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ClickUp Reviews: Read Before You Buy It

Is the ClickUp project management software worth purchasing? To make a correct decision, you should read this complete review including features introduction, pros and cons, pricing, customer reviews, customer support, and its alternatives.

Selecting the correct project management software for your company is not an easy task as there are so many options. You may be surprised by ClickUp after viewing its website or was highly recommended by your friends. Whatever you reach it, you may want to know whether it is worth buying.  

It is necessary to have an overall understanding of ClickUp including its features, pros and cons, pricing, customer reviews, and more before purchasing it. You can find this information by browsing around on the internet. But it will waste a lot of time and may not find all of them. Fortunately, you can have this ultimate review.

Go with us to have a look now.

ClickUp Review
ClickUp Review

Part 1. What is ClickUp

ClickUp is project management software that can help you manage your goals, projects, and tasks. It goal is to use one app to replace all apps for your work. So it is not only a project management software, but also a team collaboration tool and document collaboration software. 

Let’s go through its interface and features to help you know it in a deeper way. 

ClickUp Interface

The whole dashboard is very clean. The tasks are shown in the major part of the screen and the top menus are used to adjust the current tasks. On the left side, you will find “Home”, “Notifications”, “Pulse”, “Goals”, “Favorites”, “Spaces”, “Dashboard”, and “Docs”. 

ClickUp Interface
ClickUp Interface

You can have a better understanding of ClickUp features after checking its whole interface. 

Here are the main functions of the left-side menus. 

Home – A place to check the whole activities of your projects or tasks. 

ClickUp interface-home
ClickUp interface-home

Notifications – When the tasks are assigned to you or you are mentioned in the comments, you will get a notification here. 

ClickUp interface-notifications
ClickUp interface-notifications

Pulse – You can find who is online and who is offline. It will be great when you need to contact someone urgently before checking whether She or He is online or not if you are working remotely. 

ClickUp interface-pulse
ClickUp interface-pulse

Goals – You can create the goal tracking here. You and your team can have a glance at your goal process and decide what need to do in the next step. 

ClickUp interface - Goals
ClickUp interface – Goals

Favorites – The place you can save your frequently checked or other tasks for quick navigation. And when you click on the pin icon, it will be at the top of this screen. It will be helpful to you if you need to check some tasks quickly and frequently. 

ClickUp interface - favorites
ClickUp interface – favorites

Spaces – Spaces can be worked as one project. And you can add folders as different task categories for the project in the space and add lists for the actual tasks in the folders. It has an “Everything” button here. It is a place to collect all your tasks from different spaces. 

ClickUp interface - Spaces
ClickUp interface – Spaces

Dashboard – It allows you to add different widgets to track the project or task process. You can have an overview of the project from different angles and make a quick decision.

ClickUp interface-dashboard
ClickUp interface-dashboard

Docs – You can create a new document here. And you can check your all files, private documents, and shared files. 

ClickUp interface-docs
ClickUp interface-docs

After having a look at the left side menus, you also should see the top menus for the tasks. 

View – You can select the different views for your tasks. It has List, Board, Calendar, Gantt, Timeline, Box, Table, Mind Map, Workload, Activity, Map, Whiteboard, Docs, Chats, Forms, and Apps or websites embed. 

ClickUp interface - View
ClickUp interface – View

Automations – Add automation to your task and make them update automatically. Connect your ClickUp with other popular used tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Outlook, etc, and work without switching from one to another. 

ClickUp interface - automation
ClickUp interface – automation

Filter – Quickly locate your task with different filter conditions. 

ClickUp interface - filter
ClickUp interface – filter

ClickUp Main Features

After looking at the ClickUp interface, let’s check how it can help you in your work. 

Great Project and Task Management

You can create the projects or tasks with a list and assign the tasks to any member. It allows you to add timelines, files, texts, and more columns to the list. When projects or tasks are created, you can choose different views to track the process. Also, you are allowed to create one dashboard to have one glance at the statistics or create one report. 

