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Trello Vs Evernote: What Are Their Differences in Features

If you are looking for a guide about trello vs evernote then you are at the right place. Trello is an action-oriented and easy to use project management tool while Evernote is the modern tool for taking notes. 
trello vs evernote

Both Evernote and Trello are task management tools. Trello enables people to maintain all their projects and organize their tasks well, whereas Evernote is a note-taking tool and contains some task management features.

Selecting the right tool in Trello vs Evernote battle for your organization or company shouldn’t be difficult. But there are a few things to check before making your decision. Check the article below for detailed insight.

Evernote Vs Trello: Differences in Workspaces

Trello is a kanban based task management tool that works with four-tier structures. They are Workspace, Board, Lists, and Cards.

One Workspace can be one company, department, or group. You can create several workspaces or just one with all members there. After creating one Workspace, you may have one project for this Workspace. For this case, you need to create one board in the Workspace.

You can create one board for each project to assign the tasks to members and follow up on them. So you can create projects as many as you want in one Workspace. And the project can be private or shared with all members in this Workspace per your requirements.

Then, you can break down each project into small parts on the board which is called Lists. They can be ¨Pending¨. ¨To do¨, ¨Doing¨, ¨Done¨ or the ones customized on your own.

In each list, you can add the card for each minor task. You can drag and drop each card to different lists based on their status.

Trello board

While Evernote is completely different from Trello as it is a note-taking tool with task management features.

Its home interface is the same as Google Drive or other document tools. You can create a group to categorize your notes or tasks. And create one page or file to store the contents or tasks.

 Evernote interface

Both applications are very simple and easy to use in their fields.

Trello Vs Evernote: Differences in Features

As mentioned earlier, the two software is designed for different purposes, their features vary in many areas. Let´s reveal all of their differences here.

Trello Features:

1.) Create and Manage Tasks

You can create tasks with templates and customize them later or just create them from scratch. To customize your tasks, you can easily add files, add members, make checklists, set due dates, set rules, and much more. All you need to do is make a few clicks, and you are completely organized.

Create projects in trello

2.) Track Tasks or Projects

You can easily track the process of the tasks and projects as you can have an overview of the kanban board process and know what is in ¨To-do¨, “Doing” or “Done”. Moreover, it offers a timeline, table, calendar, dashboard, and map views to you which can help you check the process from different angles. And if you have any questions about the process, you can comment on the specific tasks.

Trello task views

3.) Automation

This amazing project management software enables its users to automate their workflow. The software contains powerful no-code automation. With the help of this feature, you do not need to perform repetitive actions. Just focus on the main work, and the robots can manage the rest.

4.) Templates

Trello contains a wide range of templates for people to help them start working on their projects. The categories include business, education, marketing, remote work, project management, design, engineering, and more. All you need to do is, copy the right template and customize it according to your choice.

Trello templates

5.) Integrations/Power-ups

In Trello, its integration feature is Power-up. By using this feature, team members can easily look for all the other apps they want to use for the project. It includes Google Drive, Slack, JIRA Cloud, Zenaton, BitBucket Cloud, Import2Wizard, and more. One can also discover some new ways to manage the task well. 

Trello power ups

6.) Collaboration

Trello allows you to work on the same projects with your team members as you can assign tasks, track the process, and communicate with your members on the projects.

7.) Customize

You can change the background, add stickers, add labels, and more to the project. It can make your work much more comfortable with your own preferred design. 

Trello customizes projects

Evernote Features:

Some of the prominent features of the Evernote note-taking tool are as follows:

1.) Note-taking Feature

Make notes by adding text, audio, images, scans, PDFs, and other documents with the help of Evernote. Evernote provides a 200 MB maximum note size to its users that allows them to store high-resolution presentations and photos.

Create notes in Evernote

2.) Web Clipper

This amazing feature allows you to capture full-page articles, selected text, images, important emails, and any other web page you choose. One can easily save all this information to Evernote and use it whenever one wants.

3.) Merge Notes

You can easily merge different notes by using Evernote. All you need to do is, select the notebooks from the left side menu, and drag and drop one notebook into another. It will then merge both notebooks. And you can easily merge more than one note by using the same approach.

4.) Tasks

You can manage all their tasks with ease. You can add a new task, set a due date, keep tasks in multiple notes, flag the important tasks, set reminders, and sort all the tasks by notes and status without difficulty. This amazing tool provides great help in organizing all your tasks on your laptop or system.

Evernote Tasks

5.) Templates

Evernote features over 50 templates to help you save time. These easy-to-install note templates help in organizing things well. These are easy to customize and use. With the Evernote paid subscription, one can even create their own templates from existing notes.

Evernote Templates

6.) Note Sharing

The note-sharing feature of Evernote enables people to share all their notes and files with their team members. All you have to do is, open the desired note and click on the share option. After this, enter the recipient’s email address and include some additional messages if you want. You can set the sharing option such as edit or view only as per the requirement.

Share notes in Evernote

The search feature present in Evernote automatically lists all the recent searches, suggest notebooks and tags, and saved searches. One can search for things like important records, receipts, meeting notes, and more and get instant results.

To quickly open the search bar in Evernote, press Opt + Cmd + F in case you are using Mac or Win + Shift + F on your Windows system.

8.) Customize

Evernote allows its users to customize their place according to their tastes. This amazing tool provides access to additional widgets. It allows people to change the background image, change the scratchpad color and title, resize widgets, and more.

9.) Integration

Evernote enables you to integrate with your favorite apps such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Outlook, Slack, and more without difficulty. All of this can help you in managing things well.

10.) Synchronization

People like to use Evernote because of its availability on all platforms. With the synchronization option, one can easily access all their important notes on their Android or iOS mobile devices.  To sync your notes or content, tap the three dots present on the main page and select Sync. One can also do this by clicking on the elephant icon. Once you perform this action, you will see everything you have saved in Evernote on your system.

Trello Vs Evernote: When to Use

In this Trello vs Evernote battle, Both software can be used for organizing your tasks and projects. But their focus and purposes are different which results in them having big differences in features.

Evernote is note tasking tool and has task management features. Whereas, Trello is project or task management software.

And you can find that the most important features for Evernote are note features like a text editor, web clipper, merge notes, note templates, etc while the most vital features for Trello are different task views, task templates, project integration, team collaboration features, and more.

So if you are looking to manage your projects for your business, Trello is for you. Similarly, if you are looking for a reliable note-taking app and need to manage your personal tasks then install Evernote.

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