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Project Management Software Monday.com Reviews: The Top Expert’s Pick

Is the project management software Monday.com as good as people said? If you have this question, you should read this article to check its features, pros and cons, pricing, guide, and FAQS. You are sure to have your answer then.

The project management software Monday.com is one of the most well-known tools in the project and task management industry. When you browse around, you will always come up with it in blog posts, videos, social media, news, ads, and more. 

So do you ever have this confusion?  “Why is it so popular?” and “Is it really good? ”. 

You will have your answer after going through its features, pros and cons, pricing, guide, and FAQS in this post. 

Monday.com logo
Monday.com logo

Part 1. What is Monday.com?

Monday.com is a software that can easier your project management, task tracking, workflow, and team collaboration. It can help you reduce repeated work and automate the workflow or task tracking with an automation setting. You can connect all popularly used apps with Monday.com and work without switching from one to another. It allows you to track the process of your project in real time, keep an eye on your goal, and manage your own tasks in one place. 

What is Monday.com
What is Monday.com

Part 2. What Are Monday.com Features?

There are many powerful features that can help you improve your working efficiency on Monday.com. Here we will list 6 major features. And you can know how powerful it can be.

Monday.com Project/Task Management

You can create one private project or public projects board for your personal work and team projects. You are allowed to customize your projects or tasks as you want in the table by adding different types of columns. You can list all your tasks, assign them to your team members, set the timeline and urgency of the tasks, attach them to the file, and more as you work on a sheet. 

You can also add subtasks to any tasks and add new groups to the same board. Furthermore, to better track the process and tasks, you can add different views such as Gantt, Timeline, charts, kanban, etc to the ready-made project list. 

Monday.com views
Monday.com views

Monday.com provides a comment feature for you to communicate with your team members about the tasks. 

Monday.com Dashboard

Monday.com dashboard allows you to check all statics in one glance. You can add widgets like battery, calendar, charts, Gantt, numbers, timeline, gallery, and apps if you need them. It can help you find the problem or track the process directly and make a quick decision about the next steps. 

Monday.com dashboard
Monday.com dashboard

Monday.com Automations

The automation feature is what is liked by many users. It has a lot of prepared automation templates for you to set per your requirements. It is very easy to use. You know how to use it even if you are new to Monday.com. 

When you add automation to one task, it will change the table as you set it automatically once it triggers the commands. This will help you reduce wasted time on your repeated work.  

Monday.com Integrations

Monday.com connects with your frequently used apps. you can work easily with them all together. For instance, when your task status changes, you can integrate your tasks with Gmail and receive an email about this change.  It will make sure you will not miss any important tasks. 

Integrations also help you collaborate with your team members remotely. If you add the integration – Zoom to your projects, you can start a video meeting easily. 

Monday.com integrations
Monday.com integrations

Monday.com Templates

Templates for different businesses are really helpful to you. They are created by Monday.com users which may meet your requirements if you have similar cases and businesses with them. 

Monday.com Document

You may be surprised by the Monday.com document feature. It can work as google docs and edit it with anything. More importantly, you can share and co-edit it with your team members.  When you finish it, you can link it to your projects or tasks easily. 

Monday.com document
Monday.com document

Part 3. Monday.com Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Monday.com:


  1. A powerful tool for remote collaboration and project management with automation, integrations, templates, documents, etc. 
  2. It provides different work OS for different businesses. It has Monday Sales CRM, Monday Marketer, Monday Projects, and Monday Dev which help you have specific and professional features. 
  3. Inbox and notification features help users check what tasks they are tagged on and what happens to the projects. 
  4. My task dashboard collects all tasks for the users. No need to waste time sorting, filtering, or searching for them. 


  1. It may take some time for beginners to learn how to use this tool.
  2. Monday.com document does not support sharing with members that can not be in the company. It needs to get improved. 

Part 4. Is Monday.com Free?

When you consider whether you should choose Monday.com, the most vital factor you need to consider is monday.com pricing. I have to say the price of Monday.com is cheap when you compare it with other project management software

It has four price plans here. 

  1. Free Forever with up to 5 seats and up to 3 boards. 
  2. Basic Plan: USD8 per seat per month.
  3. Standard Plan: USD10 per seat per month.
  4. Pro Plan: USD16 per seat per month. 
Monday.com price list
Monday.com price list

Please note they are all billed yearly. 

If you think the price is very expensive and want to check whether there is any monday.com coupon code, you can click here and check whether they are still valid for you. 

Part 5. How to Use Monday.com?

It is not difficult for you to start Monday.com. What you need to do is follow the below steps or watch the Monday.com tutorial. 

Step 1. Visit monday.com and click the “Get Started” button. You can enter your work email or choose a Google account. Then, follow up the pop-up Window to set. Once all is done, you sign up successfully.  

Monday.com sign up
Monday.com sign up

Step 2. Create a new board for your projects or tasks. Add all your tasks to the table and add columns based on your requirements. When they are finished, you can add any views, automation, or integrations for the tasks and make them more flexible for you. 

Step 3. Now, you can track the process and reporting of your task. 

If you need a more detailed guide, you can watch this video tutorial

How to use monday.com

Part 6. 5 Best Monday.com Alternative Tools

Monday.com is very powerful, but we cannot promise that everyone likes it. If you prefer one alternative, you can give the below a try. 

  1. ClickUp
  2. Asana
  3. NTask
  4. ProofHub
  5. Trello

Reading: ClickUp VS Monday: A Complete Comparison

Is Monday.com Good?

Our answer is definitely YES. The project management software monday.com has so many awesome features that can help you improve your working efficiency and it is free for personal use. Even if you need to pay, the price is reasonable. We highly recommend you test it with a 14-day full version free trial before you decide to own one. And we also want to listen to your answers to this question. Leave your comments below after testing.

FAQS About Monday.com

  1. Does Monday.com Integrate with Slack?

Yes. You can integrate with Slack on Monday.com. You can get notifications or add new tasks directly after setting automation if there are updates from Slack. 

  1. How to Import Excel into Monday.com?

Click the “+ Add” button, “Import Data”, and choose “Excel” to import to Monday.com 

  1. Is Monday.com Free for Students?

It is always free for personal use whether you are a student or businessman/woman. 

  1. Is Monday.com Owned by Slack?

No, Monday.com and Slack are created by two different companies. And Monday.com is owned by Roy Mann Eran Zinman Eran Kampf. 

  1. Does Monday.com Have Time Tracking?

Yes. It has time-tracking features. You only need to add the timeline to your tasks or add calendar views for your projects. 

  1. Does monday.com have an app?

Yes. It has Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS apps. You can download it directly from their official website. 

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