Team Collaboration

Collaborating with your team can be easy with this tool. You can comment on the tasks to communicate with your members about the issues or problems. It also has one chat feature which allows you and your team members to chat in real time. If you need to have an online meeting, the whiteboard will be a great option for you. What’s more, when you cannot explain with your words, you can use the record feature to record your screen or a video to help your members understand you better. 

Document Creating and Sharing

Creating, sharing, and storing documents can be done in one place. It allows you to create any type of document you need, insert the tasks in the document, attach the document to the tasks, co-edit and share with your team members. 

Goal Management

You can also add your goal and track it directly here. 

Part 2. ClickUp Pros and Cons

Compared with other project management tools, ClickUp has advantages and disadvantages. 


  1. As it intends to do, ClickUp covers almost all you need in the work. You can manage projects, tasks, goals, documents, chats, and more with one tool. 
  2. It can work on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can access your tasks on any device and anywhere. 
  3. Free forever with 100MB storage and enjoy almost all features. Even if you need to pay, the price is cheaper than other competitors with USD5 per seat per month. 


  1. Many Bugs you will meet during use. For example, it cannot work when you try to delete the downloaded pre-made template when creating the space. And your notifications may not appear in the notifications part. If you only use the Web version, you may meet the shutdown problem from time to time. 
  2. Work very slowly for the web version. The web version cannot work very fastly and you need to wait for loading. 
  3. Not easy to use. Many features are hidden and you do not know how to use it without watching the tutorials. For instance, when you want to create another group of your task in the same list, you cannot find the button and method on your own. 

Part 3. What is ClickUp Pricing

It has 5 price plans. 

  1. Free Version. It has a 100MB storage limitation.
  2. Unlimited Plan. You need to pay USD5 per seat per month. 
  3. Business Plan. It costs USD12 per member per month. 
  4. Business Plus. It costs USD19 per seat per month.
  5. Enterprise for unlimited roles. You need to contact sales to get the price. 
What is ClickUp Pricing
What is ClickUp Pricing

Part 4. ClickUp Customer Reviews

Many customers are using or ever used ClickUp. It is important to check what are their ratings. Here is the detail in the table. 

Platform GetAppTrustRadiusG2Gartner
Source LinkCheck MoreCheck MoreCheck MoreCheck More

Part 5. Customer Support

You can find the online document guide and video tutorials easily. If you need to contact them you have many methods such as email, online form, Reddit, or other platforms. What is not good is that you cannot call them for urgent help. 

Part 6. ClickUp Alternatives

ClickUp is a good project management software. But if it is not what you need after going through this review, you can also give the below alternatives a try. 

  1. Monday.com
  2. Asana
  3. NTask
  4. Proofhub
  5. Trello


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You can also watch the video review if you want.

Is It Really Worth Buying?

It is hard to say that it is worth buying without knowing your cases. But if you are those who want to have one free project management for your personal business, or if you are those who want to have your work done in one place, it is what you need. But please note if you really want to have a stable work environment and do not want to take a long time to learn how to use it, we recommend you to try its alternatives Monday.com or Asana. 

You May Also Want to Know:

  1. Is ClickUp Free?

It has a free version with a 500 MB storage limitation. And if you need more storage, you need to pay. 

  1. How to Add Assignees in ClickUp

Login, Click “Space” > Folder>List to find your target task. Click the “+” button at the end of the task table, search “people”, name the column to “Assignees”, and click “OK”. Now, you can select the member you want to assign the task. 

  1. How to Create a Gantt Chart in ClickUp?

Find the task you want to create a Gantt chart. Click “+View”, select “Gantt” and the Gantt chart is created. 

  1. How to Create a Task in ClickUp?

To create a task, you should click “Space” > “+”>” List” to create one task. 

  1. How to Create Sprint in ClickUp?

You should create one sprint folder in the space via clicking “+”. Click “+” and choose “Sprint” in the sprint folder to create Sprint. 

  1. How to Delete ClickUp Account?

There is no way for you to delete the account on your own. You can contact the support team via online form or email: [email protected] to delete your account. 

  1. How to Invite Someone to ClickUp?

Find the folder or list you need to invite someone to check. Click “…” and find “sharing&permisions”, and enter the email you want to invite. 

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