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5 Best Wunderlist Alternatives Worth Your Try

Wunderlist is no more available! Stop worrying, consider these 5 best Wunderlist alternatives to meet your task management needs and keep your teams more productive and efficient. Check out now!
wunderlist alternatives

There was a time when Wunderlist was the top choice of professionals to manage their to-do lists. However, the sudden discontinuity of this cloud-based task management app in 2020 was no less than shocking news for Wunderlist users globally.

As a project manager, I immediately began looking for the best possible Wunderlist alternatives after Microsoft acquired and phased out this to-do list app. After comprehensive online research, I finally found some robust task management tools that helped me organize all my work and tackle my to-do lists strategically for better results.

Let’s explore the top 5 Wunderlist alternatives one-by-one and analyze their features to make an informed choice.

1. Todoist – No. 1 Wunderlist Alternative

Todoist - No. 1 Wunderlist Alternative

Todoist is at top of our list of the best Wunderlist alternatives due to many reasons. First, it has a clean and simple interface that makes it easy for project managers to create and manage their tasks in minutes. Secondly, the flexibility and intuitiveness offered by this amazing to-do list app outshine Wunderlist by great margins.

Moreover, Todoist is a great alternative to Wunderlist because it offers a similar set of features and functionalities. In addition, users also get some added benefits such as cross-platform compatibility, collaboration, and third-party integration.

With Todoist, you can:

  1. Effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  2. Get deep insights into pending and completed tasks.
  3. Keep control over your teams and share feedback in real-time.
  4. Stay informed by getting quick updates and instant notifications.
  5. Make data-driven decisions with embedded productivity graphs.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Todoist include:

Task Management: Organize tasks by projects, sub-tasks, and labels and track overall progress by adding, editing, and completing tasks with ease.

Reminders and Due Dates: Set reminders and due dates for your tasks to meet tight deadlines.

Team Collaboration: Collaborate with your team members with real-time synchronization, comments, and file attachments for tasks.

Task Prioritization: Prioritize tasks by setting different levels of importance or urgency to stay focused and organized.

Productivity Tracking: Track the number of tasks completed, completion rate, and the longest streak of completed tasks

Templates: Quickly set up your projects and tasks with a range of pre-made templates.

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2. Google Tasks – Best Free Wunderlist Alternative for Google Users

Google Tasks - Best Free Wunderlist Alternative for Google Users

Google Tasks is another robust, flexible, and feature-rich to-do list app known as one of the best alternatives to Wunderlist. Developed by search engine giant Google, this cloud-based application allows users to create tasks and subtasks, set due dates, and organize tasks into lists.

One key aspect of Google Tasks is its ability to integrate with other Google products like Calendar, Gmail, and Drive. This integration allows users to manage tasks and stay organized without switching between multiple applications.

Team leads and project managers can use Google Tasks to:

  1. Manage to-do lists to stay organized and productive.
  2. Organize project tasks, deadlines, and team meetings from a single dashboard.
  3. Collaborate with team members by assigning tasks and tracking progress.
  4. Set and track goals and schedule tasks based on priority and urgency.
  5. Get instant updates on important events and track time spent on different tasks.

Key Features

Given below are the key features of Google Tasks

Integration with Google Apps: Integrate with other Google apps for easy syncing of tasks and reminders across devices and platforms

Reminders and Updates: Customize the notification settings to suit your preferences

Mobile App: Create and manage tasks on the go with a cross-platform mobile app

Drag and Drop Functionality: Move tasks between lists and reorder them using drag-and-drop functionality.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Work quickly and more efficiently with keyboard shortcuts.

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3. Microsoft To Do – Best Wunderlist Free Alternative for Microsoft Users

Microsoft To Do - Best Wunderlist Free Alternative for Microsoft Users

Microsoft To Do is another great task management tool that allows users to create and manage tasks across multiple platforms. It has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to create, organize, and prioritize tasks. Besides, it also offers integration with other Microsoft apps, such as Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, Microsoft To Do can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. Hence, it is considered a great Wunderlist alternative for Microsoft Users.

Microsoft To Do can be used to:

  1. Create multiple lists to categorize their tasks, set reminders, due dates, and notes for each task.
  2. Use a variety of customization options to personalize the application. 
  3. Share tasks and work with project teams for seamless collaboration.

Key Features

Some of the exclusive features of Microsoft To Do are:

My Day: Create a daily list of tasks or review and update tasks from previous days.

Smart Suggestions: Get task suggestions based on your previous activity and patterns to stay on top of important tasks.

Custom Lists: Create custom lists to keep track of tasks for specific projects and categories.

Reminders: Set reminders for tasks that are due or upcoming.

Collaboration: Share your lists with other people and collaborate on tasks together.

Integrations: Integrate with other Microsoft apps like Outlook, Planner, and Teams.

4. ClickUp – Best Wunderlist Alternative for Business

ClickUp - Best Wunderlist Alternative for Business

If you are a business leader and looking for an ideal Wunderlist alternative, then ClickUp is for you. This advanced project management tool keeps teams organized and productive. Besides, it offers a wide range of features and capabilities to help manage tasks, projects, and workflows.

ClickUp allows teams and project managers to:

  1. Collaborate on tasks and projects in real-time.
  2. Comment on tasks, share files and give feedback for continuous improvement.
  3. Communicate with the team through built-in chat and video conferencing tools.

Key Features

Here are some amazing features of ClickUp

Task management: Create tasks with due dates, assignees, and priorities, and organize them into lists or boards.

Customizable Views: Choose different task views, including list, board, calendar, and timeline views

Time Tracking: Track the time you spend on tasks and projects

Reporting and Analytics: Monitor project progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows.

Customization: Create custom fields, templates, and automation.

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5. Notion – Best Alternative to Wunderlist for Personal Tasks

Notion - Best Alternative to Wunderlist for Personal Tasks

Notion is a great task management tool known for its flexibility and ease of use. It is extremely among individuals who want to manage multiple workflows and personal tasks in one place. Besides, the app comes with a powerful feature set and a customizable workspace.

Moreover, Notion offers a good combination of features, flexibility, and third-party integrations. The features make it a strong contender for individuals looking for Wunderlist alternatives.

Individuals can use Notion to:

  1. Manage to-do lists, track habits, journal, and take notes.
  2. Track project progress, manage tasks, and collaborate with team members.
  3. Create content including drafting and editing blog posts and articles.
  4. Track expenses, create budgets, and monitor investments.
  5. Organize customer data, track sales leads, and manage customer support tickets.

Key Features

Notion offers amazing features, such as:

Customizable Workspace: Organize and structure information and create pages and sub-pages and customize the layout and design of each element.

Note-taking: Can create and format notes using text, images, videos, and other media.

Project Management: Manage projects, track progress, and assign tasks as well as create boards and timelines to visualize project progress.

Knowledge Management: Create wikis, databases, and other resources to store and manage information.

Database Management: Create databases, custom fields, and powerful filters and queries to access and analyze data.

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Final Words

We have presented five best Wunderlist alternatives with unique features. All these task management tools offer powerful functionalities, and you can choose the one depending on their requirements.

Hence, while looking for a task management application similar to Wunderlist, check its features, user interface, and more. Besides, we suggest you to choose those applications that offer a wide range of third-party integrations along with robust security and privacy policies.

Following these tips will help you find the most suitable Wunderlist alternative that keeps you organized and makes you more productive.

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