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Infinity Project Management Review: All You Need to Know is Here

Looking to know more about Infinity project management? Look no further, this detailed Infinity project management review will help you with everything about this tool.
infinity project management

Over 50 project management tools are available now to assist you with project management and team cooperation. With so many options in the market, it is challenging to decide the best tools for your business to maintain a smooth workflow without any disruptions.

If you are looking to invest your money in the Infinity project management tool then we know you want to learn more about this tool to make your final decision. This detailed review will get you every information you need. Continue reading.

What is Infinity Project Management?

Infinity project management tool is software used for project management and team collaboration by over 20,000 companies. The tool has to offer many advanced features of project management like Gantt, calendar, To-do list, Kanban board, multiple dashboard views, and tables, which have made it a popular project management tool.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, this project management tool also functions as a database customizing software that can help you design your own project management app according to your requirements.

infinity task management

What Can Infinity Project Management Do?

You can use the infinity project management tool for project management by assigning tasks to different resources according to their availability and prioritizing tasks according to their deadline.

You can also visualize the team performance and resource availability so you can plan for the upcoming projects; here is a detail of the tools’ features that make your project management a breeze!

Workspace Feature

The workspace feature comes in handy in Infinity task management when you deal with different and multiple projects simultaneously. You can create different workspaces with relevant people and assign the project to each person in the workspace separately.

infinity project management review


The best feature about Infinity is that you don’t need to customize the whole app if you are not good at it. Numerous templates are already available that you can customize according to your requirements without spending long hours. The templates are available for event managers, freelancers, agencies, and companies so Infinity is a software management tool for everyone!

Multiple Dashboard Views

The dashboard feature in project management tools allows you to keep track of the projects and the resources. The Infinity project management app is excellent in this regard as it doesn’t offer one or two dashboard views but multiple views. The dashboard views are available in column, list, calendar, Gantt, and form views. So you have plenty of options to choose from to visualize the performance.

infinity project management tool


Infinity project management app is flexible, making it a popular project management tool. You can add numerous customizable features such as Dates, labels, checkboxes, texts, and formulas to make project management more accessible and fun.

Is Infinity Project Management Good?

To decide if Infinity project management is good or not, let’s have a look at both its pros and cons.


  • Excellent customer support
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Multiple dashboard views
  • Customizable
  • Numerous templates to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Workspace to assign a task to resources
  • Lifetime access
  • Edit and sharing feature


  • No free version or free trial is available
  • Few integrations
  • No reminder feature
  • No automation
  • Sometimes it is slow to process

So a deep insight into the pros and cons of Infinity suggests that it offers many advanced project management tool features but also lacks many standard features. If you are fine with the lack of basic features like automation and reminder features, then this tool is the finest project management tool. But if these features are significant to you, then there is no need to worry as there are many alternatives to Infinity, which we will discuss below.

Is Infinity Project Management Tool Free?

No, the biggest drawback about the infinity project management tool is that it doesn’t have a free version. Apart from the free version, the software offers no free trial as well. This is a significant concern for the people who want to give Infinity a try before investing in it and for the individuals looking for a project management tool without any fee.

Infinity however offers different paid versions depending upon the number of members. Here is the pricing list.

Duo Plan

The Duo plan comes in two tiers: Basic and Pro. The basic version comes at $99 for a lifetime. The pro version comes at $149 for a lifetime.

 The duo version accommodates up to two team members, and you can also get a refund after 30 days if you are not satisfied with the working and interface of the app.

infinity project management Duo Plan

Team Plan

Like the duo plan, the team plan also comes in two tiers: Basic and Pro. The basic comes at $199, while the pro comes at $299.

infinity project management team plan

Startup Plan

The startup plan allows up to ten members and comes in two tiers like the other two: Basic and Pro. The basic plan comes at $299, while the pro comes at $399.

infinity project management startup plan

Business Plan

The business plan allows 25 team members and comes in two tiers: Basic and Pro. The basic plan comes at $499 for a lifetime, while the pro comes at $699 for a lifetime.

infinity project management business plan

Company Plan

The company plan allows 50 team members and comes in two tiers: Basic and Pro. The basic comes at $999 for a lifetime, while the pro comes at $1299 for a lifetime.

infinity project management company plan

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan allows unlimited members in a workspace and comes in two tiers: Basic and Pro. The basic version comes at $1999 for a lifetime, and the pro version comes at $2499 for a lifetime. There are significant differences between the pro and basic versions mentioned on their official website.

infinity project management unlimited plan

Enterprise Plan

If your cooperation doesn’t fit in any of the tiers mentioned above, then you can choose the Enterprise plan. You can contact support to know more about this tier.

infinity project management business plan

Alternatives to Infinity Project Management App

If you think that the Infinity project management app is lacking something and looking for a better alternative, then don’t worry. We have got you. Here is a list of other options for Infinity.


Monday is an award-winning no-code project management tool that over 150K customers use. Monday offers many simple and advanced project management features such as automation, time tracking, teams, and documents. Moreover, features like the Kanban board and multiple views can help you to keep track of the workflow.

The easy integration of Monday with many apps allows users to work under the same software, saving their time and energy. All these wonderful features have led Monday to become a popular project management tool.

Alternatives to Infinity Project Management - Monday

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Like Monday, ClickUp is another alternative to the Infinity project management tool. It has excellent management features like docs, reminders, automation, custom notifications, templates, and multiple views like that of the Infinity,

The software comes in a free version, too, unlike that of Infinity, and offers more integration.


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Likewise, Asana is an excellent alternative to the Infinity project management app. It has numerous project management features like email integration, agile methodology, task management, and task prioritization. It offers a free version too, which you can use if you want to try the tool before investing your money. The free version supports up to 15 members with many primary features making it the most acceptable alternative to Infinity for small setups looking for a free tool.


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NTask is also an excellent alternative for Infinity. This project management tool has many features like task management, Kanban board, Gantt charts, team chats to collaborate with the team members, and time tracking to evaluate your team performance. Apart from these features, NTask offers many additional features like risk management, meeting management, and issue tracking making it a good and advanced alternative to the Infinity project management software.

Back unlike Infinity, this software is available in free and paid versions, so you can give it a try for free without investing your money.



Proofhub is another excellent project management tool making it a good alternative to Infinity with the most delicate project management features. The project management features include Gantt, a dashboard, a calendar, and an overview. Moreover, the best part about Proofhub is that it has no per-user fee; thus, you can use it at the same price no matter how many employees you have.

The integration of the Proofhub with numerous apps allows you to work efficiently under one roof.



So that’s all about the Infinity project management tool. It has both pros and cons, like any other project management software. Overall, it is an excellent tool for project handling and resource management and can be used by various audiences like project managers, freelancers, and event planners by the virtue of its flexibility.

The lack of a free version is a drawback, but the software is affordable overall. If you are looking for flexible software with no hassles with monthly and yearly plans, give Infinity project management software a go!

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