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Trello Vs Monday: Ultimate Review to Pick the Best

Confused between Trello and Monday? Don't worry. This detailed Trello Vs Monday guide will help you choose the best project management tool.
trello vs monday

Whether you are a solopreneur or own a big-sized company, you are better well aware of the importance of project management software. Among the popular project management tools are Monday and Trello, both known for providing exceptional project management services through their advanced features.

If you are confused between Trello and Monday, then all you need to read is a thorough Trello Vs Monday review to decide which suits you best. Continue reading this comparison so you can finally invest in the project management software that can help make project management a breeze!

Trello Vs Monday: An Overview

Before digging deep into the Monday Vs Trello comparison, let’s look at both project management tools individually.

What is Trello?

Trello is a kanban based project management and collaborative tool owned by Atlassian. Trello is one of the oldest project management tools to offer to the Kanban board, which helps the project managers visualize the team performance, effectively maintaining the workflow.

Trello is simple, with the Kanban board being its main feature. The other features offered by Trello are automation, additional power-ups, integration, and templates to customize the software according to your requirements.

trello vs monday: What is Trello?

What is Monday?

On the other hand, Monday is a cloud-based work operating system that allows flexibility to its user. It enables the users to customize everything from workflow, views, and communication among the team members. In addition to the Kanban board, Monday is famous for offering multiple views such as calendar view, timeline view, workload view, or a Gantt chart.

The other features offered by the Monday are automation, docs, files to collaborate with your teammates, and integration with numerous apps.

trello vs monday: What is Monday?

Monday Vs Trello: Purposes

Trello is famous for its kanban board, so it is made for users looking for a simple project management tool that offers a detailed insight into the workflow in the form of kanban views. Overall, Trello can be used by individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Monday, on the other hand, offers more features and customization than Trello, so it is best for you if you are looking for a flexible tool with additional features.

Trello Vs Monday: Interface

Let’s talk about the Interface when considering Trello Vs Monday comparison. Trello offers a more straightforward interface by virtue of its simplified features and a simple but powerful Kanban board. Monday, on the other hand, offers many advanced features and multiple views, making it a bit confusing to use and you need time to master it.

Regarding customization, Trello offers multiple templates but the customization options are fewer. Monday, unlike Trello, is highly customizable with numerous templates, thus allowing you to craft the app according to your requirements!

Interface Winner: Trello

Customizable Winner: Monday

Trello Vs Monday: Key Features

Let’s now move the features of Trello and Monday so you can see which suits you better according to your needs.

Trello Key Features:

Multiple Views

Trello is a project management tool famous for the Kanban board. It offers multiple options to visualize the team performance in the form of Timeline, Table, Calendar, Dashboard, Map, and Workspace views.


Trello also offers the automation feature, which helps you to save crucial time and energy. You can create custom rules and automate repetitive tasks for your team members with Trello.


If the current features offered by Trello are not enough, then you can utilize its power-up feature. This feature allows you and the team members to integrate favorite apps in Trello, such as Jira, Card repeater, and Calendar.


Trello also offers many templates you can use according to your niche and run the software more efficiently.

Monday Key Features:

Create Tasks Easily with Different Ways:

One of Monday’s most excellent and favorite features is that it offers multiple views. The views include the Kanban board, calendar view, timeline view, workload view, or a Gantt chart which helps the project managers to maintain a smooth workflow without any delays and disruptions.

Project and Task Views:

Besides offering the overall views for the multiple projects, Monday also provides ideas for individual projects and tasks that are more important to you.

Assign Tasks and Projects:

On Monday, you can create a separate project and add the team members needed for the project. After the project, you can assign them the job according to their skill and relax.

Create Reports via Dashboard:

On Monday, you can also form reports and summaries of any project you are working on to keep you and your team updated on the workflow.

Automate Projects

Monday also helps to automate the repetitive work, so you don’t have to waste time doing the same task repeatedly.

Integrate with Popular Apps:

Monday offers integrations with 40+ apps which helps to maintain productivity by allowing the users to work under one software. Slack and Microsoft teams are popular apps with which Monday offers integrations.

