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30 Funny Remote Working Memes to Share

A comprehensive list of 30 remote working memes to get back the smile even after a long day at work and make the working more interesting and relaxing.
remote working memes

Gone are the days when working from home was an added perk, as, in this day and age, remote and hybrid work models are on the rise. There are several benefits to promoting work from home and a recent data project shows that 25% of all jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2023.

However, remote work usually means long working hours and possess some issues when it comes to work-life balance. Fatigue, miscommunication between co-workers, and procrastination are some of the most obvious problems that can lead to frustration and stress.

But don’t worry, to keep you entertained after a long day at work, we compiled a comprehensive list of 30 remote working memes with which you can relate and share among your co-workers.

30 Funny Remote Work Memes

  1. “Me at work tomorrow for the first time in two weeks trying to remember what it is I do”
remote work meme 1


This meme explains how you feel when you go back to work in person after an extended period of working at home. The yellow figure is an illustration that most people often find hard to figure out their role once they move to an office setup.

2. “Me trying to get the equipment at work to actually work properly”

working remotely meme 2


Getting office equipment to work from home is always a nightmare. This meme perfectly illustrates this as Patrick Star from the show “SpongeBob” hopelessly trying to fix his computer to make it work.

3. “Boss appreciating me for doing work from home even on Sunday”

“Me who didn’t even know it was Sunday”

working remotely meme 3


Working from home is not always a treat and often involves long hours of working which may heavily influence your work-life balance. This meme perfectly illustrates that the boss appreciates an employee on working on Sunday, while the employee hopelessly forgot it is the weekend already given the long working hours he probably had.

4. “Trying to explain my schedule to people with normal working hours”

remote working memes 4


People with regular 9-5 jobs often do not understand the inconvenience that may come from working from home. So, it may often be difficult to explain to them that you may be required to attend meetings outside office hours or do other tasks. This meme perfectly depicts the struggle that goes into explaining this issue.

5. “Everyone please turn your cameras on for this meeting. Me: ”

remote working memes 5


Spending some quality time while working from home? This meme reminds me that you may need to turn on the camera at any time so better be prepared.

6. “When you work from home”

remote working memes 6


One of the best perks of working from home is that you do not have to commute to work. Wake up at 7:59 and start working at 8:00. It’s that simple.

7. “Working from home”

“My boss via email: “Can you send me that report ASAP?”

“Me in the checkout line at Target buying pumpkin spiced candles: ”

remote working memes 7


Most people get distracted when working from home. This meme explains that perfectly, the boss urgently needs an email while the employee is shopping for groceries. He sure will have some explaining to do.

8. “Working from home today”

“No Pants”

remote working memes 8


This meme is self-explanatory given a large portion of employees prefers wearing just their underpants or no pants at all when working from home.

9. “Government: Working from home”

“Fishermen: ”

remote working memes 9


This meme illustrates how not everyone can work from home. Many professions require you to go to work, no matter what.

10. “Working From Home”

remote working memes 10


This meme describes how easy it is to lose focus when working from home. We can see the girl procrastinating and we can only imagine what the consequences may be.

11. “It must be nice having a job where you can work at home”

remote working memes 11


Working from home is not always a walk in the park. There are several challenges and this meme is a true representation of how hectic working from home can be. We can see all sorts of distractions from kids running around to pet barking making life difficult for the poor fellow.

12. “Zoom Meeting”

remote working memes 12


This meme is all about attending a meeting with video turned on compared to attending one with audio only. I prefer to keep my video turned off, what about you?

13. “Government: Work from home”

“Lifeguards: ”

remote working memes 13


What would work from home look like for a lifeguard? But we can all agree that the casualties will be kept at a minimum.

14. “How is everyone working from home doing?”

remote working memes 14


People are generally motivated when they start working from home. But as day goes by, most lose their willpower and the meme depicts the transformation that many people go through.

15. “I love Mondays. I work from home.”

remote working memes 15


Many people like Monday, as they can have a break after Monday. However, if you are working from home, Mondays may be not big difference from other days.

16. “Me at 1:30 PM while wfh”

“I should brush my teeth and put on deoderrant”

remote working memes 16


As no one is watching, most people can afford to skip brushing their teeth or taking a shower as they are practically still in their home.
17. “When you try to work from home”

remote working memes 17


There is nothing worse than kids interrupting a zoom call. His face says it all.

18. “Spider-man Work From Home”

remote working memes 18


What would it look like if Spiderman had to work from home?

19. “How to prepare a zoom meeting”

remote working memes 19


Tying up a cat may be the only way to attend a zoom call without destruction.

20. “Working From Home”

remote working memes 20


For parents, working from home usually means taking care of their children and spending time with them. It is illustrated in the meme that no matter what everyone thinks, parents are more likely to take care of their kids when working from home.

21. “How All Of My Clothes Fit”

“After working from home for 5 wks”

remote working memes 21


Working from home usually involves sitting for long hours in front of the desk. So, do not expect to fit into your clothes anytime soon.

22. “When you work from home and you’re still in your PJs at 3 p.m.”

remote working memes 22


Another meme emphasizes how people working from home are still in their PJs at 3 PM.

23. “When you’re working from home.. and your boos messages you about doing skype meeting”

remote working memes 23


There is nothing worse than attending a skype meeting when you are working from home. This meme perfectly shows the frustration that employees face during such situations.

24. “Stages of working from home: ”

remote working memes 24


Working from home can be lonely. This meme tries to describe that by stating how you end up naming a pigeon and miss talking to it.

25. “Working from home: Expectation vs reality”

remote working memes 25


This is one of the funny remote working memes to express the gap between expectation and reality when working from home can be really frightening.

26. “I should really log on and pretend to start working now”

remote working memes 26


Working from home usually starts by signing in to your office account. However, no one is there to verify whether you’re really logged in or not. So, this meme truly depicts the struggle employees have every morning.

27. “I wish, I wish, all my heart. This storm will knock out the internet so I don’t have to work.”

remote working memes 27


This meme describes how employees want the internet to go off so they can enjoy free time. No internet, no work from home. It is one of great remote working memes to express your feelings when working from home.

28. “Working at office vs working at home”

remote working memes 28


This meme shows how working from home can be more demanding than in person work at an office.

29. “Everyone working from home during quarantine”

remote working memes 29


This meme is one of the funniest remote working memes that describe what working from home will look like.

30. “The number one benefit of working from home: The short commute” 

remote working memes 30


This remote working meme emphasizes the lack of commute to work when working from home.


Working remotely does have its perks but it is important to understand it and it also comes with its own unique challenges. Lack of social interactions and long working hours can be detrimental for your mental health. I hope our remote-working memes were relatable and did put a smile on your face. So, do not forget to share with your friends and coworkers to remind them to have a laugh.

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