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Wrike Vs Asana: The Ultimate Battle

Are you confused between Asana and Wrike? Look no further, this detailed comparison of Wrike vs Asana will help you decide on the best project management software!

Project managing and maintaining collaboration with team members without any project management tool can reduce productivity and lead to chaos. And that’s why we have project management software. The project management tool market is expected to reach $6.88 billion by 2026. With so many project management tools, we are sure you have come across two popular tools: Asana and Wrike.

These two software management tools offer many features that overlap two, which is why you are here to help you know the difference between them. This Wrike vs Asana will help to decide what’s best for you. Keep reading, so you invest your money in the right project management software.

Our Recommendation: Asana

Instead of making you wait to know which project management is the ultimate winner, here you are! Our recommendation is Asana over Wrike. At this point, you may be curious to know why. Don’t worry, we have answers to your question! Here is the reason why we recommend Asana over Wrike.

Reason 1: Asana is More Powerful

Let’s move to the feature while doing Asana vs Wrike comparison to know why Asana is more powerful.

Kanban Boards and Charts

When we compare Asana and Wrike, it should be noted that both the software offer Kanban boards and charts, but the Asana kanban boards and charts are easier to use because of the color combination on which Asana has crafted these boards and charts.

Project Management

Asana is the finest software when it comes to the management of complex and multiple projects. This is because Asana allows you to divide each project into tasks, and these tasks can be further divided into subtasks that you can assign to different people. So, if you are handling complex projects involving different resources, go for Asana.

wrike vs asana: Asana interface

Unlimited Storage

Another reason why we recommend Asana over Wrike is that it offers an unlimited storage feature, while the Wrike lacks this feature. The free version of Wrike allows the storage of 2GB per account, and the paid versions allow the storage of 10GB per account. This unlimited storage allows the users to work without worrying about its limits when handling large projects involving large files and documents.

Workload Planning

Asana offers workload and long-term planning features which allow the project managers to plan ahead of the project by keeping a narrow eye on the workload of each team member. The workload management feature is excellent for preventing resource burnouts, leading to project delays or poor quality. This workload and long-term planning feature aren’t present in Wrike.


Both Asana and Wrike offer integrations with numerous apps like Slack and google apps, but the ultimate winner of the integrations is Asana. Asana comes over the Wrike because it offers the time tracking integration absent in the Wrike.

These features mentioned above, which are not present in Wrike, have made Asana a better choice for project and resource handling.

wrike vs asana: Asana integration

Reason 2: Asana is Much Easier to Use

Both Asana and Wrike are not complicated to use, but when doing Asana vs Wrike review, Asana is easier to use. Wrike, no doubt, is excellent for managing and visualizing the work, but we have found its interface a little drab and dull compared to Asana.

Asana, besides being super easy to use, also offers a colorful interface, making it a winner when compared to the Wrike.

Reason 3: Asana Gets Higher Customer Rating

Another reason why we choose Asana in a head-to-head battle of  Asana vs. Wrike is that the customers also like Asana more than Wrike.

Here are the custom rating from the different platforms of Wrike

Get App4.2
PC mag4

Here are the customer rating for Asana

Get App4.5
Site Jabber4.29
PC mag4.5

The average rating of Asana is 4.3, while that of Wrike is 4, making Asana the ultimate winner when it comes to customer rating.

When to Use Wrike Instead?

Asana is our recommendation, but that doesn’t mean you must buy Asana as your project management tool when it comes to Asana vs. Wrike. There are several cases when you should go with Wrike instead of the Asana, some of which are mentioned below:

If You Need to Get a Cheaper Price

When it comes to the Asana vs. Wrike pricing, then, here are the tiers offered by the Asana:

The premium tier comes at $10.99 per user per month if billed annually. It is $13.49 if billed monthly.The business tier comes at $24.99 per user per month if billed annually. It is $30.49 if billed monthly.
Asana price list

Here are the different tiers offered by Wrike:

The professional tier is $9.80 per user per month,The business tier is $24.80 per user per month.Contact support to know more about this tier.
Wrike price list

With the prices mentioned above, it is crystal clear that Wrike is more affordable than Asana. So if you are looking for slightly cheap project management software, then go for Wrike!

If You Need a Better Service

You can also go for Wrike if you are looking for project management software with a better service. Wrike and Asana offer their customer services through articles, video tutorials, and customer service through email and phone.

But there is one difference that makes Wrike better. Wrike hosts webinars frequently, but Asana lacks this feature.

Final Words

So that’s all about the Wrike vs Asana. We recommended Asana based on the project management features offered by Asana, like unlimited storage, practical project handling features, and a better Kanban board. You can go for Wrike when you want a bit cheaper project management software and compromise on the features lacking by Wrike. We hope our article will help you to decide on the best project management software for you and your business.

FAQS About Wrike and Asana:

  1. Is Asana better than Wrike?

Yes, Asana is better than Wrike in many aspects like features, interface, project management, future planning, and customer rating. But if you are looking for project management software with a low price and better service, then go for Wrike!

2. What is better than Wrike?

Although Wrike is a popular project management feature, many software is better than Wrike and offer more advanced features. Here is a list of them:

  • Monday
  • ClickUp
  • Asana
  • Smartsheet

3. Is Wrike a Russian company?

No, Wrike is not a Russian company. It is an American-based company with headquarters in San Jose, California. Apart from San Jose, the company also has offices in different regions, like Dallas, Tallin, Nicosia, Dublin, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Prague.

4. What makes Wrike different?

Wrike offers many basic project management features like time tracking, team collaboration, and Kanban board, but many features make it different. The features which make it unique are multiple views to maintain workflow, agile methodology, and numerous customization options.

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