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5 Best Trello Alternatives: Research Done for You

Although Trello is an awesome Kanban project management software, it cannot meet your requirements every time. That is why you need to look for Trello alternatives. And here is the list of the top 5 Trello alternatives for you to choose.

Where more and more companies are advancing towards the remote trend, the demand for more compatible project management software is increasing. And one such PM tool is Trello, thanks to its famous Kanban style, which has made it a popular choice among freelancers, and small and mid-sized businesses.

However, it fails to satisfy large companies’ needs, and you are probably one of them, too, thus looking for some great Trello alternatives to switch to.

To help you find the proper project management software quickly, we list the top 5 best Trello alternatives here.

What is Trello?

With thousands of PM software present on the face of the earth, Trello has established strong roots due to its flexible and collaborative functions, intuitive interface, and tracking ability. The two prime reasons behind the popularity of Trello are its Kanban style to visualize progress and drag-and-drop style interface to manage stuff.

 What is Trello?

Why Need to Choose One Alternative to Trello?

Although Trello is clean, flexible, and easy to walk through, it lacks the advanced features we all long for in PM software. So, here are a few reasons why people consider switching to Trello alternatives:

  • It doesn’t offer built-in real-time reporting analytics of the progress and data.
  • Trello can’t link subtasks with the main tabs.
  • It doesn’t provide a holistic view of how different tasks are interdependent and impact each other.
  • You can only visualize data on the Kanban board.

5 Best Trello Alternatives for All You Cases

From lack of advanced features to fewer views and almost no customization, there are various reasons that make us reconsider our decision to use Trello. So, here are the top 5 alternatives of Trello to switch to.

1. Monday – Best Trello Alternative for Business

Looking for a PM tool that can manage all the stuff related to work, from project management to workload division? Then Monday is definitely the first option to go for. It is easy to use, intuitive, and lets you collaborate without any hassle.

trello alternative - Monday

Monday is More Powerful Than Trello in:

● Reporting and Visualization

Where Trello lacks reporting features, it comes with an extensive reporting option along with summaries to get a bird’s eye view of everything your team is working on.

● Automation

It comes with some really good automation that helps to complete mundane, repetitive tasks in just a few seconds, thus helping to lessen your workload and reduce the chances of human error.

● Views

In addition to the Kanban view that Trello offers, Monday allows you to view data in many other forms like Timeline, Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, etc.

● Easy Collaboration

Monday comes with various collaborative features like @mentioning, shared calendar, chat section, etc., thus making communication easier and leaving no need for long meetings and calls.

Why is Monday Best for Business?

So, until now, it is quite clear that Monday offers a better kit of features as compared to Trello, particularly for large companies and businesses, and that is the reason why despite having comparatively expensive plans, it is the number one choice of businesses. Moreover, comparing the customer rating, we find that more people use Monday than Trello and have given Monday a higher rating.

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2. Notion – Best Free Trello Alternative for Personal Use

Stated as a Note-taking tool and now progressing as an all-in-one solution workspace, Notion is a famous PM and documentation software that offers limitless collaboration and organization.

One of trello alternatives - Notion

Notion is More Powerful Than Trello in:

● Productivity

If you want an all-in-one PM tool, Notion should be your only way to go. It is a shop-to-shop platform that specializes as a PM tool, documentation tool, collaboration tool, and even note-keeping tool. In short, it is a jack of all trades, but Trello is confined as a PM tool with limited functions only.

● Boards and views

Where Trello offers only Kanban style, Notion allows you to divide the work into subtasks and board layouts. Moreover, it provides different views like a table view, board view, gallery view, calendar view, and timeline.

● Customization

Notion is comparatively more flexible and customizable than Trello. It allows you to create customized interfaces and databases and even make complex calculations without needing a third-party assistant or installing power-ups.

● Task management

Notion allows you to organize tasks in addition to project division and management by using the wiki, database, Calendar, reminders, and notes. However, Trello has no such option.

Why is Notion Best for Personal Use?

Here are a few reasons why Notion is better than Trello for personal use:

  • You can use it as a note app
  • It has its own wiki and various documentation tools
  • The interface is sleek and easy
  • Notion is more customizable

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3. Microsoft Planner – Best Microsoft Trello Alternative

Microsoft Planner is an easy-to-use and easily accessible tool that allows users to manage small projects and divide complex projects into milestone tasks using divide views like scrum, kanban, etc. It offers a flexible and agile framework to manage tasks and customize plans according to personal requirements.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is More Powerful Than Trello in:

● Planner Hub

Microsoft Planner comes with a unique Planner hub that allows you to break down complex, tangled projects into milestones and chunks to give a successful outcome. Moreover, it provides real-time reporting of all the sub-tasks, thus making it easier to monitor and assess the progress.

● Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

The integration of Microsoft Planner with the Microsoft Ecosystem makes it a high bar choice over Trello. Even at a simple level or basic plan, Microsoft Planner provides you with Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

However, Trello offers only third-party automation only.

● View and dashboard

Microsoft offers different kinds of views like charts, visuals, schedules, and Calendars to analyze the progress made by different team members. Moreover, it comes with a built-in calendar that shows your Calendar in outlook too.

● Reporting

Where one of the significant pitfalls of Trello is that it doesn’t show real-time reporting of processes, tasks, and progress made, Microsoft Planner generates detailed reporting of all the tasks and progress.

● File Storage

Lastly, Microsoft shines over Trello due to its more excellent file storage, up to 1 TB. On the other hand, Trello provides only 250 MB of file storage for its paid plans.

Why is Microsoft Planner the Best Trello Alternative For Microsoft Users?

If you or your company are already loyal users of Microsoft, shifting to Trello is definitely going to make you struggle a lot, as there would be a new array of functions and a totally changed interface. However, in Microsoft Planner, the commands, shortcuts, features, and interface are more or less similar to the traditional Microsoft layout.

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4. Google Keep – Best Trello Free Alternative for Google Users

From note-taking to managing tasks and streamlining projects, Google Keep is a simple and user-friendly app that rules all the disciplines of remote work. It allows you to create unlimited notes with labels to organize them. The best part is that it is an entirely free app.

trello alternative- Google Keep

Google Keep is More Powerful Than Trello in:

● Easy to Use

Google Keep is comparatively easier to use than Trello. Google focuses on creating easy-to-use and accessible interfaces and abstracts that customers can easily walk through. Claiming Google Keep to be an advanced version of Cloud-Based notepad won’t be wrong.

Trello also offers a user-friendly interface, but it takes some time to become familiar with it.

● Free services

Google Keep offers completely free services with no plans at all. You can access all its rich features free of cost. However, Trello’s free plan is way more limited, with only ten boards and a 10 MB file size.

● Time and Location Based Notifications

Google Keeps allows you to receive time and location-based notifications using your GPS. So, whenever you reach that place, you will receive that specific pushup notification.

However, Trello lacks any such feature. It only reminds you of task deadlines.

Why is Google Keep the Best Trello Alternative For Google Users?

The reason why Google Keep is a better alternative for Google ideas is that it has seamless integration with all the Google Ecosystem, including Gmail, Google tasks, Google docs, Google Sheets, etc. So, you can simply exchange and share items and data without struggling much. However, that same sharing can’t be done between Trello and Google Ecosystem. Moreover, developing deep hands on the new interface would take time.

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5. Kanboard – Best Open Source Trello Alternative

Kanboard is one of the Kanban-based PM tools that use the kanban board to implement management methodologies, deliver work on time, and manage work and tasks in progress. Moreover, it contains various plug-ins and integrations to help users in collaboration and customization.

alternative to trello - Kanboard

Kanboard is More Powerful Than Trello in:

● Views

The most significant plus point of Kanboard that helps it to outshine Trello is that where Trello offers only the Kanban view, Kanboard allows you to see the information in different views like Board, Calendar, List, and even Gantt. Moreover, it displays a Hierarchical layout, along with milestone division and tracking.

● Budget Tracking

Apart from acting as an effective project Planner with collaborative planning features, it offers complete budget tracking, which includes capacity tracking, risk analysis, time tracking, workload capacity, and many others.

● Work in Progress

Kanboard allows team members to congregate and discuss all the tasks and work in progress by providing physical boards and online versions.

● Tasks Division

It allows you to break down the last tasks into smaller subtasks and add a time tracker too. Moreover, you can add comments, documents, and due dates to subtasks in addition to the main task. Similarly, you can duplicate the task with one click and also save it for later use. However, Trello doesn’t offer all of these advanced functionalities.

Why is Kanboard the Best Open Source Trello Alternative?

Although Kanboard and Trello are equally good at their end, Kanban is a better option in the following terms:

  • It is free PM software
  • Helps to visualize tasks and progress in an easier and more organized manner
  • Self-hosted
  • Simple to use

Final Words

The compatibility of Trello as a Project and Task Management tool can definitely not be questioned. However, since everyone needs something different, and has its own set of requirements, maybe Trello fails to fulfill your needs. So, in that case, there is nothing to stress about as there are various Trello alternatives to switch to. Personally speaking, Monday and ClickUp are my favorite PM tools. However, Kanboard, Google Keep, and Microsoft Planner are equally good in their respects.

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