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TickTick Vs Todoist 2022: Side by Side Comparison

To help you decide which to-do list app is the right for you, given below is a detailed TickTick vs Todoist comparison of features, pricing, and customer feedback. Check it out!
ticktick vs todoist

Ever wondered how some executives manage their extended to-do lists without losing focus on their core responsibilities? The answer is they use to-do list apps to keep themselves organized and effectively manage their routine tasks while maintaining productivity.

TickTick and Todoist are currently the leading task management platforms in today’s highly competitive productivity tools market. Both these apps offer several amazing features that help their users become more productive and efficient. Check out the following TickTick vs Todoist comparison of these two apps and pick up the best one meeting your needs.

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Todoist Vs TickTick: A Complete Comparison Table

Being the two most popular to-do list apps, TickTick and Todoist stand out in terms of ease of use, accessibility, and flexibility. The following table presents a side-by-side comparison of their key features, advantages, platforms supported, pricing, customer rating, and pros and cons. We are sure you can get a better idea of which one is your option after checking.

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IntroductionTickTick is a cross-platform task management app that allows its users to effectively manage their to-do lists and stay organized for higher productivity. This cloud-based platform is helpful for students, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and professionals across diverse fields. You can organize your routine tasks, collaborate with your team members, and effectively manage your schedules with this all-inclusive time management solution.Todoist is also a robust task manager mainly used by small and medium businesses. With more than 30 million users globally, Todoist stands out as one of the leading to-do list apps with enhanced task management functionalities. You can become more focused at the workplace, organize your work and life, and achieve your personal and professional goals with this amazing task management app. Besides, Todoist allows its users to prioritize the most important things and give them the confidence to get a clear view of their routine for higher productivity.
Key FeaturesGiven below are key features of TickTick:

1. Task Management
TickTick allows you to create tasks and subtasks, and assign them to your team members. It makes it easy for users to add tasks through voice input and turn their emails into tasks. Besides, iPhone users can add tasks via Siri while Android users can access advanced features by enabling Quick Ball. Moreover, you can change your lists to Kanban board view which can help you track the tasks much easier.

2. Smart Lists
View your current or upcoming tasks in smart lists and organize your to-do lists in folders, lists, tasks, and check items.

3. Task Prioritization
Set four different priority levels for your tasks: No priority, low, medium, and high. You can also add tags to your tasks or search your tasks in seconds。

4. Task Sorting
Sort your tasks by time, title, tag, and priority, or apply custom sorting filters for effective task management.

5. Remainders
Get deadline and location remainders, define task duration, enable alerts, or create multiple remainders for the most important tasks.

6. Pomodoro Timer
Stay focused and raise your productivity levels by practicing the Pomodoro technique while playing white noise in the background.

7. Team Collaboration
Share your project with others, assign tasks to team members, view task deadlines and status, and track the activity history.

8. Taking Notes
You can create notes under each task. The thing that is not good is that it does not have a format feature for note-taking.

9. Habits Tracking
You can track your habits when you are using the mobile app version.  
Given below are key features of Todoist:

1. Task Management
Stay organized all day and never miss a single deadline with Todoist. Convert your ideas to tasks in seconds, set deadlines, and add different sections and subtasks to feel calm and in control.

2. Team Collaboration
Todoist makes team collaboration as simple as you like. You can effectively manage your team’s workload by delegating tasks, sharing projects, and getting instant notifications.

3. Sync
Sync your projects and to-do lists across multiple devices with Todoist plugins and cross-platform apps. Review your pending tasks and assign work anytime, anywhere!

4. Task Prioritization
Stay focused all the time by seeing the right tasks at the right time. Set priority levels for your routine tasks, set reminders for time-sensitive tasks, and add favorites

5. Real-time Productivity Monitoring
Achieve big by setting SMART goals, visualizing your productivity trends, tracking the activity history, archiving completed tasks, and achieving karma levels.

6. Centralization
Connect Todoist to your email, add comments, upload files, and view your tasks in the calendar to centralize your to-do lists in one place.
Advantages in FeaturesThe following features give TickTick a competitive edge over Todoist:

1. Voice command feature allows users to add tasks faster and easier.

2. Folder feature enables users to manage a bunch of projects and make their to-do lists more organized.

3. Users can sort their tasks by time, tag, priority, or title. However, Todoist does not offer this feature.

4. You can set multiple periodic alerts to stay informed of your most important tasks and meet tight deadlines, while Todoist lacks this option
The following features give Todoist a competitive edge over TickTick:

1. Todoist Karma feature allows users to gauge their productivity levels and earn more points on task completion. Karma is much better than TickTick’s achievement score which is less appealing with certain limitations. 

2. Todoist users can attach as many files to their tasks as they want, but TickTick allows only one attachment per day.

3. Todoist supports teamwork by allowing 5 collaborations per project in a free plan. However, users need to purchase TickTick’s premium plan to access the collaboration feature.
Platforms Supported1. Windows
2. Mac
3. Linux
4. Web
5. Android
6. iPhone & iPad
7. Apple Watch
8. Chrome
9. Firefox
10. Outlook Add-on
11. Gmail Add-on
1. Windows
2. Mac
3. Linux Snapcraft
4. Linux AppImage
5. Android
6. iPhone & iPad
7. Apple Watch
8. Wear OS
9. Chrome
10. Firefox
11. Microsoft Edge
12. Safari
13. Gmail Add-on
14. Gmail Extension
15. Outlook
PriceBasic: $0
Premium: $2.4 
Free: $0
Pro: $4
Business: $6 
Customer RatingG2: 4.6/5
TrustRadius: 8.9/10
PCMag: 3.5/5
Capterra: 4.8/5
GetApp: 4.8/5 
G2: 4.4/5
TrustRadius: 8.9/10
PCMag: 5/5
Capterra: 4.6/5
GetApp: 4.6/5 
What Customers Like: 1. Offers all features for effective task management and productivity enhancement.

2. Beautiful and elegant themes.

3. Quick and intuitive app that syncs quickly and perfectly.

4. Multi-view and cross-platform functionality.
1. The best app for collaborating with different teams and sharing ideas.

2. Offers a variety of integrations.

3. Easy to understand even for beginners.

4. Useful iPhone gadget with a user-friendly interface.
What Customers Dislike: 1. The mobile version is a bit leggy.

2. A limited support forum.

3. Iffy privacy and security policies due to Chinese ties.

4. The user interface and layout need improvement.
1. Lacks true Kanban features and family accounts.

2. Often gives repetitive reminders which sometimes feels awkward.

3. Lacks custom views.

4. A bit pricy.

Todoist Vs TickTick 2022: Our Verdict

From this TickTick vs Todoist comparison, we concluded that TickTick is a better task management app because it is cost-efficient, offers advanced features, and has a better customer rating than Todoist. TickTick gives you the freedom to manage your to-do lists the way you like and allows you to add tasks faster with voice commands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there something better than Todoist?

Trello is the best alternative to Todoist and offers a variety of features to boost team productivity and efficiency.

2. Is TickTick worth it?

Yes, TickTick is a robust task management app with exclusive features like location-based reminders, folders, and voice commands.

3. Who owns TickTick app?

TickTick is owned by a San Francisco-based company Appest Inc. 

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