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Smartsheet Vs Jira: The Ultimate 2022 Battle

Smartsheet is a simple yet powerful project management tool, while Jira is an agile project management software. If you are looking for which one is better for you, then the comparison of Smartsheet Vs Jira will help to decide.
smartsheet vs jira

Jira was initially developed as an issue and bug-tracking software and was commonly used by software experts, but now it has evolved to offer a big picture. Jira is now a project management or development software that you can use to customize the project according to your requirements.

Smartsheet, unlike Jira, is simply a project management software with many features, making it a popular choice among individuals and businesses. The features offered by the Smartsheet include task management, team collaboration, and resource management. It also offers customization and automation features that help users to automate their tasks and enhance their productivity.

If you do not know which one is better in Jira vs Smartsheet comparison, then it is important to know the differences between the features of this two software. This comparison of Smartsheet Vs Jira will help you decide which is the best project management software for you and your business.

Smartsheet Vs. Jira: Features

To know which works better for you, we list all the differences in features between Jira and Smartsheet here.

1. Create and Assign Tasks/Issues

Smartsheet offers a ray of robust features when it comes to creating and assigning tasks. You can create the tasks in a table or list. You can also use the cards for task creation and assignments. If you are unfamiliar with task creation and assignment options, you can browse the templates offered. This isn’t all Smartsheet offers. you can also import files from different platforms, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Projects, and Google Sheets.

And when you add or change the column types, you can choose from 12 types including Text/Number, Date, Dropdown List, Symbols, etc.

jira vs smartsheet: Create projects in Smartsheet.

On the other hand, Jira allows you to create the task/issue, and then you can assign it to the resources based on the premade forms. You can also add a label to the task and add priority to it if it is important to you. Also, you can upload CSV or Excel to create the projects or create with templates.

And in the list view, it supports 10 column types such as Assignee, Status, Due Date, Reporter, etc.

smartsheets vs jira: Create project in Jira

We can easily find that Smartsheet is more powerful and flexible to create and assign tasks.

2. Project View

Once you have assigned the projects and the tasks to the different resources, the next step is the project view. You can see the project progress on the Smartsheet through the grid, card, Gantt, or calendar views.

SmartSheet views

On the other hand, Jira offers project views in the form of boards, lists, calendars, timelines, Forms, Pages, and Issues.

Jira views

3. Reports

Smartsheet and Jira offer different reports to the project managers. If we talk about the Smartsheet, it has to offer two types of reporting: row reports and sheet summary reports.

Smartsheet report

Jira is more flexible than Smartsheet in this aspect and offers reports in multiple forms through the burndown charts, time tracking, and Sprint report, which provides the workload on each resource. The report feature of Jira allows users to plan effectively and keep the workload and resources in mind.

Jira report

Moreover, Jira is much easier to set as it has templates and a fixed flow to follow while it may need to follow the tutorials to customize in Smartsheet.

4. Templates

Smartsheet and Jira both have to offer a variety of templates that you can choose according to your requirements. This saves you time from customizing a project from scratch. The Smartsheet offers a template gallery that constitutes 200+ templates, while Jira offers 34 templates. So if you are looking for a more flexible project management software that provides more customization, then go for Smartsheet.

Jira templates

5. Automation

Jira offers automation feature that helps you focus and prioritize important tasks while the software handles the rest.  It offers several popular-used templates for you to use. You can also set your own rules based on your needs and it is much easier to use as it offers some suggested triggers and all settings are followed with suggestions and options.

Jira automation

Smartsheet is also not left behind when it comes to automation. It helps you to automate basic tasks like sending reminders to the resources when they need to deliver the work or sending an alert when a project gets delayed. It also offers templates and allows you to customize them on your own per your requirements.

Smartsheet automation

But when you compare the automation in Jira and Smartsheet, you will find Smartsheet is easier to understand with precise flow and more templates.

6. Dashboard

Regarding the dashboard in Smartsheet vs Jira comparison, there are significant differences between the two.

Jira dashboard

Both offer a dashboard that shows the projects’ performance by extracting data from sheets. You can make different dashboards for different projects or one dashboard to visualize the performance of all the projects in one glance.

But you will find Smartsheet can allow you to share your dashboard with a single person while Jira can only share with groups.

Moreover, you can move and adjust your widget layouts with drag in Smartsheet but cannot do it in Jira.

And Jira can work with 32 widgets and Smartsheet, only with 7.

Smartsheet dashboard

7. Filter Features

Smartsheet offers filters that you can use to customize which data to show and hide in a sheet. The users can also share the sheets with others in the filter settings.

When it comes to Jira, the filter feature is almost similar to the Smartsheet, and you would be presented only the issues and data you need to see. These filter features come in handy in focusing on only the issues and information, which is crucial and ultimately saves your time.

8. Integrations

Regarding integrations, Jira is ahead of Smartsheet because it offers integrations with 3000+ Apps.

Smartsheet, on the other hand, also offers integrations with popular apps like Google, teams, and Drive, but the number of integrations is less than that of Jira.

Jira Vs. Smartsheet: Price

 Another crucial aspect of Jira Vs. Smartsheet is its pricing options. Here are the pricing plans offered by Jira:

The standard tier of Jira comes at $7.75 per user per month.The premium tier comes at $15.25 per user per month.You can contact support to know more about this tier or convert your billing method to an annual basis to know its pricing.

Here are the pricing plans of the Smartsheet:

The Pro tier comes at $7 per user per month if billed annually. This plan can accommodate up to 10 users. Thus it is useful for small teams or businesses with users of up to 10.The business tier comes at $25 per user per month if billed yearly. The business tier can be accessed if the team has a minimum of 3 users.The enterprise can be customized according to your requirements; thus, you can contact support for this tier.

So, the mentioned pricing tiers of both Jira and Smartsheet suggest that Jira is more pocket-friendly regarding business requirement.

Smartsheet Vs. Jira Portfolio: Customer Rating

When it comes to Smartsheet vs Jira portfolio, then here is the customer rating of Smartsheet:


Here is the customer rating of Jira:


The customer rating of Smartsheet is 3.5, while that of Jira is 3.4, making Smartsheet the ultimate winner.

Smartsheet Vs Jira: Conclusion

So that’s all about the Smartsheet Vs Jira. A detailed comparison of the features indicates that Smartsheet and Jira offer powerful project management features like task management, templates, project views, and reports.

But the difference between Jira and Smartsheet is that Jira is more powerful in project views, reports, and integration while Smartsheet is much easier to use with project-creating settings, templates, and automation flows. 

If you want more powerful features, then, choose Jira. If you need a much easier-to-use tool, then, go for Smartsheet.


  • Can Smartsheet pull data from Jira?

Yes, you can pull the data from Jira to Smartsheet.

  • Can we integrate Jira and Smartsheet?

Yes, according to the Smartsheer help center, you can integrate Jira with Smartsheet and track the Jira issues in Smartsheet.

  • Why do companies use Smartsheet?

Companies use Smartsheet mainly for project management as it offers many basic and advanced project management features like task management, project views, automation, and integration with numerous software that have made it a popular choice among companies like Lego, Pfizer, and JPL.

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