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Teamwork Vs Trello: What’s the Ideal Tool for You?

Are you sitting on the fence about making a decision on whether Teamwork or Trello is good for you? No worry! Here's a complete guide about Teamwork vs Trello to assist you in making a better choice according to your needs.
teamwork vs trello

Teamwork and Trello are project management platforms with arrays of unique features. Nowadays, many businesses rely primarily on project management apps to manage their workloads. The 2 mentioned in the start of this read are the most widely used. If you’re a freshman who is not sure which software is best for you to manage your and clients’ projects, then the below Teamwork vs Trello comparison table will be a problem solver for you.

Trello Vs Teamwork: Detailed Comparison

Here we’re putting everything together about Trello and teamwork, starting from what these are, their features, pricing, and the way long till their alternatives. The below list is as right as rain for you to jump on the bandwagon of project management. So keep reading to make a decision at a glance.

What It IsTeamwork is a project management software developed specifically for supervising projects with a myriad of solutions like different tracking views, reporting, and many more. Globally trusted by  20,000 companies with more than 4.75M users, Teamwork is one of the best projects and work management software.Trello is a web-based, straightforward, easy-to-use collaboration software that empowers users to organize various projects and workflows into boards. Adding checklists, files and automation are just a click away with the assistance of this tool. Trello has made it possible to trace who, where and what’s being done while managing remote projects.  
Website LinkVisit the official websiteVisit the official website
Headquarter and Company OwnerTeamwork is headquartered in Cork, Ireland, and owned by Daniel Mackey and Peter Coppinger. It was developed in 2007.Trello Enterprise developed Trello in 2014 and is headquartered in New York City, but 6 years ago, it was acquired by Atlassian. 
PurposesThis tool was designed to manage all clients’ work on a single platform which should be easy and simple so that every single company can use it. It assists in improving collaboration, accountability, and visibility of agencies and teams. The purpose of designing this web application is to let teams manage and track their workload collaboratively and productively. It provides solutions to ensure the completion of projects in a planned sequence. 
Target CustomersThe target audience for this software is marketing, advertising agencies, and information technology and services-based companies. Most of the customers originate from the United States with different niches.Mostly the United-States-based companies with development and technology services use this tool.  However, initially, it wasn’t developed for a specific audience. The only intent was to develop an app for any field.
Key Features
1-Task and project Management Along With Milestones
Teamwork mainly focuses on project management for teams. Users can split projects into multiple small tasks and create a list to keep the record. A task can be assigned to multiple members and tracked in real time with different views. The milestones assist you and your team to keep an eye on the interface to trace scheduled tasks to meet the deadlines and check the business growth. 

2- Template Library
The project template library of Teamwork makes it prominent among all its competitors. These templates assist teams in improving the work process, saving time, providing task reports, and many more. Now users can manage content, launch product plans and manage an advertising campaign with these templates on their hands. 

3- Add-ons and Integration 
Teamwork permits users to integrate with its native add-ons which include Desk, Space, CRM, and Chat for advanced planning, network growth, and better communication. And you can also integrate with third-party tools to achieve the goal of working in one place.  

4-Time Tracker
Teamwork allows you to track how long your your team members spend on one specific task which can help you optimize your schedule.  

You can organize or add anything to your dashboard. It is better for you to track the projects and know where to update them with one glance.

The built-in reporting feature can help you generate reporting with several clicks. It is helpful for you to analyze the projects and figure out where to get improved.
1- Task Management 
Trello manages tasks and projects based on the Kanban board. Each task is organized on boards. You can break the project into smaller tasks with cards and lists, assign them to team members, attach files, track via comments, and more. Moreover, you are also allowed to use Timeline, Table, Calendar, Map, and Dashboard to visualize your tasks or projects per your requirements.  

2-An Automation Butler Feature
Buttler is the built-in automation tool in Trello that automates a series of tasks based on your needs. What you should do is only to set a condition, action, and command in the butler, after which it’ll automatically react to make changes. 

