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Wrike Vs Teamwork: Which One is Best Suited for Your Team?

Want to know which one is best from Wrike vs Teamwork battle? You are at the right place. These both are amazing software, but some of their benefits and some flaws differentiate them. Read and know which one is for you.
wrike vs teamwork

To become successful, get achievement fastly, and enjoy your work, it is necessary to manage the team and your projects effectively. But the main question is how to control a team or projects easily, the answer is simple, use a project management tool.

Wrike and Teamwork are outstanding project management tools that help you with planning, budgeting, setting up goals, and collaborating. To know what is best for you, read this complete Wrike vs Teamwork comparison.

Teamwork Projects Vs Wrike: Detailed Comparison

Teamwork and Wrike both are the best and most wonderful software which provide you with numerous outstanding features and help you in managing teams and projects. But which one is best for you and your work, to know it, you can read the detailed comparison of them here.

What It IsTeamwork is a satisfying project management tool that helps work with a team and control big projects. Here you get all the things to manage teams, freelancers, and potential clients easily. It is very smooth and simple, and anyone can use it without facing difficulties.Wrike is a powerful software that helps you to manage the organization, teams, and the people working under you. It provides you with a simple path and removes your all difficulties to achieve goals. It is an easy-to-understand software that makes your collaboration easy and connected you with people.
PurposesIt can be used for multiple purposes like managing projects and teams. Plus, it is used to schedule important meetings, track projects, send & receive comments, time tracking, and much more. This software is best for those who are running agencies.Wrike is used for various productive works such as project management, team collaboration, event management, making a to-do list, publishing content, marketing, hiring newbies, and others.
Target CustomersIt is helpful for various types of customers such as agencies, freelancers, businessmen, and companies.Wrike software is helpful in multiple sectors of life. It is used by companies, employees, students, teachers, administrators, and freelancers.
Key Features
1. Manage projects or tasks with task assignments, sub-tasks, files attachment, time and date, and more.

2. Track projects with different views like list, board, table, Gantt, and File.

3. Automates your projects.

4. Provides you with a Gantt-style chart.

5. Helps you to collaborate easily by chatting, messaging, and sharing files.

6. You can get task list templates.

7. Uses a time tracker to check how long it takes to finish each task.   

8. It has a well-optimized dashboard that shows project matrics and project timelines and tracks your work.

9. Create reporting with ease.

10. You can integrate with third-party tools.  
1. Makes your collaboration easy.

2. Customized tools for different types of teams. Customized dashboard, forms, and other things as your need.

3. You can use Gantt charts to view your projects.

4. It has pre-built templates for marketing, management, services, and much more.

5. It has a time tracking tool that helps you to keep the focus on a goal or project.

6. Advanced analytics and insights, by which you can check your overall progress.

7. Gives you a function to make a to-do list.

8. Create reports in simple clicks.

9. Integrated with CRM, Chat, CMS, File storage, and more apps.
Platforms SupportedWindows.
PricingTeamwork provides 4 plans:
1. Free Forever (Up to 5 users)
2. Deliver  ($13.99/Month/User)
3. Grow ($24.99/Month/User)
4. Scale (Custom Quote) 

Note: Teamwork provides you with 30 day free trial on all its subscription plans.
Wrike provides 4 plans, these are suitable for all teams. 
1. Free for one user.
2. Professional ($9.80/Month/User)
3. Business ($24.80/Month/User)
4. Enterprise (Contact Wrike to get custom price) 

Note: It provides a 14-day free trial for trying a premium subscription.   
Customer ReviewsThe customers who are using Teamwork software are so happy with it. Users say that it solves all problems in managing a team from any side of the world. It provides numerous tools and functions in one place. Its communication tool is very convenient and effective. It helps teams to handle a big workforce and makes it easy to show all progress and results by analytics.Most users are satisfied with using it. The interface of Wrike is very easy to use and understand. It keeps updated and solves problems and bugs quickly. It solves your all difficulties to organize teams and various projects. People are using it to perform multiple tasks, it is also best for communication.
Customer Support For any problems or issues, you can easily contact the support team of it via Email, Live chat, and Phone.To solve any problem, you have to only submit your issues via the online form and live chat, then,  after some wait, you will get your solution.
SecurityIt is completely safe software with 99.9% uptime, monitoring, backups, and security certifications.Wrike protects users’ security from different aspects: high uptime, continuous data backup, system protection, and more.
What Customers Like:  1. Team management tools offer a Gantt chart.
2. Tracking progress, milestones, and time.
3. Giving analytics of your performance. Notifications that remind your work.
 1. Scheduling the activity.
2. Allows adding custom details to the task.
3. Reminders.
4. Task management.
5. Makes collaboration easy and effective.
What Customers Dislike:  1. Some features are difficult to use.
2. Sometimes it becomes a bit slow and takes time to load.
 1. Sends too many notifications.
2. Some features are hard to understand and use when using them is necessary to have some experience.
3. Provides minimum filtering options.
Alternatives 1. Asana
2. Basecamp
3. Monday.com
4. Clickup
5. Slack
 1. Trello
2. Jira
3. NTask
4. Proofhub
5. Smartsheet

Teamwork Vs Wrike: Similarities and Differences

From the comparison, we can find that there are no big differences between Teamwork and Wrike. These both provide the same features for the task and team management like time tracking tools,  integration, templates, and more. But we cannot say there are no differences. Here are the major differences:

  1. Wrike offers 5 project views: board, table, Gantt chart, list, resources, workload, analytics, and file while Teamwork provides a list, board, and Gant chart.
  2.  Teamwork has one built-in instant message feature which cannot be found in Wrike.

Wrike Vs Teamwork: Our Verdict:

Teamwork and Wrike are the two best project management software that helps you to manage a team and big tasks. To help you make a decision on what is best for you, we provided a detailed comparison of Wrike vs Teamwork.

You can find easily that both tools can work very well for you to manage your work and projects as they do not have big differences. But if you want more views to track your tasks, Wrike is better. If you need to have one built-in chat feature, you should try Teamwork.

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