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5 Best To-Do List Apps for Businessmen and Students

This guide will highlight the best to-do list Apps available on the internet for businessmen and students. Read this proper guide to ensure that you have chosen the right App for your workflow.
to do list apps

In our normal life routine, a list of tasks awaits us every day. Some of these tasks are more essential than others. That is why to-do list apps come. These Apps helps reach your daily goal successfully and organize them correctly.

But the question is what are the best to do list apps for business owners and students?

In this guide, we have mentioned the top 2 best apps for businessmen and the top 3 best apps for students. Continue reading the article!

2 Best To-Do List Apps for Businessmen

These are the top 2 to-do list apps available for businessmen.

1. ClickUp

to do list app - ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one platform that offers users features like an online note-taking option, creating lists, and more. This platform also offers hundreds of customizable features which you can use to manage your daily routines. Moreover, you can easily create a task with features like a multi-functional to-do list and set your checklist within the comment section.

Why is it good

This app has hundreds of key features to help you create a perfect workflow. Here are some of the key features of ClickUp

  • This App offers abilities such as search and filtering. 
  • Global time tracking.
  • Comes with workflow automation
  • Customizable templates
  • Affordable pricing and a free plan
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Offers Drag and drop functionality

Devices Supported: 

These are the list of the device on which the ClickUp App is compatible.

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Chrome Extension

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2. Monday

best to do list app - Monday

Monday is an invaluable to-do list App for businesses of all sizes. This App makes it easy to collaborate on projects, track project progress, and track tasks in real time.

This is the best tool to fulfill your business purpose with features like sharing data and automating your everyday progress. You can easily stay connected and save time by managing your business from one place.

Why is it good

Here are the main reasons you should choose Monday as your to-do list App.

  • Provide straightforward interface
  • Offers top-notch security
  • Help in time tracking
  • Offers its users built-in reporting
  • Offers hundreds of customized templates, boards and workflow
  • Third-party integration will include all the App that you have used before

Devices Supported

Here is the list of devices with which Monday is compatible.

  • Desktop
  • macOS
  • IOS Smartphones
  • Android Phones

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3 Best To-Do List Apps for Students

These are the best to-do list Apps for students.

1. Todoist

to do list app - todoist

This App has grown in popularity in recent years and still evolving with some powerful features. With the help of this App, you can easily create a task and organize and prioritize tasks.

You can also label the task, customize them through different color codes, and add the due date to keep track of the task. One of the most powerful features of this App is Smart Schedule. You can add an optimum date for scheduling and then reschedule the current tasks.

Why is it good?

Here is the list of some notable features of Todoist.

  • Offers task creation and labeling
  • You can create the task directly from your email
  • Provides you with a built-in library of project templates
  • Notifications of email as well as SMS
  • You can prioritize your task according to your needs
  • Backup to make your data safe.

Devices Supported: 

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • IOS Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Apple Watch

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2. Any.do


If you want a straightforward application to create and manage your to-do list, then Any.do should be your first choice. This App consists of simple task and subtask folders that help create your daily task and check them off when they are complete.

It also has easy drag-and-drop features to move your files from one place to another.

An interesting feature that this App consists of is voice entry. If you don’t like typing and prefer to speak, then this app is the best option for you.

You can easily create your to-do list by speaking on your mobile.

Why is it good?

  • Simple interface
  • Helps you to create a list and then complete them
  • Allows you the division of tasks according to the timeline
  • Offers deadline reminders to keep the task on track
  • Unlimited file attachments
  • Help you to stay focused on your active tasks

Devices Supported: 

  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Windows
  • Chrome Extension
  • macOS
  • Amazon Alexa

3. Notion

Notion - to do list app

This is the best App for your personal and professional life. With the help of this app, you can easily manage your daily to-dos and keep records of your important documents.

After using this App, there is no need to switch between multiple Apps to keep track of things.

It allows you to create a to-do list, take notes and manage data in the most flexible way you can imagine. This App also has built-in templates for you to use and designs design your to-do lists.

Why is it good?

  • Provides you with an easy drag-and-drop option to rearrange your items
  • Task and project with kanban boards
  • Offers calendar and the list of view tasks
  • Third-party integration
  • You can keep a record of your work and to-do list with the help of spreadsheets.

Devices Supported:

  • Windows
  • IOS
  • Mac
  • Android Devices
  • Linux

Final Words

We have provided you with the top 5 to-do list Apps for businessmen and Students. You can use any of these Apps to keep track of your daily task or keep your workflow on track.

All these apps we have mentioned in this guide are very easy to use and will surely help you in your daily life routine.

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