly.

Highlights: The special feature only this software has is a bird’s eye view of the project.

What users like most:

  • This app is best configurable according to the needs of the users.
  • It provides good customer service through manuals and online chat support.
  • It keeps a good third-party integration with other apps such as Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Office 365, Excel, and MS Project as well.

What users do not like:

  • New users found it overwhelming.
  • Lack of filter options, so I can not control the dashboard’s display.

Free Version: Available only for centralized task management.

Price: Most valuable price plan is named business plan (costs 24.8 $/month).

Best for: Professional services, marketing, and product development.

8- Jira – Easiest Project Management Software

Easiest project management software - Jira
Easiest project management software – Jira

It is important to remain updated about the project tasks, and Jira makes this possible for you by sending Emails and messages on your mobile phone. Also, it is cost-effective and cheap.


  • Agile boards manage the work efficiently.
  • Scrum boards break the project into simple, manageable pieces.
  • Roadmaps give visibility into the context so that quick decisions can be made.

Highlights: Quick issue tracking.

What users like most:

  • Jira is famous for its flexibility and adaptability to do tasks.
  • Effective communication between stakeholders and management.
  • It fixes bugs therefore used by my organization.

What users do not like:

  • It can embed Emails, spreadsheets, and documents.
  • It cannot process the native language.

Free Version: Available for a lifetime. You cannot add more than 10 users to your project.

Price: Multiple price plans are available with monthly and annual billing.

Standard plan: $75 per month

Premium plan: 145 per month

Best for any type and any size of the team.

9- Airtable – Basic Project Management Software

Basic project management software - Airtable
Basic project management software – Airtable

Among the top 10 project management software, Airtable is the easiest project management software. It is a low-code database and deals with different types of data.


  • Interface design is attractive, easy to use, colorful and customizable, making it popular project management software.
  • Sync data across the teams and tables.
  • Multiple views enable tracking the progress through different aspects.

Highlights: Different data types can be manipulated in a single grid view.

What users like most: 

  • App integration for project management.
  • Collaboration within the team through messages.
  • Create a strong foundation of workflow.

What users do not like:

  • Airtable is not cost-effective, which depends on how much you use it.
  • Airtable can not collaborate between different teams.

Free Version: Available for short-term projects without revision or snapshot history.

Price: Airtable plus, pro (most popular), and enterprise plans are available at different costs.

Plus plan: $10 per seat/month

Pro plan: $20 per seat/month

Best for: Suitable for CRM, freelancers, marketing, and small business projects.

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10- Basecamp – Cheap Project Management Software for Big Companies

Cheap project management software - Basecamp
Cheap project management software – Basecamp

The hectic and time-consuming process of remote work projects is now being replaced by Basecamp. It is one of the best project management platforms that organize the scattered pieces of the remote project within no time.


  • Basecamp exclusive Hill Charts help to track the work. Work is similar to a hill having an uphill and a downhill phase.
  • Schedules the events with date and time using Google calendar and outlook.
  • Campfires which are real-time group chats, promote collaboration among colleagues.

Highlights: Campfires, ping, unlimited projects, best project management software for remote project management.

What users like most:

  • All in one package for the remote data projects.
  • Built-in communication keeps everyone up to date.
  • Favorable pricing and great customer support.
  • Reduced chances of data loss due to efficient backup features.

What users do not like:

  • Basecamp has no time-tracking system.
  • It has no tags and labels; advanced features are also missing.

Free Version: Basecamp has a free version that works for 30 days.

Price: For personal use: 1 GB storage space + 20 users + 3 projects.

For Basecamp Business: $99 per month with 500 GB storage space, unlimited users, and unlimited projects.

Best for: Suitable for personal projects, small teams, small projects, freelancers, and students.

It is Your Turn Now

We have discussed the best project management software so far. Always choose a platform that best matches your project and is cost-effective. Consider the advanced features of the software as well and pick that project management software with a greater pros-to-cons ratio (Pros: cons).

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