Create and share documents:

You can also create documents on Monday, which you can share with your team members. The document feature allows you and your team members to co-work within the same file.

Chat and Collaborate with Team Members:

Monday also has the feature where you can chat with your team members to maintain smooth communication. Apart from the chat feature, you can also create a workspace where you can add the files. All the team members can edit these files, thus helping in collaboration.

Get Notifications Quickly:

On Monday, you can receive quick notifications on the desktop so you don’t miss something important. Besides the pop-up messages, Monday is short to notify to email if something important happens. The notification feature helps you to keep updated without requiring you to check everything manually.

Trello Vs Monday: Platforms Supported

Monday supports the platforms like IOS, Android, web, Mac, and Windows.

While Trello, like Monday, also supports the platforms like IOS, Android, Web, Windows, and Windows but also supports the latest browsers, Firefox, edge, safari, and chrome.

Monday Vs Trello: Free Version

Both Monday and Trello offer their free version. The free version of Monday can accommodate only two members and offer three boards only.

Trello’s free version offers more than the Monday, including unlimited views, unlimited cards, unlimited storage, and other basic features.

Monday Vs Trello: Paid Plans

When it comes to Monday.com vs Trello pricing, then there is head to head comparison mentioned below.

 Here are the paid plans offered by the Monday

The basic tier of the Monday comes at $8 per user per monthThe standard tier comes at $10 per user per monthThe pro tier comes at $16 per user per monthContact the support to know more about this plan
Monday price

Here are the paid plans offered by Trello

The standard tier is $5 per user per month if billed annually. It is $6 if billed monthly.The premium tier comes at $10 per user month if billed annually. It is $12.50 if billed monthly.The Enterprise tier comes at $17.50 per user per month. It is $210 per user per year.
Trello price

Monday.com Vs Trello: Customer Reviews

Here are the customer ratings for Monday :

Trust Radius4.3
PC Mag3.5

Here are the customer ratings of Trello:

Trust Radius4.15
PC Mag4

What Customers Like About Monday.com:

  1. Adequate to track the teamwork
  2. Helps to communicate with the team members
  3. It is highly flexible and can be used to manage everything
  4. The automation feature helps to save much of the crucial time
  5. Offers multiple integrations, which has made the work more productive and easy

What Customers Do Not Like About Monday.com:

  1. The mobile app is slow and lacks some the features like a checklist
  2. Mywork feature lacks different view options

What Customers Like About Trello:

  1. Trello is one of the finest user-friendly software and acts as a savior for nontech people
  2. It is the most accessible tool to assign different projects and manage the tasks
  3. The Kanban board is the king feature of Trello and helps to visualize the work more efficiently
  4. The analysis of a particular project or task is highly accurate to rely on
  5. Power Up features allow the integration of numerous apps of your liking

What Customers Do Not Like About Trello:

  1. The cost of the tool is a bit higher
  2. Trello needs to add some advanced features to handle the big projects
  3. It offers less customization, which can be a problem when used in the long run

Trello Vs. Monday: Similarities

  1. Both tools provide automation to save time and energy in repeated tasks.
  2. Both Monday and Trello offer multiple dashboard views
  3. Both devices offer integrations with popular apps like Slack and Drive
  4. Both have free versions
  5. Both of them provide guest access
  6. Both have a deadline feature, which you can assign to your team member.

Trello Vs. Monday: Differences

1. Monday offers additional features like quick notifications, a workspace to share files, and more customization.  

2. Trello offers more features in the free version than Monday

3. Monday has a time tracking feature, while Trello lacks this feature

4. Trello offers unlimited storage, while Monday doesn’t allow unlimited storage

Trello Vs. Monday: The Winner

So that’s all about Trello Vs Monday. Monday is an excellent tool if you’re looking for a device that offers advanced project management features. On the other hand, Trello is the finest for non-tech individuals looking for simple and easy-to-use software.

However,  a close look at these two project management tools suggests that the ultimate winner between the two is Monday. Monday is better than Trello because it offers additional features like multiple integrations, customization, and communication features that aren’t available in Trello.

We hope our article has helped to decide the best product for you and your business.

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