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Trello Vs Todoist: Ultimate Reviews

Todoist is a software to help you accomplish your daily tasks while Trello is a project management software. If you are confused between Trello and Todoist, this comparison of Trello Vs Todoist will help you make a wise decision.
trello vs todoist

Todoist is a powerful task management software tool that helps you stay organized and get things done. Whether planning a big project or working on several small tasks daily, Todoist makes it easy to keep track of everything. With simple features like tasks, subtasks, lists, filters, reminders, custom templates, and more, this software can help you stay on top of your busy schedule with minimal effort.

Trello, on the other hand, is a powerful visualizing project management software that helps businesses, professionals, and individuals to organize and analyze their various projects and tasks. You can visualize the team’s performance through various features like boards, cards, and lists. Trello is an excellent project management software to handle every size of project.

Now you have a general overview of what these Trello and Todoist do. The next thing that comes to your mind is which software to choose to enhance your task management skills. Don’t worry; the simple comparison of Trello vs Todoist will help you to decide the best software for yourself. Continue reading.


When it comes to the interface then, both the software, Trello and Todoist, offer an excellent user-friendly interface. Still, if you ask us, we like the Todoist interface as it is more attractive and userfriendly, but that doesn’t mean that Trello doesn’t have a decent interface. Trello offers the agile methodology, and you can use the Kanban board to make a task in the form of a column where you can assign the subtasks to different resources along with a due date.

trello vs todoist: Trello interface

Todoist, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a kanban board as the main feature, but since it is customizable, you can customize a kanban board yourself by using its customization feature.

trello vs. todoist: Todoist workspace

Manage Tasks

When it comes to Trello vs. Todoist, the most important factor is knowing how these two tools handle the tasks. Let’s talk about Trello first; Trello offers many features to manage tasks. You can use the Kanban board to divide the tasks into subtasks. After you assign the tasks, you can add the timeline to the tasks you need to complete. This is not the end! You can also add the task to the calendar to get a reminder when you need it to be delivered and then view the task progress through the dashboard.

Todoist, on the other hand, is also not left behind. Like Trello, you can add the task and add the due date during which it needs to be completed. If the task has to be done by the other resource, then you can share it by clicking on the delegate tasks.

The todoist is different from Trello as it allows you to prioritize tasks, and this feature is lacking in Trello. So, when it comes to task management, the Todoist is the winner because of the prioritizing feature.


Trello is the visualizing project management software and thus offers multiple view forms to help you visualize the project from different angles. The views include board, Timeline, Table, Calendar, Dashboard, Map, and Workspace views. The board view is the best and most commonly used one, but you can choose the one that best suits you!

Trello views

Todoist is not as dynamic as Tello when it comes to visualizing the work progress. It offers features like Today, Inbox and Incoming, which keep you updated about the task’s deadline. Today is for the tasks you need to deliver within the day, and the upcoming and Inbox includes the tasks that need to be delivered in the upcoming days.

Todoist views

So when it comes to the visualizing option then the ultimate winner is Trello.


Regarding the template feature, fortunately, both Trello and Todoist offer templates you can use to save time and enhance productivity. We closely analyzed the templates offered by these two project management software and found no big difference in their template feature. So it is a tie when it comes it the templates feature in Todoist Vs. Trello Comparison.

Trello templates


Let us now move to the automation features of Trello and Todoist. Trello offers excellent automation features with the aid of the Butler AI robot. You can automate the work by adding the rules and integrating the different useful apps. The software closely observes your activity on Trello and suggests different automation options.

Trello automation

When it comes to the Todoist, then it offers little automation through integrating apps and plugins. So the ultimate winner when it comes to the automation feature is Trello and if you’re looking for software that offers more automation features then the answer is Trello.


Trello offers integrations with 150+ popular apps, including Slack and Jira, which helps you work under one roof and thus leads to enhanced productivity.

Trello integraions

 Todoist, on the other hand, offers integrations with google, amazon Alexa, and other popular apps, but the number is less than that of Trello. So the winner is Trello.

Languages Supported

Trello supports 20+ languages which include:

  1. English
  2. Portuguese
  3. Spanish
  4.  Finnish
  5.  French
  6. German
  7. Norwegian
  8. Vietnamese
  9. Ukrainian
  10. Russian
  11. Hungarian
  12.  Swedish
  13.  Polish
  14.  Czech
  15. Dutch
  16. Thai
  17. Chinese
  18. Turkish
  19. Japenese
  20. Italian

While the Todoist supports the mentioned languages

  1. English
  2. Chinese
  3. Czech
  4. Spanish
  5. Danish
  6. Dutch
  7. French
  8. Finnish
  9. Japenese
  10. German
  11. Korean
  12. Italian
  13. Portuguese
  14. Russian
  15. Turkish
  16. Norwegian

Trello offers 3 more languages than the Todoist, so Trello wins the race by a slight margin.

Platforms Supported

Todoist supports various platforms such as IOS and Android, desktops such as Mac, Windows, and Linux, and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Trello also supports almost the same devices like IOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and edge.  

Todoist offer more flexibility in platforms supported so the winner is obviously Todoist.

Free Version

The free version of the Todoist includes:

  • 5 team members
  • Storage capacity of 5MB
  • 5 projects at one time

The free version of Trello includes the:

  • 10 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited cards
  • Accessible through mobile apps
  • Unlimited logins

So the free version of Trello is better than that of Todoist.

Free Trial Version

Todoist doesn’t offer the free trial version, while Trello offers the free premium version. So, Trello is more flexible in this regard. You can use Trello with the full team to know whether it suits you or not.

You can try Todoist only with the 5 members-supported free versions because the free trial version isn’t supported by it.

Here are the pricing plans for the Trello:

The standard tier is $5 per user per month if billed annually. It is $6 per user per month if billed monthly.The standard tier is $10 per user per month if billed annually. It is $12.50 if you want to pay every month than annually.The enterprise plan comes at $17.50 per user if billed every month. The annual price for one user is $210.
Trello pricce

Here are the pricing plans of the Todoist:

The pro plan comes at $4 per user per month if billed annually. It is $5 per user per month if you want to pay monthly.The business plan comes at $6 per user per month if billed annually. It is  $8 per user per month if billed every month.
todoist price

So, a closer look at the pricing plans of the Trello and Todoist shows that the Todoist is a more affordable option than the Trello. So if you are looking for an affordable option, go with the Todoist.

Customer Support

Trello and Todoist try their best to make their customers happy. Trello offers customer support through the following:

  • Trello guides
  • Webinars
  • Articles
  • FAQs
  • Contact them directly if you cannot find the solution to your problem from the options mentioned above.

Todoist offers customer support through:

  • Guide
  • Help Center
  • Blogs

So, a head-to-head comparison regarding customer support suggests Trello wins the race in serving its customers.

Trello Vs. Todoist: Our Verdict

So, that’s all about Trello vs Todoist. Both are excellent software for task management. But when it comes to choosing between the two software then, the ultimate winner is Trello. The reason why we choose Trello is that it is more comprehensive and advanced than that Todoist.

It offers better automation, integrations, free trial, and customer service than the Todoist. Moreover, it can handle complex projects and is trusted by big companies like Google, Zoom, and Visa. We hope our article has helped you to decide on the best project management software.

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