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Rally Vs Jira: Who Wins the Fight?

Are you looking for the best software for agile project management? Check out the following Rally vs Jira comparison of the two best agile solutions and choose the best one that meets your organizational needs.

If you’re a tech guru, you must be familiar with the term agile methodology. It is a revolutionary project management approach that focuses on achieving smaller milestones to hit the ultimate goal before the deadline.

However, to make the most out of agile methodology, you need the right set of project management tools. Rally and Jira are the two most popular platforms used by agile teams to complete their projects on time while maintaining quality. Rally is an agile solution that allows mid-sized enterprises to plan, track, and continuously improve their work. Similarly, Jira is a fully-featured project management platform known for flexibility and customizable workflows.

In this article, we will explore Rally vs Jira by comparing their features and making the final recommendation based on this analysis.

So, let’s explore together!

Task Views

Rally has a Work Views feature where project managers can track, manage, and evaluate tasks and assign new milestones to multiple members. Instead of using different dashboards, you can collaborate with your team from a centralized hub, view and review the backlogs, set priorities, and track progress. The best part about Rally is that it offers multiple task views like list, timeline, and board.

Rally task views

On the other hand, Jira has Scrum boards and Kanban boards. They allow teams to promote iterative development through sprint planning and get full control over current and pending tasks. Besides, you can timely identify bottlenecks with the Work in Progress (WIP) feature and deliver better results.

Jira Task views


Both Rally and Jira have customizable dashboards that can be personalized as per users’ preferences. In Jira, for instance, users can drag and drop tile-type gadgets from their project’s dashboard overview. This way, you can get a clear picture of your project, make quick changes, and make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Jira dashboard

Rally, however, offers better app-based customization features as compared to Jira. In Rally, users can monitor team metrics, get instant notifications, and view individual work items all in one place. Additionally, Rally also enables project managers to add custom pages and include specific apps to save time and streamline operations.

Rally Dashboard


When it comes to reporting, Rally comes nowhere near Jira which offers a dozen agile reports like velocity charts, burndown charts, sprint reports, cumulative flow diagrams, etc. With Jira, managers can track their team’s performance and get real-time insights for data-driven decision-making. Besides, Jira makes it easy for users to evaluate their progress toward sprint goals and utilize their resources more efficiently.

Jira reporting

However, Rally has basic reporting tools with limited search options and filters. Moreover, data from Rally needs to be exported to third-party platforms like Excel for further refinement.

Rally reporting


Jira’s dynamic workflow engine gives it a competitive edge over Rally. Jira users can streamline project management workflows by adding different functions, transitions, validators, and conditions at each step. Besides, multiple versatile plug-in modules make Jira the best software for dynamic workflow management.

Jira workflow

Unlike Jira, Rally comes with a fixed workflow with no or little room for diversity and personalization. The software doesn’t give users the ability to customize workflows as per their preferences.

Rally workflow


Both Jira and Rally come with built-in roadmaps that allow project managers to track progress against deadlines and evaluate their performance for specific milestones. However, Rally is the winner here.

Rally gives you a visual representation of your roadmap by showing the progress of each project. You can create and manage both product and portfolio roadmaps, particularly if you are managing multiple projects.

Rally roadmap

Conversely, Jira’s roadmaps are not as visually appealing as those of Rally. However, you can create a timeline of your plans with Jira, share work status, and change your priorities whenever needed. Most importantly, you can create and manage both project and program-level roadmaps with Jira which gives you the flexibility to choose the right level of detail for your needs.

Jira roadmap


When it comes to automation, Jira has a more flexible and comprehensive set of automation features that can be used to automate a wider range of tasks. With Jira’s powerful automation engine, you can create custom workflows and automate different tasks. Besides, Jira’s automation features are more flexible and deliver better results.

Jira automation

Similarly, Rally’s built-in automation engine allows you to create custom rules for automating specific tasks. Nevertheless, the automation features are focused on agile development only and lack as much flexibility as that offered by Jira.

Rally automation


Jira has a larger ecosystem of plugins and integrations as compared to Rally. Jira offers a variety of pre-built integrations with other popular tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Trello. You can easily extend Jira’s functionality with other tools and optimize your team’s performance. Moreover, these integrations are more flexible and can be used to connect with a wider range of tools, not just those related to agile development.

Jira extension

Rally also has a robust set of APIs that can be used to integrate with other tools and automate complex workflows. However, it lacks a marketplace like Jira where users can find thousands of apps and integrations to streamline their workflows and manage their projects. This means users cannot customize Rally due to limited integration options.

Rally extension

Jira Vs Rally Comparison: Final Verdict

We compared Jira with Rally and found that Jira has a dynamic workflow engine and offers better reporting capabilities than Rally. Besides, Jira has a much larger ecosystem of plugins and integrations as compared to that Rally. On the other hand, Rally comes with better app-based customization features and offers multiple task views for effective agile project management.

From this Rally vs Jira comparison, we can conclude that Rally is ideal for software firms that adopt agile methodology throughout the software development lifecycle. Rally is the perfect tool to line up with agile strategies and deliver software development projects on time.

Jira, however, stands out in terms of flexibility that allows teams to manage projects across diverse domains. Hence, small companies and startups should use Jira to streamline product development, customer support, and informed decision-making.

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