3-Trello Integrations feature
Trello project management has become more advanced thanks to its multiple apps and add-ons famous as power-ups. You can integrate several apps, such as Dropbox and Google Drive into Trello. Some of these integration configurations are free, while others require paid subscriptions. 

Trello also provides many templates to create the board as you want. They are categorized into different aspects. You can pick up the one you need directly.  

Trello allows you to customize the card covers and colors. It is a special feature that only can be found in Trello.  

6-Team Collaboration
You can share files, comment on the tasks, view team tasks, and chat with third-party tools which make your collaboration with members easy.
Platforms SupportedMobile(iPhone/iPad/ Android)
All web browsers
Desktop (Windows / Mac) 
Mobile (iPhone / iPad/ Android)
All web browsers
Desktop (Windows / Mac)
PricingTeamwork offers 4 types of pricing plans:
1. Free forever.
2. Deliver plan costs $9.99 per month per user with annual billing.
3. Grow plan costs $17.99 per month per user with annual billing
4. Scale plan needs to contact sales to get a custom quotation. 
Trello also offers 4 pricing options as follows:
1. Free.
2. Basic plan: $5 per user per month.
3. Premium package: $10 / user for each month.
4. Enterprise plan costs $17.50 per user per month.
Note: All above price is charged yearly.
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 (732 reviews) from capterra.
4.5 out of 5 (732 reviews) from getapp.
4.4 out of 5 (1013 reviews) from g2.
8.7 out of 10 (223 reviews) from trustradius.
4.49 out of 5 (731 reviews) from softwareadvice. 
4.5 out of 5 (21.777 reviews) from  capterra.
4.5 out of 5 (21,777 reviews) from getapp.
4.4 out of 5 (12,887 reviews) from g2.
8.3 out of 10 (2,371 reviews) from trustradius.
4.5 out of 5 (21,882 reviews) from softwareadvice.
Customer SupportUsers can Guide, Webinars, email, phone,  live chat, or online form to access customer support to resolve their issues.Customers can get help via guide, online form, Trello community, Webinars,  or social media platforms for any issues like security concerns, billing questions, or more.
SercurityTeamwork uses HTTPS for all its domains to ensure security. The users can password-protect their profiles and benefit from two-factor authentication for advanced encryption. For Enterprise plan customers, the data is secured with the assistance of the AES-256 encryption algorithm.Trello software uses 28-bit advanced encryption standards (AES) and transport layer security (TLS) to encrypt and secure customers’ data.
Pros1. Assist users with easy task organization.
2. Myriads of customization options allow users to work efficiently.
3. The most efficient tool that continuously keeps updating.
4. Affordable.
5. Tons of native features to enhance functionality.
6. It’s the best option for fast-paced and flexible teams to manage their onboarding projects.
1. Trello can assist you in designing a financial budget plan to keep track of all expenses. 
2. The Trello boards assist you in completing the task on time, so you can never miss the deadline.
3. Instant notifications through email keep you updated about all changes.
4. Everyone can use it because of its simple and responsive design.
5. Suitable for organizing tons of tasks with a single click.
6. Ideally suited to agile processes.
Cons1. Difficult to manage due to its complexity of features.
2. It’s difficult to handle large projects. 
3. Supports only one language (English).
4. Limited reporting. 
1. Unable to manage complicated tasks as it works based on the Kanban board.
2. Lack of advanced features, like Docs, and Gantt charts.   
Microsoft Project

Teamwork Vs Trello: Which One is Better?

After the teamwork vs Trello discussion, you can find that each application has its own value.

But when you check its features, you are sure to find Teamwork is more powerful than Trello in project management. 

And if you need to manage complex projects, you can use Teamwork, and for small projects, choose Trello.

We suggest you can try free plans for both and choose the one that suits you the most.

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